Creep and Regen Braking Settings Keep Reverting

Creep and Regen Braking Settings Keep Reverting

A couple of updates ago I noticed that my Creep and Regen settings keep changing (I keep Creep off and Regen to Standard). My wife on the other hand likes the opposite (On and Low) because it gives her the feeling of an ICE.

From what I have figured out, the problem has something to do with our Profiles. I have tried modifying my profile by adjusting my seat and clicking save or turning the settings on and off but to no avail. I even deleted my wife's profile. Any time fob 2 (my wife's) is the primary key in the car, my creep and regen settings get wiped and I have to manually switch them back (first world problem, I know).

Any ideas?

cfishkin01 | 16 February, 2018

No, tried the same things. When I get in after my wife has driven, no regen. I have to manually set it back.

Perkins53 | 17 February, 2018

Hello, I am very used to and pleased with regent yet lately is seems to come and go. Cold climate and state of charge considered,and after turning it off and on, still mystified .

EVRider | 17 February, 2018

If your wife is manually changing the creep and regen settings, then they’re probably not saved in the profile. You can see if they are by going to Controls > Settings > Driver Profiles and touch See what’s saved. If those setting are in the list, try rebooting.

blackout | 17 February, 2018

@EVRider my wife doesn't have to change the settings, they are part of her profile.

jaroslawbednarz | 17 February, 2018

Maybe you should tell your wife about the advantages of regen and no-creep?

carlk | 17 February, 2018

@jaroslawbednarz +1

blackout | 17 February, 2018

@jaroslawbednarz. We live in Toronto so regen isn't predictable in cold climate. While I understand the advantages of regen (and enjoy it cause I use to drive a manual), not so easy with a stubborn wife.

Both these settings are considered part of the driver profile and up until a month or two ago (roughly when Easy Entry/Exit got added) worked flawlessly. Not sure if this is a bug or something else at work.

*Note: Deleted my profile today and re-created it. Hoping this does the trick otherwise, i guess i'll wait for a bug fix.

tacleung | 5 March, 2018

Perkins53 I have observed the same. Cold weather, loss of regenerative braking. Not clear if there is a correlation but they seem related.

tacleung | 5 March, 2018

Highly correlated, as it turns out. Moving forward I will make sure to search the forums before posting.

murphyS90D | 5 March, 2018

Do each of your profiles have their own Easy Entry/Exit profile or are they trying to share the same one?

zazaxuan | 3 May, 2019

It's May 2019 and this problem still exists, along with NOA settings I believe. 2019.12.1.1

gw5815 | 15 August, 2019

Multiple things in my profile were reverting frequently, but I found a fix -- delete ALL profiles, including the current one. Then create new profiles. This fixed it on mine. Now everything saves as designed.