Child seats

Child seats


Anyone any idea which cars seats will fit 3 across model S? We need to get 3 car seats across the back of a new model S. Our children are just 5, just 4 and almost 2. So one child seat and two booster style seats with full backs.

We need to figure this out quite fast as ours don’t for,



paulr | 25 February, 2018

Anyone any idea re 3 child car seats across?

alejandro | 25 February, 2018
mattykolej | 24 May, 2018

In summer my little grandson is coming to my house. We are going to spend three months of summer by travelling together. So I am searching for a suitable car seat for him. He is very capricious and naughty. I need something with 2 cup holders, not expensive, not made in China with 5 harness security system. It would be very good if I find backless booster. Tell, if someone has already ordered such one on this site - ? I want to know for sure if it's reliable or not.