Anybody have a good name picked out for their upcomming model 3?

Anybody have a good name picked out for their upcomming model 3?

I know a bunch of folks tend to name their vehicles and was just curious if anyone on this forum had something in mind.

stevenmaifert | 1 February, 2018
sbeggs | 1 February, 2018

Little T

SCCRENDO | 1 February, 2018

Blue Devil. My Model S was Sccrendo but my wife got me to change it for her when she took over the car.

PhillyGal | 1 February, 2018

No!! In fact I don't yet!

Our baby girl Ellie, the red Model S, is a female. I see the Model 3 as her little brother but no good names have come to mind except Johnnie Danger, since my husband has yet to agree to give our soon-to-be-born child Danger as a middle name should that child be a male.

KP in NPT | 1 February, 2018

So far the frontrunner is Joules but I am still trying to come up with something more original.

Bob Loblaw is also a contender, just so I can get to say Bob Loblaw.

benjamin.waxler | 1 February, 2018

@KP in NPT I like your style! Those names are both excellent in my opinion. I was thinking Niki for mine but I have been thinking i might want something more origional as well.

PhillyGal | 1 February, 2018

@benjamin - Nicky came to mind for me as well, but I'm not in love with it.

PhillyGal | 1 February, 2018

PS - It's not just naming a car for fun like some people do. The car itself needs some kind of name. It'll show on the screen, as well as your app. And in the case of people who own two, the app will say "Ellie has completed charging" so that you know which car it's talking about.

spockagain34 | 1 February, 2018

I'm getting a red Model 3 and her name will by Pyrrha.

Octagondd | 1 February, 2018

Hal, after Hal 9000.

Obviously, my name is Dave.

Colatabajonies | 1 February, 2018

Dude... Jouley was my m3s name!

israel_melendez | 1 February, 2018

ZOLAR ...has a super hero ring to it. It'll be charged 100% from solar. It's actually my second choice but one easier to explain. ...let's say I'm reserving that plate for a targa model.

israel_melendez | 1 February, 2018

@Octagondd HAL9000 is actually a very valid plate with just 7 characters in it.

Taggart | 1 February, 2018


Octagondd | 1 February, 2018

@israel - That would work but I have a better one in mind and it is still available.

stevenmaifert | 1 February, 2018

Following up on what PhillyGal said, what you name the car does indeed show up on the screen for the app. In case you were wondering (and I know you weren't), the Model 3 will connect with older smartphones not capable of running the latest version of the mobile app, but you won't have Phone Key capability. Everything else works. The phone on the left is my wife's G S5 running Android 6. The phone on the right is my G S3 running Android 4. You need Android 5 or higher to run the latest version of the mobile app. The other oddity is that because my phone does not have the latest version of the app that includes the Model 3 update, Ruby shows up in disguise as a black Model S.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 1 February, 2018


charles.a.braun | 1 February, 2018

S = "V o o d o o"
3 = "S o l o C u p"

Bluesday Afternoon | 1 February, 2018

Model S = Simply Red

Model 3 = Bluesday Afternoon

lilbean | 1 February, 2018


max | 1 February, 2018

mine will always be KITT...

Bluesday Afternoon | 1 February, 2018


I like!!! Or, LilBlue???

bayareakid2008 | 1 February, 2018


lilbean | 1 February, 2018

Yes! I like that! :oD

lilbean | 1 February, 2018

Thanks, @Bluesday!

norrishughes | 1 February, 2018

Black Lightning

Yarblek | 1 February, 2018

Wattney (But you can call it Mark)

trshah | 1 February, 2018

S = Sith Lord

3 = Sith Apprentice

nutts1 | 1 February, 2018

S = Tess
3 = White Lightning

b8schris | 1 February, 2018


PaceyWhitter | 1 February, 2018


johnmann | 1 February, 2018

Huckleberry. Like a red currant (current), but I like the sound of it better.

Webcrawler | 1 February, 2018

Arc Flash

sbeggs | 1 February, 2018 it!

Currant = current. Nice!
Huckleberry! Not sure I've ever seen one...

Garyeop | 1 February, 2018

I will add a Junebug green wrap. I think her name, yes her, will be June. And yes, I know the dirtiest words in 1950s TV.

rxlawdude | 1 February, 2018

My lovely bride has named her M3 "Hohmaker.'

rxlawdude | 1 February, 2018

My lovely bride has named her M3 "Hohmaker.'

rxlawdude | 1 February, 2018

She couldn't resist.

Beef Jerky | 1 February, 2018

Dirk Digler

Bri | 1 February, 2018

Holly (from Red Dwarf) or G ay Deceiver (Heinlein)

jsanford | 1 February, 2018

Spouse wants to call it “Car.” Maybe “Blane” after Stephen King’s book...

EM34ME | 1 February, 2018

R3EV (in stormtrooper white)
Millennium Falcon
Elon Solo

Trekman | 1 February, 2018


Brian B | 1 February, 2018

@stevenmaifert were you able to install the app on your phone or is it an earlier version? My Droid RAZR MAXX won't even let me install the app.

Also, does it actually control the Model 3 from there, even though it doesn't know what car it is?

garyrandwilliams | 1 February, 2018

S = The Mistress

3 - Sauron
Because if my husband got a mistress I want a bad boy. It has a ring to it and it will be my precious.

Our kids want to name our 3 Sparky

santadam | 1 February, 2018

We are leaning towards Torkee' or Jan-Mar

thedrisin | 1 February, 2018

My car

Nexxus | 2 February, 2018

S = Nexxus

3 = Gizmo

macsatisfaction | 2 February, 2018


Steam613 | 2 February, 2018