What Brought you to Tesla

What Brought you to Tesla

Ok, we need some fresh fun stuff. Too much haters and naysayers. So my question is simple:

How did you first learn or hear of Tesla? What was it that got you looking into Tesla? Just curious how everyone's path has led them here.

Seeing that Tesla does not advertise like the rest, how did you learn about the Model S, X or 3?

I am sure there are some interesting stories out there, please share.

sabentz | 13 March, 2018

Great topic burdogg. My lovely wife desired a Model X from the start and we committed to going green. Added home solar and then got her the X. I am now waiting on my Model 3 vin. We both have the perpetual Tesla grin and cant imagine buying from another manufacturer

burdogg | 13 March, 2018

sabentz - how did you first hear or get that desire for the Model X?

hokiegir1 | 13 March, 2018

There was an article with some basic specs for the "soon to be revealed" Model 3 that came out in Jan 2016 (the link is now dead, or I'd post it), and I started looking at the supercharger network, and determined that we could basically get anywhere that we generally drive with that combination. I told hubby about it and pointed out that by the time it was ready for delivery, we'd be ready to trade in my 2013 prius. We went back and forth a few times, and as it got closer, he started to get more excited after doing his own research, and I ended up being one of the first in line on reservation day...and now here I am, incessantly refreshing my reservation page waiting on my invite. We sold my prius back in November, so we've been sharing his Santa Fe and using the F350 dually when desperate since then.

hoffmannjames | 13 March, 2018

I think I saw a youtube video about the Model S and thought it was a super cool car. It instantly became my "dream car". Of course, the car was also too expensive for me at the time so I spent a few years just daydreaming about someday owning a Model S. Eventually, I got the chance to see a Model S in person at a store and I was amazed even more by it. Then a couple years ago, I got the courage up to ask for a test drive and I got to test drive a P100D. It was the most amazing test drive ever. But, I was still hesitant to get a Model S because of the price. A few months after the Model 3 reveal, I took the plunge and placed a reservation for the Model 3 figuring it would be my chance to finally own a Tesla, and one more affordable than the S. Now as I wait and after saving up money for a few years, I think I might be in a position to get a Model S instead. So I feel like the wait is coming to an end and I will soon have a Tesla, either a Model S or 3.

jordanrichard | 13 March, 2018

Die hard car enthusiast. Knew of Tesla before the MS. Then when the MS came out and the videos started showing up on YouTube in 2013, that renewed my interest. Didn't have the intention of buying one though. Then in Nov 2013 I had the opportunity to go for a test drive and it changed my life. Everything I thought I knew about cars, went right out the window. Having seen the videos of Elon talking about his/Tesla's plans, then having gone on 3 more drives, I knew this was the future and how often in one's life can be part of the future of the automobile......?

I placed my order on Jan 26th 2014, car arrived Mar 29th, 2014. To further illustrate how much "in the future" that it is/makes you feel, the first few times I passed a gas station, it was like I was looking at a living museum. It was a very strange feeling.

burdogg | 13 March, 2018

Thanks for those! I will share mine at some point too, love hearing everyone's journey!

Taggart | 13 March, 2018

My Husband and I went to Visit a friend in Austin TX, when we arrived our friend picked us up at the airport in a MX. We gather our luggage go out to the curb and a Blue MX is there our friend hit the button and all of the doors opened up My Husband and I both were done for. We spent the next 3 days driving around in either the MX or our friend's MS. And the rest they say is history... Not being an owner and waiting for the standard range it will be many more months on line but I think it will be well worth it.

The Real Elon Musk | 13 March, 2018

I've followed Tesla for the last few years, invested in their stock, and it now makes sense for me to be invested in the actual product. Driving 126 miles round trip daily for work with free charging provided by my employer made it a no brainer.

PhillyGal | 13 March, 2018

Also a car enthusiast for life. Sat in a Model S out front of the Philly Whiskey Festival in the fall of 2012. A few months later, read about it in Car and Driver while on vacation in Miami Beach. Always kept an eye out.

Fast forward to Spring 2014 and my husband had "the itch" to replace his Jeep Wrangler with something a little faster. His beloved WRX had been taken from him too soon. (Literally taken. Off the street. Pouf! Gone.) I suggested we test drive a Tesla. He suggested I get my head checked.

We clicked order in August 2014 :)

Ehninger1212 | 13 March, 2018

First time i saw a Tesla store in California on a family vacation i was like what?! That's a lotus! Then i thought it was odd it was a store not a dealership lot. This was around 2011, i googled the company, thought it was awesome but did not have that kinda money to buy a Roadster.

Fast Forward a few years i had been keeping Tabs on the model S production, reviews, growing very fond of the company. ( i always wanted to see an electric vehicle on the roads!) My neighbor approached me, he has a lot of money and asked me if thought a dodge viper would be a fun car. I told him if i had any amount of money i would buy a Model S P85D! About a month later he snuck up behind me in my driveway with a fully loaded, white Model S P85D. He let me drive it, told me to go to the end of the street and floor it. Ever since that moment i have been hooked. As soon as the model 3 reveal was announced i knew it was going to be my next car.

vmulla | 13 March, 2018

I set myself some car goals - Audi A4 before 30, Jaguar before 40, and Mercedes S class before 50.

And then I saw Tesla S in a mall - didn't know a thing about the car. It looked so expensive I didn't even go near it. I just loved the lines on the car, I didn't even realize it was electric, I just loved the shape - understated elegance, that's my style.

Once I really got to understand the car I had one gripe, how is it that such a fabulous car does not come with radar cruise control - and then came along Autopilot.

Remember my plan for myself about cars? Scrap that, new plan - make more money to buy a Tesla NOW

burdogg | 13 March, 2018

Love it :)

PG - did you ever get your head checked?

vmulla - sounds like you found a way to achieve your new goal :)

parkinson57 - I can just see you there, standing on the curb holding your luggage, and as those doors open, your mouths followed and you dropped the luggage (I know, didn't necessarily happen, but can see it happening :)

As one of my friends said before i had the X - what, falcon wing doors? Take my money now...

SamO | 13 March, 2018

Drove a friend's Tesla Roadster in 2011. Said "no way" to a 2-seater, but if they make a sedan . . . then in early 2012, saw the Model S Road Show on CNN while sitting at an airport and started my research. Bought some TSLA. Then I made a put my deposit down for a reservation. Took delivery of the S60 in 2013. December 2017, took delivery of a Model 3.

Tcloutier5890 | 13 March, 2018

Read an article about the roadster,then another about the S. Liked the style and the uniqueness of it. Afraid of the range at first,but the supercharger network made that go away. Price was a factor. Going green became more of an issue as years went by. The Model 3 answers all these questions and concerns. I am reminded of being a kid waiting for a new bike at Xmas. Soooon I hope.

rnbows | 13 March, 2018

I too had been following Tesla since the launch of The Roadster. I'd heard about the MS coming down the pike. One of Tesla's first two or three stores is in West LA, not far from me. I'd go down there and check it out from time to time. All they had on the floor were Roadsters; well, a couple at most. One day one of the Tesla guys said "you want to drive this?" Mic drop. He took it up the onramp from Santa Monica Bl and when we hit 405 we must have been doing 90 mph. We got off at Sunset and he said "you can drive it back." I've had a grin on my face ever since. And now all I have to do is wait a tad longer and I'll have one in my garage. Woo hoo!

Kathy Applebaum | 13 March, 2018

Vaguely heard of Tesla, but didn't think much about it until I got to ride in a friend's S. The build quality was impressive and the ride was amazing, but the price was out of our range. When the 3 was announced, my husband leapt on the chance to reserve. His car gave out during the wait, so he bought a Leaf and offered me the chance to take his 3 reservation, I started seriously researching EVs -- no other mfg had the combination of range and charger network that make the 3 a viable option for our primary car.

TranzNDance | 13 March, 2018

I saw a Tesla Roadster, a gorgeous, fast EV coupe. However, $100k was too much for me to spend on a car.

I was excited when the Model S came out. It cost less but I couldn't justify getting it because I didn't even need a car. Then they announced the X and I really wanted that, but still didn't need a car.

When the Model 3 reservation opened up, I reserved at the store although I didn't need a car at the moment, but I might by the time I could get one because I was pregnant with my second.

When my first child ended up in after-school care that was somewhat inconvenient for doing pickup without a car, I scheduled to test drive an X because the 3 was only available to employees at the time. The FWD wouldn't open big enough in our garage. I was pretty bummed and only tried the S when the Tesla salesman suggested it. The moment I hit the go pedal on the freeway on-ramp and the car just obeyed, I knew it was the car I wanted to get.

I ended up paying almost $100k on the car, but fortunately, I was able to afford it after all those years of wanting a Tesla.

bayareakid2008 | 13 March, 2018

First started following Tesla when the S started breaking the CR testing. Really want the S, but I'll settle for the 3.

andy.connor.e | 13 March, 2018

Its electric, and unique technology. I am attracted to things that are very unique, and lack all generic trends. And it all just so happens to be a Tesla as well. Win, win, win.

vmulla | 13 March, 2018

When I come across people who like/desire Teslas I go out of my way to give them a ride/test-drive. I know what it feels like, the desire to experience what you long for.
Really, it's such a pleasure to share the experience. I'm so familiar with Teslas that now the true enjoyment is in sharing.

Taggart | 13 March, 2018

Burdogg- It totally did happen like that jaw dropping and goose bumps and all. Their was also a lot of truly "bad form"behavior that weekend... Like after having a lovely time (read drinking a tiny bit) at an outdoor concert taking petty cabs back to the parking lot I may have yelled at our friend to MAKE IT FLY so we could find the car in the parking lot. Not saying I'm proud, but I am not sorry that I was from out of town at that moment...

burdogg | 13 March, 2018

Completely agree vmulla. The true joy now comes from sharing. It is so fun to see people go, no way, after just flooring it (not me flooring it, them) Nothing like watching their reaction as they drive :)

burdogg | 13 March, 2018

That is funny parkinson57 :)

When we were at our sons baseball game, the town softball games were happening, so a group were in the parking lot as we got to our X. We opened the doors, and even from the distance, I could see this one group doing double takes at our car. So we drove over to them, popped the doors for them. They were impressed, even had one jump in and gave him a quick ride around the parking lot. My poor wife just shakes her head at me :)

carlk | 13 March, 2018

When I first saw the Model S at Santana Row store in 2012. The 17' screen and the minimalist interior caught my eyes right away. I actually did not pay that much attention to the exterior. It's hard to see the shape and lines in a showroom with a lot of people. I did not know much about Tesla at the time other than faintly remembered the name as an electric car start up. Went home did some research and the rest is history.

RichardKJ | 13 March, 2018

I first heard of Tesla when I saw news stories about the Roadster. One I remember was about ​Condoleezza Rice taking one for a spin at Mofffett air field. Fast forward a few years and a friend I lunch with regularly had put money down and was about number 200 in line for a Model S, long before they existed. He later got bumped by the 1000 Signature models and then deferred waiting for the grey interior. His VIN is around 1300. I got a ride in it in January 2014. I guess I must have talked about it because at my birthday dinner in March 2014 my wife said I could buy one, I hadn't seriously considered it before that, but one month later I ordered online and picked up my S on June 12, VIN 40456.

I immediately knew I wanted to replace our other car, but my wife said the S was too big. The Model 3 was the answer. I reserved online from Cuba on April 2, 2016. That was my first chance at internet connectivity after March 31. Got my invite on Jan 24, but I'm waiting for the white interior.

carlk | 13 March, 2018

Unlike many here the Roadster did not catch my attention even there was one in my neighborhood. As an Porsche owner at that time I was like c'mon why do I even need to know what car is that. I'm sure there are still ICE owners who think that way. There is one remark I heard then and is still true for people like that. Yes you're going to drive a Tesla. You just don't know it yet.

Carl Thompson | 13 March, 2018

I'd heard of Tesla from tech blogs and saw my first Tesla (that I recognized) I think around 2010 or 2011 at a parking garage at Santana Row. They had a special charging area set up right at the entrance to the garage where everyone would see the cars right when you come in or leave. There were always original Roadsters there charging and I remember stopping and admiring the car and thinking "So that's the Tesla!" I also remember Googling the price and that ended that. ;-)

andy.connor.e | 13 March, 2018

Not running on gas is what first attracted me. Over the years, the 0-60 time dropping on the Model S is what attracted me even more. Graduating college, getting a job in my technical field, and seeing a $35,000 Tesla come to market is what has attracted me into marriage. AWD > PUP.

mamafuzbot | 13 March, 2018

My husband and I went to a local auto show, since we are both car enthusiasts. A guy was there with his Model S. I was stunned by the elegant simplicity, particularly the interior. He showed us a lot of the features and really talked up both the car and Tesla in general. Then my heart sank as he told us the base price.... waaaay out of my price range. So I was like, "Oh well, so much for that" and he proceeded to tell me about Tesla's latest model, not yet produced, that would be starting at $35K. Boom!! Back in the race!

We went home and after some research of the M3 and the other e-vehicle choices out there, I put down my deposit online that day.

The following weekend hubby and I did actually test drive both an S and a Chevy Bolt. The S completely blew me away - I felt like I was driving the car of the future. The Bolt did nothing for me at all. Now I'm just anxiously waiting like so many others....

@burdogg - we still haven't heard your story!

ebmcs03 | 13 March, 2018

Drove a fiat 500e and really enjoyed the EV drive experience. With the affordable $35k plus $7,500 incentive I was sure I could get being a day one reservation holder is what brought me to Tesla. But now that’s impossible scenario.

jamespompi | 13 March, 2018

I ordered an Uber from a friends house, I was about to cancel to stay a bit later when I realized my driver was coming in a model S 75D. The driver was so cool, showed us EAP and floored it from every stop. I should've put down my reservation that night.

mos6507 | 13 March, 2018

Technology follows an adoption-curve. I am old enough to remember that happen with computers (twice, once with 8-bits and once with PCs) and then cell-phones. In the early days the prices are really high and so these things become sort of curiosities or objects of worship. That is really where the mystique of Tesla originates, how it started out with the Roadster and then even when it moved to S and X they were really out of reach for most of us. I also passed on the Volt when it came out because I had paid off my car and wanted to just run it into the ground and be frugal due to the recession.

I think a lot of people were in my position and that explains the huge explosion of Model 3 reservations. All these people sort of waiting on the sidelines for the right time to buy-in.

I'm really not in the same headspace I was two years ago when I was more of a fanboi. I find reports questioning Tesla's ability to function if the ramp continues to falter a lot more plausible than most here. I'm also just not as sentimental about the Model 3 in particular with all its quirks and QC issues that I'm pretty close to taking a pass and either continuing to nurse my gas car or hunkering down with a less glamorous vehicle like the Kona EV and sort of wait and see what becomes of Tesla.

I used to be a big fan of Atari and I also got into Amiga for a while so I know full well what it means to root for an underdog and watch them face-plant. I'm interested but not naive or idealistic enough to get as worked up about Tesla as some do. I understand the appeal, though. I find it a lot easier to drink the SpaceX kool-aid than Tesla because SpaceX's business model seems more solid. Tesla is a poster-child for over-leveraging. It feels like some high-roller who just moved all his chips onto one square at the roulette table.

Tesla-David | 13 March, 2018

I came to Tesla after reading reports about the Roadster in 2006 and seeing my first Roadster in Seattle in 2008. Absolutely fell in love with the beautiful Roadster, and started paying attention to Tesla. Brought the stock at IPO in 2010, put $5K down on our first MS in 2010, and waited 3 years for our first MS delivered on 1/2/13. Brought our second MS in 2015 to get AP1 and AWD, and our M3 last month. Love everything about Tesla and its mission "to accelerate the World's transition to sustainable energy". We are currently waiting to get two Powerwall-2 installations to complement our 13.2 kWh solar system.

nwfan | 13 March, 2018

I’m older than most, so my story starts back in the 70’s. I remember the opec years. Gas lines, having to skip lunch in order to wait in line on even days to buy gas. I knew back in 1974 change was needed. Big American cars averaging under 10 mpg. People were in panic mode wondering how they would get to work and home. Gas in 1968 was 19 cents a gal during gas wars btwn competing stations. Along comes a Mideast war and opec shuts off the flow of oil. Gas climbs to 99 cents a gal. People limited to 8 gals. I knew then something had to be done. Weekend traffic practically disappears. People stay home. I remember bicycling to college classes cause I couldn’t afford to drive. Time and cost. I had hope in late 70’s when effort was made to increase gas mileage. Cars started getting smaller and Japanese cars started to make an impact. I remember my 1st Honda Civic in 1979. Tiny yellow beast. Motorcycle clutch cable, but gas mileage in the high 20’s. But then oil fields were opened. Station wagons replaced by SUV’s and mini vans. Advances made in the late 70’s and 80’s were lost. I bought a 2 seat Honda CRX in 1986 that lasted me until 1997. 40 plus mpg. But no electric. No alternative to fossil fuels. I also was interested in safety. Once I saw the increase in accidents due to careless drivers. Makeup in the morning, eating bowl of cereal while driving, texting and emails. I started researching safe cars and alternate fuel. I 1st became interested in EV when I saw the Chevy volt concept car. Prius started be sold and I read about tiny company in CA coming out with a super go kart. The roadster. It’s to small for me. But Tesla entered my radar. I bought a 2011 Chevy Volt. Number 1508 in Jan 2011. Received it March 2011. Govt incentive paid for my level charger a Blink unit. Also received 7500 tax incentive. But it was limited by a small battery pack and had gas engine. I figured it would be my starter car cause the EV revolution would begin. Sadly that did not happen. It was not until PayPal founder started talking about a vision. About electric chargers replacing gas stations about a 4 door sedan that could carry a family and had range to go beyond 40 miles that my interest exploded. Started watching YouTube video’s on this new car called Model S. I knew I had to have one. Finally saw my 1st one in Jan 2013. Someone at work had bought one. I finally meet him and he allowed me to sit in the car and showed me the massive screen. I was Sold but had some concerns. I saw my 1st supercharger and my concerns started disappearing. I was hooked. But how was I going to pay for it? Started planning for my model S. Advance 4 years. Some lucky investments and lack of vacations paid off. I now had money for my 1st model S. I bought S75D. Purchased solar and a large battery. But still wasn’t happy with the 75. Had range anxiety when a road trip fail to reach a supercharger and I had to beg to plug into a 115 volt outlet for 4 hours to make it. That was it for me. 2017 S100D became my dream car. It still is today. My problem, I started getting caught up in the excitement of the M3. And with a friend reserved one late 2017. I was shocked when Tesla invited me to config on 2/14. I figure I had until late 2018 to get ready. Today I talked with Tesla LV rep. My pearl white m3 is ready to ship.
I’m excited by the worldwide movement that Tesla has started. I’m seeing large automakers finally committing to EV. Not only to the cars but charging networks. Will my dream of fossil free happen in 10 years? I think it’s possible with visionaries like EM leading the way. I thought another JFK in govt would lead. But 45 shows his interest is fossil fuel. So EM thanks for propelling the world forward before it’s too late.

We are getting closer to the jetsons everyday.

EinSV | 13 March, 2018

Fun topic!

First learned about Tesla around the time they were founded in 2003. Their original San Carlos facility was about a mile from my house. I’ve always loved cars and been a strong environmentalist, which were incompatible until Tesla came along. I followed Tesla’s early developments and in about 2006 emailed their sales manager, who was kind enough to give me a tour of their facility, which had 6 prototype Roadsters in it at the time.

I did not pull the trigger on a Roadster but invested in November 2012 after the Model S launched. Made 2 Mode 3 reservations but got impatient and finally leased a Model S in Sept. 2016, after following Tesla for more than a dozen years and about 10 years after my first Tesla tour.

Looking forward to my Model 3 later this year and eventually Model Y. Plus the Solar Roof and Powerwalls.

It has been a lot of fun to watch Tesla grow in so many wonderful and unexpected ways over the years.

billstanton | 13 March, 2018

1. Was too expensive. 2. Was cheaper. 3. Still had tax credit. 4. Reservation was refundable. Then Tesla had my attention. Took me one day to drop my 1K down and then gave me time to decide if I really wanted it. I am now working on my wife to take the 3 I don't have yet after the Y that hasn't been announced yet comes out.

burdogg | 13 March, 2018

Thanks all for sharing - it is fun reading everyone's story. Mine is coming, not that it is overly interesting, but just want time to be able to put it down start to finish without interruptions. My work interrupts way to often to do that right this minute :)

RedPillSucks | 13 March, 2018

I started watching Tesla around 2010 when the model S was on the drawing board. The proposed specs had just been released (300 mile range, ~50k) and I've been sold since then. Of course it ended up being a bit more expensive than that, but...

martypayton | 13 March, 2018

A friend of mine has been telling be about Tesla for a few years and I became interested and the very intrigued by the whole EV progession. I came close to putting down a deposit in March of 2016 but decided to wait and see the car after it was finally produced. I figured they would actually be plenteous by the beginning of 2018 and i could just buy one then.

In February of this year, after driving to the Tesla showroom to see a Model 3 that was sitting on the lot waiting to be delivered, my wife and I scheduled a test drive of the Model S. Well that's all it took. During our 45 minute drive home we couldn't stop talking about the car and without much delay we placed our $1000 deposit on the M3. Now I wish I would have done it in March 2016.

nikhilm_2000 | 13 March, 2018

Followed the company from an investment perspective and got seriously involved financially at Model S launch (bought shares at $29 :-). Also, my cousins were early investors in the company and got a signature MS (one of first 20 produced). Never looked back.

mlc | 13 March, 2018

It has been a while so I’m not absolutely sure. I think I read an article about the Roadster in the SF Chronicle about the time it first came out. I’ve been interested and wanted an all electric car for years. Both the Roadster and S seemed like way cool cars but I couldn’t afford them. However I really believed in Tesla so I invested in the company about 5 years ago (against the advice of my financial manager). Just wish I had invested more money.

Brian B | 13 March, 2018

I found out about Tesla when I first started investing and was looking for new, innovative companies. I hate dealing with gasoline - I'd bought electric weed-eaters, drills, and power tools. Seeing an electric car was awesome and it was cool to have the technology that it has.

I also hate spending unnecessary money - buying gas just seems like a ripoff. I can't make my own, so there is no way for me to limit the costs; I'm at the mercy of the gas pump prices. With electric, I could save money by not spending it on gas. And electric companies' rates can only be as much as I would pay for solar panels.

I also am always looking at making something more efficient (computer engineer). I'm the guy that will take a right then make a u turn to save 30 seconds waiting on the left turn signal. So, saving time, by not having to go to the gas station or take my car in for service for oil changes all the time was music to my ears.

I like to accelerate - even when I had a Nissan 200SX that made a loud noise for a good 6 seconds before it even got to 30mph. I then went to a Lexus IS300, which was an improvement, but then it still conflicted with the other things I like, with its constant expensive oil changes, *numerous* O2 sensor replacements, engine gaskets, expensive spark plug and timing belt changes (because it's extremely hard to get to), melting dash (yes, melting), etc.

Been wanting to get a Model S, but just couldn't justify spending that much for a car (though I kept randomly trying to justify it). So here I am, a first day reservation holder, hoping to get my Model 3 in the next 3 months, and hoping my Lexus lasts till then.

The_Flash | 13 March, 2018

I first learned about Tesla when my colleague at work was in the process of buying hi Tesla Model S signature series when they first came out with it.
I instantly fell in love with the response of an EV and the quality of the car.
Paired with Tesla's excellent Customer Service, I knew I could not go wrong with buying a Tesla.
I have enjoyed every single second of owning my Tesla now. :)

High Plains Drifter | 13 March, 2018

A 2013 Chevy Volt brought me to the Tesla showroom.. GPS .and mall security helped a little

Njbrw549 | 13 March, 2018

I had an interest in electric vehicles since the 1980's, finally got a converted 1956 VW in 2005. (30 miles range and top speed of 42mph) Sold it in 2009 after buying our 2003 Rav4 ev which we are driving still.
When Tesla started producing the roadster, he said he would produce some luxury cars and then start s producing an affordable electric car for the masses. I am not sure if it'sreally that affordable yet, but his innovations have the rest of the automakers scrambling to catch up and compete.
The Chevy bolt did go to market first, but G.M. had the technology to produce EV's with a 150mile range in 2000.
only started producing after announcement of the M3

Sparky | 13 March, 2018

I was on a flight to Tokyo in 2006 when I read Wired magazines article about Tesla creating the original roadster after Elon bought into Martin Eberhard's vision in 2004. I've been following the company's evolution fanatically ever since. (Ask my wife). I sat in the old Roadster in the Seattle showroom shortly after it was available but a 2 seater didn't make sense at that point.

On the day Tesla IPO'd I bought shares at $18 and, yes, I still have a few, having made some dough along the way. (If you're wondering I voted a solid yes on Elon's new compensation package.)

My wife and I test drove the P85 Model S when it was possible and she became as fanatic as I am. She was sitting in the back seat and, finding a section open road, I floored the torque pedal and her sunglasses came off the top of her head and hit the back window! "Buy this car!" she exclaimed, but I shook my head, "Nope. It's just a little too big for us; let's wait for the Model 3." (then known as the presumed Model E)

So I put down my deposit on deposit day and now I'm holding out for the dual motor. But we sat in it last week and we were both extremely impressed with the execution of intelligent design inherent in the vehicle. I can't say that I'm disappointed with any aspect, other than the occasional compromise to keep down costs, but that's all part of the mission statement anyway.

I've got the HC coming and my wife asked casually the other day what I'm going to be obsessed with online after the car comes. "Have you noticed my new Roadster Mark 2 wallpaper?" I asked. :-)

PhillyGal | 13 March, 2018

@burdogg - No head check but should probably schedule it. Once we got the Tesla it seems I have a permanent and involuntary grin on my face whenever I drive.

eeb9 | 13 March, 2018

I heard about Tesla first when the Roadster I first hit the scene. Prior to that, I had no desire at all for an electric vehicle, since all of them I'd seen previously had all the sex appeal of road-kill Possum.

While I had some interest in non-ICE car propulsion, performance and fun tipped the scales.

The Tesla Roadster and Fisker Karma changed that for me.

I made a point of watching for *some* carmaker to build an interesting Hybrid or BEV that was both affordable and fun to drive.

While I could stretch and get a Model S, it's just not that fun - far too big and heavy, despite truly mind-blowing acceleration.

I had particularly high hopes when they first announced the Model 3. I was hoping for a small Hatch or Coupe under $50k.

The 3/31 reveal was a bit of a dissappointment in that respect, but it looked to have some of the fun-factor, along with a price point that made decent sense.

I was less than thrilled when "reveal 2" was all about autonomy/FSD and the Tesla network - those are diametrically opposed to my approach to cars and driving - but the car is still at-heart a performance sedan that is winning over Porsche and BMW drivers...

Still not thrilled with some of the design language and associated decisons by Tesla engineers, but it's a compelling car regardless.

Compelling enough to make me trade in my beloved MINI Coupe and spend a $10k premium over what I'd pay for a perfectly customized and track-ready 2018 MINI Cooper S JCW edition.

I guess that says it all right there.

95dawg | 13 March, 2018

I’ve always had an interest in EV. It just made sense to me over ICE cars.

I was really young when EV1 came out, and thought it was an amazing car. Growing up, my hobby was radio controlled cars and it was a good intro into electro-mechanical world: Optimizing battery efficiency (RC car battery warmer? Yes, that’s a thing) , modifying magnet positions in the motor to eek out more torque (shorter armature life, but that’s the sacrifice for more power), modifying MOSFET throttle controller for faster response to full power, etc. My friends and I would talk about cars in the future having swappable battery like RC cars.

Fast forward when I first saw a Tesla Roadster. Man, I was sold. It was a life-size RC car that I dreamed of growing up. Of course it was way too expensive for me to ever afford.

When MS came out, it tormented me because I would spend hours trying to justify it. Save $200 a month on gas, Uber on weekends, get a used one, and so on. But I never could pull the trigger.

When M3 was announced, I knew that was the car for me. I considered other EVs Kia Soul, Ford Focus, and Bolt last few years, but they just don’t compare.

madkim23 | 13 March, 2018

A friend of mine got one of the first 3000 or so Model S cars made. If anyone thinks our wait was long for the 3, think again. His was multi-year and with much more uncertainty. When I first met him, he was wearing a Tesla jacket. I had no idea what Tesla was. Fast forward a year or so and he shows up at a get together with this car unlike anything I had ever seen. One test drive and I was sold. Took me about 4 years to be in a position to get one for myself.

My friend lives on the east coast and the plan was to take delivery of the car in CA in order for him to drive it home cross country. Tesla mistakenly shipped it to his home Service Center. To show both his patience and Tesla’s commitment to customer service, they packed up the car and shipped it back to CA so he could fly out and drive it home. He still has the car and I’ll be forever grateful that he proselytized enough to get me interested in going electric.