Basic Functionality

Basic Functionality

People are wondering where the solar recharge option is?

This is supposed to be the best of the best right?

At present it seems to be an incomplete terms of an electric, battery-powered, device.
In fact all Tesla's (or even electric cars) seem like prototypes to me without a self recharge option...
(hell you could at least give us a bicycle powered recharger...with the foldable bike and recharger could call it an emergency charger...could even have a heater attachment for winter about a pedal attachment to get at least 1mph?? plus heat? present this all seems kinda bourgeoi right now--a.k.a deadly)

Also where's my electric scooter in the trunk for tooling around town? All very feasible...
Maybe you just go from garage to garage or something??


Just because it's a car doesn't mean it has to play into the "fueling station" model...though these are useful for the unenlightened...or simply getting their attention...but quite frankly I don't give a *****.

We have self-charging "vehicles".

I want a self charging Tesla...

Preferably by the next iteration...though you could probably get something functional to market before the deliver date(s).

Also, you can save some grams of mass and drop any "self-driving" options on my model...or keep blaming g00gle...or the ops.../shrug


Congrats on breaking the record though,

pnajar | 18 March, 2018

Not to insult your intelligence, but have you even calculated the surface area needed for the most efficient optimally angled solar cells to charge any EV. That should give you an idea of where you could mount them. The obvious answer you’ll find is not to put on the car but someplace stationary.

eric.zucker | 22 March, 2018

Assuming one could have 3 square meters of solar panels on a car, that’s about 600W of power available, if parked in direct sunlight.

It might just offset the vampire drain, but would not even be enough to cool the car.

Of course parked in the shade, under shelter, there is no longer any benefit. | 22 March, 2018

I did a fairly in-depth analysis for the Model S - which has a far larger roof area than the Roadster. Basically, the payback is about 110 years, if it is in the sun every day for the entire day.

I expect some vendors will offer it, as it sound cool - but just a foolish expense that makes zero sense functionally or economically.

As for the electric scooter - Buy a scooter and load it in the trunk. You might need an S or X, as the trunk space in an Roadster is limited.

steven | 23 March, 2018

The Fisker Karma had a solar roof. It was just about enough tun run the ventilation, but not even to cool the car when parked in the bright sun (which is needed to get the power optimised).
So, waste of time and money...