Squeaky Driver Side Window

Squeaky Driver Side Window

Hi All,

Anyone have a squeak when rolling up the drivers window(or any window for that matter)?

I brought my 2017 MX100D (61xxx) to have this looked at. The squeak is from the window rubbing up on the horizontal rubber trim. They stated that they lube trim.
So when I got it back when I closed the door and the window went up that last little bit there is a oily smear along the botton the length the bottom of the window. If I clean it just just keeps coming back. After a while it started to smear all over. I took it in a second time and told them and they said they will replace the trim. Well when I got it back I dont think they really replaced the trim. It has a very small cut that I remember it had and it still has the oil smear.
Does anyone know what they use to lube these windows? I am going to just try to clean it. I have tried several times with Windex but it does not seem to clean it.
I just dont think lubricating window trim is the best way to stop a squeak.

mmalia1 | 17 December, 2017

Sounds like a very bizarre thing to do on a window!

SJR | 17 December, 2017

I took my X in for the same issue with both front door windows. The West Palm Beach SC waxed both front door windows (no lube!) and it took care of the problem. I believe that a regular car wax was used. Easy to do if the squeak comes back in the future.

ratchet | 17 December, 2017

The driver's window on my Model X started squeaking when it was rolled above half way. I wiped the gaskets on the car body with Armor-All and haven't had any noise since then.

jajabor | 19 December, 2017

Armor-All fixed it? I am definitely going to try it. Both my front windows squeak. I have taken the car to SC multiple times. They fix it but after a while it starts all over again.

carlk | 19 December, 2017

Try this. I learned of it from S forum years ago. It worked for me.

packpike | 20 December, 2017

I was told that they’re very tight so that they’re quiet because of the design of the door. If the window is dirty it will make noise. It’s worse in the beach areas (like here in Charleston) because of the salty film that gets on the glass.

Triggerplz | 20 December, 2017

@carlk I read the reviews everybody loves that product, I ordered some myself, thanks for sharing

moocha | 21 September, 2018

@carlk, thanks for the tip! where do you spray that mirror glaze on?

bob | 22 September, 2018

@moocha - I haven't used this product, but just ordered it based on @carik recommendation. Looks to me that we'll need to fully roll the window down then apply this to the rubber gaskets that surround the window. I'm guessing we'll also want to allow the product to absorb before rolling the window back up again.

mavraamides | 22 July, 2019

@carlk Thanks for the tip! Does this also work on the top of the dash (Model 3)?