0-60 specs on dual motor?

0-60 specs on dual motor?

I didn't see a search function anywhere, so please excuse me if this has been asked many times before. Does anyone know the 0-60 MPH specs of the dual motor Model 3s? My configuration is expected to drop between now and the end of April and I would like to make an informed decision about going with the LR premium currently in production, or waiting for dual motor. I live in Tennessee where snow is not much of a factory.


AJPHL | 3 February, 2018

No one knows for sure. Many are guessing it might take a tenth off. If LR isn’t fast enough I’d be waiting for the P rather than paying an extra $3-5K just to shave off maybe a tenth.

johnyi | 3 February, 2018

My guess is it depends if it comes with a smaller rear motor or not, like they did in the S, to keep the overall HP about the same. If they just add a front motor and keep the same rear motor, then it should be a good bit quicker. Of course, that might bump the price more than $5K too. Or they could SW-restrict it, and enable "P" mode by just paying an upgrade fee later :-)

janendan | 4 February, 2018

It would logically depend on the acceleration of the bumper to bumper line of cars in front of you.

noleaf4me | 4 February, 2018

May see a few tenth's shaved off - but certainly slower than the Model S dual motor.

coolnewworld | 5 February, 2018

Are you sure? No one actually knows, so..

jordanrichard | 5 February, 2018

I suppose one could compare the 0-60 times of a RWD MS with the D version of it and see how much is gained.

Frank99 | 5 February, 2018

It used to be a second or more, but after the recent upgrades, the difference is minimal. For example, the S75 is listed at 4.3S, and the S75D is 4.2S:

George with SacEV | 5 February, 2018 the P versions of the AWD (D) version Teslas, it is the REAR motor that is still max powerful. At one point when Tesla was citing HP figures, the rear was 505 hp and the front (on the P/D version) was 257 hp. At efficiency cruise the P/D cars are front wheel drive using the smaller MUCH more efficient motor.....

andy.connor.e | 5 February, 2018

Not sure why you're asking this. Clearly AWD details are not available.