Our lilbean has the Flu!

Our lilbean has the Flu!

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lilbean | 5 February, 2018

Thank you! You are so sweet! I'm much better today. This flu going around is horrible. I really thought I might die. I hope you guys stay healthy and safe out there. xoxo

Nexxus | 5 February, 2018

Sorry, lilbean. Glad hear you're feeling better,....and I hope you're feeling good!

Oohh! Shades of Santana!! | 5 February, 2018

@lilbean - Glad you're feeling better. Got the flu shot, and so far no flu. Seems this year the shot is not nearly as effective as years past. Hope I (and others) get through the season without the flu.

reed_lewis | 5 February, 2018

From what I have heard (and having a wife who is a RN helps), is that the flu shot this year is not as effective for the strains of flu actually around, but having the shot does lessen the effects of the flu if you do get it.

But I am glad you are feeling better lilbean. It sucks to be sick.

lilbean | 5 February, 2018

Thanks guys! My husband got the flu shot and he still got the flu but it's not as bad as mine and the two children. My son's temp went up to 106! I'm glad you guys are well. :)

MitchP85D | 5 February, 2018

The flu ain't nothin' the Kick-Ass Gal and her family can't handle!

lilbean | 5 February, 2018

Thanks, Mitch! :)

Sleepydoc1 | 5 February, 2018

Good luck Lil. Hope you are feeling better. Need some clean Maui air soon.

lilbean | 5 February, 2018

Thanks, sleepydoc! Yes. I think Hawai'i is the only state spared from this epidemic.

ckcland2 | 5 February, 2018

Feel better Bean..

lilbean | 5 February, 2018

Thank you so much. Stay healthy.

SO | 5 February, 2018

Glad you are feeling better. I had it over Christmas. The worst I felt in years and I also had the flu shot. Hopefully the illness isn’t even more potent next season.

lilbean | 5 February, 2018

Thank you! I'm glad you are all better. My son had it before Christmas and he got it again. My husband also had the flu shot and he got the flu. Our whole family has it. Ugh. I'm just glad to be alive. There have been 158 deaths from the flu in LA County.

SO | 5 February, 2018

I sure hope your family pulls through. And then to get it twice?!?! Ugh is right. Being sick sure makes one appreciate good health.

158 just in one county? Holy smokes!

lilbean | 5 February, 2018

Thanks, SO! :)

RedShift | 5 February, 2018

Is it a lil flu? Or lilbean has a big flu? Little things can cause big problems eh?

lilbean | 5 February, 2018

Haha! Yep! It's a big flu for a lil bean which makes it even worse.

El Mirio | 6 February, 2018

@lilbean sorry to hear! all I'm saying "minestrone with all the veggies you can find"

lilbean | 6 February, 2018

Thanks, El Mirio! :-)

KP in NPT | 6 February, 2018

Feel better bean. I had it a couple of weeks ago. No Bueno!

lilbean | 6 February, 2018

Thanks, KP! I’m glad you recovered. That’s awesome you got to see the rocket launch! Wow!