Uncorked S75D

Uncorked S75D

I just have to say that I was considering getting a 100D because I was not satisfied with the 75D speed. After I got the 75D uncorked, that changed everything. A ranger did it in my garage. Amazing

bbdzet | 27 January, 2018

How much did that cost? And what are the performance enhancement #s if you know?

Electronvolt | 27 January, 2018

Is there a way to determine if your Tesla is uncorked (outside of acceleration)?

daltonjack | 27 January, 2018

What does uncorked mean, just ordered a Model S 75KW and am curious

dsteal | 27 January, 2018

If you just ordered a 75 new, you don't need to uncork anything. It's already uncorked if not even a bit faster than older S75's that were uncorked.

Uncle Paul | 27 January, 2018

The uncorking was offered by Tesla as a no cost upgrade. Increased 0-60 performance on the X from 6.0 seconds to around 4.9 seconds. A big increase.

Amazing how much stronger the Tesla feels after the upgrade.

They made a list of all the S and X serial numbers that could be uncorked. All you needed to do was take yours in and they did it free. Even some of the lower cost 60's could pay a few thousand and get upgraded to a 75, the you became eligible for the enhanced performance at no additional charge : >)

RedJ | 27 January, 2018

@electronvolt. Instruction on how to verify is a 75D is uncorked can be found in this this thread.

rob | 27 January, 2018

That link goes to a discussion of the watch app.

RedJ | 27 January, 2018

@rob it’s about halfway down the page in a comment from @regoapps who is the developer of the remote s app (iPhone and watch). You have to use the remote s app do download the vehicle data.

danbry39 | 28 January, 2018

What RedJ said. I supposedly had the uncorking done on my car, but, unlike others, I was not noticing an increase in 0-60. So, I downloaded that app onto my Iphone and it showed the update didn't take. Went back to the service center and they confirmed my findings and explained that it happened a few times to other Teslas they worked on in the beginning. The process involves several things which are to be done in sequence. Now, they have the process nailed and, zip, zip, zip, like others have said, it is very evident.

danbry39 | 28 January, 2018

If you don't have an Apple watch or IPhone or, for whatever reason, don't want to download the app, contact Tesla. I'm sure they can tell you whether the uncorking took place or not.

ejunk | 30 January, 2018

Is this only for the 75D? Can a 70D be uncorked?

Uncle Paul | 1 February, 2018

Only way to find out for sure if yours is eligible is to contact the service center with your VIN. They have a list, and if yours it on it, you get the free upgrade.

An easy way to check is to look at your dashboard power meter. If you are drawing more power than before, you are getting increased torque.

MV | 4 February, 2018

I just had one year service on my Mar 2017 MS 75D. They did say configuration updates to improve performance was also done. “Uncorking” ? But it definitely has much faster acceleration. I have been doing launches somewhat more frequently in last month or so to show to my friends, don’t know whether that’s causing my daily charging limits to drop from 230 to 226 mi now.

joseph.bsarani | 13 September, 2018

My MS 75D was uncorked yesterday at the local service center in Luxembourg. It is a september 2016 delivery (initially a 60D).