360 camera (birds eye view)

360 camera (birds eye view)

I wonder if we will ever get something like that for our cars with all the cameras we have. I also would love for the audio system to quiet down when reversing into a spot, my Audi has that I really like it.
What's the best way to make a feature request?

Bill_75D | 16 March, 2018

A 360° view would require a camera in the nose of the car, not behind the rear view mirror where the current camera(s) are.

jordanrichard | 16 March, 2018

Well, when backing up, there is already a "birds eye" view. There is obviously the hug backup picture and if you look below that there is a picture of the car and as you get near something, the sensors pick up on it and warn you audibly and visually via the lines. As for pulling forward, well again there are sensors and your eyes that can see much wider than any camera.

What critical information does a bird's eye view give you that the existing sensors and your eyes don't?

hoffmannjames | 16 March, 2018

bird's eye view is useful for parking but since cars with AP have auto parking, it is not really needed. | 16 March, 2018

There was talk (by Elon) about doing a 360 degree view, but if it happens there are a lot of limitations. The front camera is not going to show the area 5 feet in front of the bumper, and the side cameras do not look like they will capture the edge of the car where you want it for parking next to a curb. So it may be a lot less useful (with the current cameras) than you hope. It may be so useless, that Tesla may not make it happen at all.

You can make a feature request using the feedback forum at contact. You can also add requests and vote on them at my site. For example, here is the 360 degree submission:

sentabo | 16 March, 2018

I test drove an Audi A6 before buying the superior Model S. I did like the birds eye view in th A6, especially for the front bumper.

mmw03 | 16 March, 2018

360 cameras is far superior to oskeing sensors. You can actually see all obstructions and it worry about if the sensor is actually picking up all curbs, etc. You can also see holes and other objects that may not be seen by a sensor.

However the cameras that existing cars have are not useable for 360 views.

john | 16 March, 2018

The front camera is essential to keep from running up on those cement curb guards that scrape the bottom of the bumper. The sensors only see them from a distance and as you get closer it loses them. The side cameras only need to be able to see objects on the side or the parking lines which they should be able to see and are mainly used to ensure you are between the parking lines or vehicles. There is a thread on TMC on adding a front camera which is not too difficult or expensive and at least solves part of the problem but Tesla could easily develop a retro kit to accomplish this and it would be really nice to have. My Bolt has the bird's eye view and the front and rear camera views and it makes parking so much easier. I just wish my S had it as it would make pulling into a parking space so much easier and less of a sweat the I am going to scrape the front bumper.

jordanrichard | 17 March, 2018

Ok, here is a simply no electronic trick to not scrapping the curb when pulling forward. As you pull forward, look at your driver’s side mirror, as soon as you see the curb appear under it, stop. You will be 6 inches from the curb. If there is a car in the adjacent spot, see how close to the curb they are and line your driver’s side mirror up with theirs. Obviously first taking into account the length of their front end.

I have been doing this for 4 years and have never run my nose into a curb. People really need to stop being salves to parking aides. Also, I use this same trick when driving our Mercedes SL and on my ‘83 911, before I sold it.

SUN 2 DRV | 17 March, 2018

"I also would love for the audio system to quiet down when reversing into a spot"

Is that so you can concentrate on parking or ????????????

Should it also be quiet when reversing out of a spot, when backing down a driveway and generally any time it's in reverse?

sentabo | 17 March, 2018

SUN 2 DRV, I was wondering the same thing. Maybe it's so he can hear the contact when hitting the car behind him. :)

cb500r | 18 March, 2018

Funny idea:
I know the cameras will not provide a 360°view like a Mercedes, Toyota, whatever. But they could use the ultrasonics to create a 3D mesh-view. Just like it is in some movies old movies, when technology allows to look through walls,...
It would help me to be more relaxed, knowing that the car has already sensed the rock, pillar,... close by the door,... and only high enough to scratch the bottom door, which the cameras will not detect. Something like this.
Would be helpful as long as Tesla makes me responsible while their system is driving.

akikiki | 18 March, 2018

cb500r, Doesn't your car have windows? :)

tomasvaskela | 19 May, 2018

Once you try 360 view you will not be able to live without it anymore. It give so much more confidence when it works together with sensors. I vote for this feature to be retrofitted to all Tesla models.
Please add this feature!

jordanrichard | 19 May, 2018

Tomasvaskela, Teslas already have 360 view.

mcmack15 | 19 May, 2018

John, please bear with me............what is the 'TMC' you mentioned in your response? I love the idea of a front 'curb alert' type camera and would be interested in learning more about getting an after market one installed. I had one installed in a prior sports car, and it made a huge difference in the ease of pulling into parking spaces with those built up curbs, and seeing pot holes, etc. With all the computer stuff in the Tesla I don't want an after market camera to mess things up.

Jordanrichard-----I believe you gave a similar response a few months back to a similar thread. Since then I have been using your trick of spotting the curb under the driver's mirror-----it works great! I find that I am about 12" to 18" away from the curb if I stop just as the curb starts to appear under the mirror. Thanks for this great tip. I would still like a front curb alert camera to complement your clever option..........around here we have a ton of parking places where the concrete curb slab doesn't run where it can be seen under the outside mirror. The slab is only about 4 feet long at the head of each parking space (the local Tesla Service Center has this set-up for the super charging stations-----blows my mind).

jordanrichard | 19 May, 2018

Mcmack15, thanks for the compliment and I am glad the tip worked for you. It will work for those cement barriers. Just line up the mirror with the cement barrier in the adjacent spot. What I haven’t found a trick for yet is pulling up to a curb in an angled parking spot, where the right front corner is the closest point to the curb.

murphyS90D | 19 May, 2018
akikiki | 19 May, 2018

mcmack15, Read post #386 for a summary of the tread and effort.

The single most expensive item in this project is the front/rear swap switch. Its being manufactured special for this project. You can get the Tesla rear view camera on Amazon for $40. Search Tesla camera.
Besides those items, you will need a couple of video cables ordered from your Tesla SC.

mcmack15 | 20 May, 2018

murphyS90D and akikiki....................thank you both. I am going to look into this.

watsonthefamily | 20 May, 2018

We just traded in our Infiniti QX50 for a P85D. When my wife realized there was no camera view of the outside curb when parking she was extremely disappointed.

SO | 20 May, 2018

John Carmack
Nov 15, 2016
\ great to be able to just tap on the dash to grab some frames whenever you see something interesting or sketchy going on.

Elon Musk
Replying to @ID_AA_Carmack
we could enable that, although the cameras use grey, grey, grey, red detection, so it would look a little greyish red :)

MiloTrip | 21 September, 2018

My wife's Toyota minivan has birds eye and it is awesome. The front sensors of my model 3 don't always read the concrete stops in parking spaces. My Tesla is inferior to her car in that way. Auto park is at best unreliable. We paid a lot of money for our cars... Keep your expectations high.

fluff-fjfj | 22 September, 2018

Agree it's disappointing Tesla doesn't have it!! My husband's BMW has 360 degree view It also has a hologram-like thing in the windshield that shows the speed limit, vehicle speed and directions that's super nice.

jordanrichard | 23 September, 2018

People also paid a lot for their Lexus’ and Mercedes and yet they still have to go to gas stations.......

You don’t need a birds eye view to avoid hitting curbs when pulling into a parking spot. As you pull in, the moment you see the curb under the chrome arm to the driver’s side mirror, stop. You will be at least 6 inches away from the curb. Along the same lines, when backing up, go until the curb visually meets up with he edge of the bumper in the camper view. Here again you will be at least 6 inches from the curb.

akikiki | 26 December, 2019

Wow ! Bets this will or will not be implemented..... | 27 December, 2019

Note that Elon is not stating you'll get a birds-eye view or anything close. I expect side cameras can be useful to help see a pillar or low wall. You will not see the side curbs as the cameras do not point downward.

Viewing side cameras still sounds like a great feature and I expect we'll see it within 6 months.