Took Delivery in Miami (open to showing it off)

Took Delivery in Miami (open to showing it off)

Hey guys a very happy Model 3 owner here in Miami. Took delivery on the 25th of January and have nothing but great things to say about the car!!!!

From range, to look everything has been better than my Wife and I could've imagined

I am open to letting people that are interested to look at the car meet up and check it out.

Just wondering if there is a want to come check it out. LMK

mikepisko | 2 February, 2018

Congrats Alberto and nice of you to offer to folks in your area!


jamespompi | 2 February, 2018

@alberto Great to hear! I would definitely be up for heading over one weekend! I'm in Daytona but have a lot of friends/ family in south FL.

alberto | 2 February, 2018

Sounds good James

My wife wasnt too happy about me "Forcing" her to have a Tesla as her new car but now i cant even get her to let me take it for a day! | 2 February, 2018

There is a meet up at Evannex in Deering Beach on Sunday to see an M3. Why don't you join us?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2 February, 2018

Congratulations, Alberto! Your Wife is very likely enjoying that, "You got Her a Tesla..." ;-)

alberto | 2 February, 2018

@George Deering Beach?

janendan | 2 February, 2018

Congratulations Alberto, did you take delivery through Bird Rd. Service center? Were there other Model3’s on the lot? Color? Wheels?

rajalucy | 2 February, 2018

I would like to look at your car. I am in kendall

alberto | 2 February, 2018

@Janendan it was at the coral gables service center. And rumor is that I was the first non employee. Blue with Aero

@Rajalucy I am in the kendallish area as well. Braddock senior high is around my area. IDK how we should set it up? Email?

janendan | 2 February, 2018

Did you remove the wheel caps? I occasionally drop by the Bird Rd. Shop. Thanks for the offer.

rajalucy | 2 February, 2018

88 street and 147 avenue very close to you just hint me your work place and i will pass by if it is possible

Tesla2018 | 2 February, 2018

The meet this Sunday that George in Deerfield Beach. He spelled the town wrong.
3413 SW 14th St at a company called Evannex that does aftermarket stuff on Teslas. 10Am to 12.

alberto | 2 February, 2018

@Jane Yes I did remove the aero wheels and got the covers from the bird road service center.

I work in west miami. But maybe we can meet up at Finka or something like that.

janendan | 4 February, 2018

That’s a great offer Alberto, but wife says no thanks. I’m a late res, non-owner, and Miami SCs will be busy with M3s before we order. Unless 100K reservations pass for future options.

kzodz | 4 February, 2018

Keep us updated if there are any showings for a 3 the weekend of the 16th-18th. Will be in town with my kids for a long weekend from Canada. No car for us until late this year (at best), most likely another long year to go.

ModelT3 | 4 February, 2018

@alberto Can you post a photo of your blue without the aero's? What covers did you use?