WOW. If I had it I'd buy it.

WOW. If I had it I'd buy it.


Out of my league.

Founders Series Roadster reservations require an initial $5,000 credit card payment, plus a $245,000 wire transfer payment due in 10 days. Reservations are not final until the wire transfer payment is received.

Tropopause | 17 November, 2017

I heard they sold all 1,000 of them last night. Easy, breezy!

scabello800 | 17 November, 2017

Paying and waiting three years?? Can we cancel and get a full refund at any time?

if all 1000 are sold, great for tesla.. 250M of cash flow at zero interest for 3 years. absolutely amazing.. but I find it hard to believe they went so easily. I dont mind paying $250k for the car.. but paying up front in full and waiting 3 years is a turn off to me

SO | 18 November, 2017

@scabello800 - well it sounds like it wasn’t a turnoff for the other 1,000. Brooks from drag Times was sold. | 18 November, 2017

Did I miss the boat? That's OK. I probably couldn't fit into the Roadster anyway.

SamO | 18 November, 2017

1000 Signatures sold out
Unlimited $50,000 deposits on non-signature Roadsters still available.

Not only could you fit in the Roadster @george, but you can probably fit in the back. Franz von Holtzhausen did and he's 6'3" ish.

Tesla2018 | 18 November, 2017

The website still has the link to let you order a Founders Series so maybe they arent sold out or havent gotten all 1000 wire tranfers in yet. Must resist going down the street to dealership to find out since I dont want to come back with a $5000 charge on my credit card and no retirement savings after the wire goes through. | 18 November, 2017

@SamO: Unfortunately there are other dimensions besides height😉 | 18 November, 2017

Good golly, Mis Molly. It only costs $200,000, if you don't want a Founders Series car.
620 miles? That's further than you can go without refueling in most ICEVs. I wonder if they have a pitot tube in it?

NKYTA | 18 November, 2017

@george, shall we pool $$ and share?

I’ll drive it cross country to FL every spring, and you return it in the fall.
I could fade 100k, maybe.


Ross1 | 18 November, 2017

And fly it out to me Downunder for your winter=our summer
Divide it 3 ways.

Seriously Tesla Timeshare is one way to go $20k each for a month , upfront, plus maintenance.

djjohnny110 | 18 November, 2017

That is a crazy idea! Lol tesla time share. Haha

carlk | 18 November, 2017

I offer mine to share. Just pay me $500 deposite now for every day you want to drive the car.

AlMc | 19 November, 2017

Thanks to all who made the 250K deposit for a Sig Roadster. I would rather keep the 250K in TSLA for the next next 2-3 years. Even keeping the 50K in TSLA instead of a reservation for the regular roadster will probably give a good enough return to buy the regular roadster in 2021.