Took delivery today. The good, bad and ugly.

Took delivery today. The good, bad and ugly.

I took delivery today.

The Good: Delivery team was very friendly and ernest. We all got free water and I could make myself a Nespresso if I wanted.

The car has a lot of acceleration, appears to track straight and handle well. I didn't find the ride overly harsh (so far.) The seats are very comfy. Their included charge kit includes level 2 capability.

The paint job looked good, fit and finish mostly good. It's overall a nice looking car.

The Bad: still don't know how to tune in any of my favorite stations (if it's even possible.) I hope I eventually figure it out.

Not a big fan of having to do so much using the touch screen. It feels awkward. It's a reach for me to adjust some common stuff like volume, and I don't like having to look at the screen to do it. I hope this is not "the future", because it feels like a step backwards for me in usability, functionality, convenience and safety. I remember when I bought my first car that had the ability to adjust volume and station tuning on the steering wheel, and how luxurious and ergonomic that felt...and now Tesla has taken that away from me again. Nope, sorry, not a fan of that decision.

There were some misaligned panels and stuff that didn't seem to fit right. I pointed it out to the team, and they said I could bring it back later and get it fixed.

The Ugly: Car was delivered with less than 50% charge.

Car still thinks it is in the Bay Area, and GPS is useless right now. The local stations are not right, either.

When I drive about 50 MPH or so, there is a LOT of wind noise coming from the driver's side. MUCH more than my Bolt. Completely unexpected and disappointing.

Overall, it just doesn't feel like a $60,000 car to me. But maybe it will grow on me, eventually. If Tesla ever gets FSD to work, I guess then it would be worth it. But who knows when that will happen, if ever.

burdogg | 31 March, 2018

um - lost me on the music. The left scroll wheel completely controls the music. scroll up and down to control volume. Push it to the right to skip the song.

Use right control wheel - push in for voice command and ask to play whatever song you want. Did no one show you that? I have yet to touch the screen to control volume or skip to the next song to play.

What is your VIN?

burdogg | 31 March, 2018

Also, what software version are you on?

weluvm3 | 31 March, 2018

Nobody told me about using scroll wheel to control music. They showed me how to use them to adjust my mirrors.

They kind of showed me that I could use voice control for songs, but when I tried it. it didn't really work for me.

Anyway, I still don't see that moving controls to a big ipad is an improvement on anything. I'd prefer more physical controls, not less. And I don't think moving displays to a big ipad is an improvement on anything, either. Sorry, but it's just not. Hopefully, the model 3 is an anomaly, and other companies will not follow Tesla's lead in this regard.

weluvm3 | 31 March, 2018

No idea what software version. I'm eating dinner. Don't have time to mess around with that.

My VIN is 5YJ3E1EA4JF008854. What are you going to do with that information?

dfelton | 31 March, 2018

It’s just different. Chances are your brain will sprout a few new neurons over the next couple of days, and the next thing you know that touchscreen is second nature.

I already am trying to put my Prius in gear with the wiper stalk on the rare occasion I’m driving it these days lol

burdogg | 31 March, 2018

I understand :)

But yes, you can control the music from the left scroll wheel. hopefully what I wrote made sense how to use it. What stations are you trying to find?

I know my voice command struggles at times to recognize me speaking, so I have to do it again. But I am boring, I get one station and stick with it for some time. Eventually, after I have liked enough songs, I start just using the Favorites station and get most all music I want from that, so am not changing stations. I know, kind of boring I am.

weluvm3 | 31 March, 2018

Anyway, it's not a bad car, per se. The acceleration is super: obviously better than my Bolt.

But, subjectively, my Audi A6 and S4 both felt nicer to me. If I could get an electric version of an A6 or A4, with the range and FSD potential of a Tesla, I'd probably be happier with that.

weluvm3 | 31 March, 2018

I actually rarely listen to music. I mostly listen to AM Talk Radio. So, now I'm going to have to figure out how to access the same syndicated shows on the Tesla: I tried to ask the sales rep, but he had no idea.

But, anyway, given that the car's GPS doesn't work, I guess that's a minor issue ATM.

weluvm3 | 31 March, 2018

According to my cellphone's Tesla app, the software version is: 2018.4.17.b7029dd

Does that sound right?

Dsmtesla | 31 March, 2018

the first time you go to detail the inside of your car you will be very thankful for the touchscreen and lack of vents :) just saying

billlake2000 | 31 March, 2018

I wanted to read the manual before taking delivery, but I dunno if I'll have enough time. Poster boy for procrastination

jcd82 | 31 March, 2018

Reading the manual is my procrastination right now as I wait the 3 months (or more) for my invite.

burdogg | 31 March, 2018

@weluvm3 - that is an older one - so you should be getting a new update pushed to your car sometime. Mine came with 2018.10. something. Have received one update to make it now 2018.10.5. This update moves the music icon closer to you instead of clear over near passenger (volume button still over there, but again, you can do that from the left scroll wheel).

Have heard of the GPS stuck in Fremont - have not kept up to hear how they got that resolved though.

weluvm3 | 31 March, 2018

Yeah, I think the interior will grow on me.

Probably I'm just really annoyed with the car right now, because during the entire ride home the navigation system was giving me turn by turn instructions for some phantom roads in Fremont. The car seriously believes that it is in Fremont, and there is no obvious way to change it's mind about that. I kept hoping that it would figure it out on it's own, but it never did...

Funny how such a small thing can negatively color one's perception. I'll try to keep an open mind and adjust myself to the car.

rxlawdude | 31 March, 2018

I suggest there's a dolt that should go back to a Bolt.

The moniker has been spewing nonstop negatavism for months.

Looks like we're gonna hear more... "ignore this user" function enabled.

burdogg | 31 March, 2018

weluvm3 - give it time - change at first is difficult. I actually love the simplicity. But disclaimer - I rarely mess with my settings. Once they are set, I leave them. So I don't really have to mess with buttons or knobs, or in this case, lack of them. So the simpler the better.

I get that it won't appeal to all - but it is great for me.

Bring up the wind noise to them too - I don't get any of that, they should be able to replicate it and then work on fixing it.

weluvm3 | 31 March, 2018

rxlawdude I've still got my Bolt.

And, I'll tell you what: for the money, it's a pretty darn good car. If you don't think so, then you are the "dolt." I own both cars, and I think I can be somewhat objective about this because I'm not a fanboy nor do I own stock (either long or short) in either company.

Saying that my GPS doesn't work is hardly spewing negativism. It's an objective fact. But, then again, there have been many occasions when Android Auto has let me down in my Bolt, too, and it is annoying as heck when that happens. It's just more annoying when it happens in a car that is effectively costing me nearly 3x as much cash out of pocket right now. Yeah, when you pay more money for something, you have higher expectations as well. My Chevy is costing me about $250/month no month down, so it's easier for it to meet or exceed my lowered expectations.

And, yeah, if you only want to hear "good things" about the car, then please just block me. You won't hurt my feelings one bit if you do.

jcd82 | 31 March, 2018

I think rx may be confusing you with wantm3.

weluvm3 | 31 March, 2018

Maybe. Anyway, I don't regret getting my Model 3. My goal was to get something with better performance, more luxurious and better tech than my Bolt. Mission accomplished.

I've got both cars sitting in my garage right now, and I can tell you without any hesitation or doubt that I'll be driving my Tesla to work on Monday. Even though I probably won't be able to listen to my favorite talk radio station along the way.

Is the Tesla perfect? No, it is not. But it is clearly a better car than my Bolt. And it better be, because it was a lot more expensive, too. People without enough disposable income for a Tesla should buy a Bolt without hesitation, as it's an excellent car and they will be very well served by it. But if you can afford a Tesla, then skip the Bolt and treat yourself to something better.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 31 March, 2018

"But, subjectively, my Audi A6 and S4 both felt nicer to me. If I could get an electric version of an A6 or A4, with the range and FSD potential of a Tesla, I'd probably be happier with that."

OK. Assuming Volkswagen AG is still in business come 2025, they are certain to give you precisely that. Enjoy being happier... some day, SOON.

rxlawdude | 31 March, 2018

Seriously. Comparing a Bolt and M3 when they aren't in the same Universe.
Yep, they both have motors and batteries. All similarly ends there.

MarylandS85 | 31 March, 2018

First, congrats on the new car!

I think you’ll grow to like the minimalism more once it starts working better for you (especially GPS!). Regarding talk radio, I don’t listen to it, and I haven’t even looked at the radio function on the Model 3 (or even my Model S!), but have you tried fiddling with the TuneIn feature for now? I believe that would at least give you some talk radio-ish stuff.

Regarding the GPS, others tried rebooting the screen (push the two scroll wheels on the steering wheel in—as in toward the steering wheel—for like 30 seconds until the screen goes black and then shows the Tesla logo). Try navigating to a location and then getting there. I don’t know if any of these worked for others, but I’m pretty sure it fixed itself for them or they’d still be posting about it. If none of this works for you, try waiting a bit, as it seems to have fixed itself spontaneously for some others. Or try calling Tesla support. I’ve found them to be extremely helpful fo most user-level debugging.

Coastal Cruiser. | 31 March, 2018

weluvm3 said:

"My VIN is xxxxxxxxxxxx8854. What are you going to do with that information?"

weluvm3, thank you for the report. Some of your notes are surprising for someone who has been on the forum for a while. For example, not knowing that burdogg was asking only for your last 4 or 5 VIN digits, not the entire number, which everyone on the planet with a device can see. I would think about deleting this post and re-posting it. ;>

But much of your critique seems fair and balanced (if that expression is still in play). And I understand, having the car provide turn-by-turn out of context is pretty stupid. That's just the word that fits. But as you know, the car keeps improving after the purchase, and it sounds like you are open minded and, that you will enjoy you car. Congrats!

btw - ignore anything that lawdude says. Our residence "ethics professor" is one of the most intolerant members on this board. Your few comments comparing the Bolt were perfectly acceptable.

weluvm3 | 31 March, 2018

I just now tried pushing the two scroll wheels in, but nothing much happened even after a minute or so. But, perhaps that's because the car is charging right now? I can try it again tomorrow, and maybe contact the delivery center when they are open.

As for comparing a Bolt versus a Tesla, I feel that is a reasonable comparison to make. At least, for me. The fact that they are both long range electric cars was the reason I bought them, after all. And the Tesla is a nicer car overall, but there are some things that the Bolt does better (better regenerative braking, for example. And an AM radio.)

johnse | 31 March, 2018

Am talk radio: you should be able to find your local stations in TuneIn. Just be aware that the sort order (at least in my X) is alpha-numeric, so AM 1000 is listed before AM 710.

Favorite stations by pressing the heart icon...then you’ll have direct access. Note that your favorites are not segregated by source. So FM frequency, Slacker channel, TuneIn AM station, etc. all together.

GPS can take up to 45 minutes to sync with the satellites. Especially if there are any problems with internet connectivity. The satellite ephemerides can be updated over the Internet, but if not they are downloaded over time from the satellites.

MarylandS85 | 31 March, 2018

From Tesla’s site: “Customer Support & Roadside Assistance is available 24/7/365. Call 877-79-TESLA (877-798-3752). For non-urgent matters relating to Customer Support, please contact us via All emails are processed within a 24-hour period.”

I’ve never tried rebooting the screen while charging, so I don’t know if it didn’t work for that reason or whether you’re not doing it correctly. Be sure you’re pushing both scroll wheels in toward the steering wheel (away from you) and holding both in the whole time. Let us know if it works when you’re not charging. Good luck!

burdogg | 31 March, 2018

weluvm3 - I was just asking for the last little bit of VIN like 88xx - I missed you had posted it :) I was just wondering around what time frame of build your car was etc... Not much else I would do with it.

The software version is more valuable, as there are bug fixes and even user interface changes, especially early on as they continue to try to improve based on feedback. The scroll wheels will do even more with even the latest update - ie right scroll wheel will now control cruise control speed - can increase and decrease speed with it. There is more to come too - so be patient with it as you continue to grow with it, but also as Tesla continues to improve on their software.

AM radio unfortunately is the one thing I don't think they will be adding in though, so that one will require a work around for you.

burdogg | 31 March, 2018

and johnse gives the advice while I am typing on the AM talk radio situation :)

As far as the favorites he is talking about - when you find the talk radio you want, there will be a heart by it after you select the station. When you touch the heart - it then becomes a solid heart and is a favorite. The music app has a strip that runs the entire bottom of the one side of the screen. When you swipe up - it should bring up one more layer, and this is where all your favorite stations are located for easy access between which one you want.

johnnykadi | 31 March, 2018

Others have had issues with the navi doing this. Talk to Tesla about it. It shouldn't be difficult to fix. Gotta say, it is pretty concerning to hear about all these software issues, screen issues, phone key issues, wind noise ect ect. Even you fanboys on here have to admit that its been a trend. Hopefully Tesla is addressing these issues as they ramp.

burdogg | 31 March, 2018

johnnykadi - truthfully I don't know what to think yet - I have heard as much good as bad. I for one have had my car for 2 weeks and still no issues to note.

The deal is this - most that have no issues, don't come and report no issues. Those that do have issues, come here to find solutions and hence get reported much more. If I had never been to this forum, picked up my car and had no issues, i still would not be on this forum. If I had issues, I would be searching for answers, which would lead me to this forum and to posting my issues. So you are going to see more of the issues then not. And remember, it is still early in the cars, there are going to be hiccups with any new car for any manufacturer.

Again, not saying yeah or nay yet - as I have seen just as many no problems as problems. Just giving more of a general explanation.

billlake2000 | 31 March, 2018

" Those that do have issues, come here to find solutions and hence get reported much more."
Well said. And to me, that is the main reason I visit most forums, to find solutions for problems I'm having.
This forum is a little different, heavy in large part due to the wait to get this amazing car. I mean, whaddya gonna due when each minute is agony and hitting F5 every 10 minutes gets you nothing.

burdogg | 31 March, 2018

That is your problem - you hit it every 10 minutes - if you would have done it every 5 minutes - you would have seen results by now - I mean, twice as many times, gets you to the required count faster - and therefore, sooner invite, sooner VIN, and last, sooner delivery. If only you would have asked the right question earlier, I could have solved it for you - but too late now, you missed the chance...

rsweavermd | 1 April, 2018

I picked up my Model 3 on the 29th. It does so many things well but it takes reading and trial and error. I found my AM station on Tunein and added it to my favorites. However it is one minute delayed which is not bad for traffic updates. Navigation froze at first but after a restart of the car there have been no problems. I do wish it had apple car play and Wi-Fi . I also have an Audi SQ5. The model 3 is a different animal but so far I love them both.

Bighorn | 1 April, 2018

Seems this review was a bit premature seeing as you haven’t figured out a lot of the basics yet. Hope you love it once things get sorted.

WantMY | 1 April, 2018

@weluvm3 Notin' to worry pal, Tesla will send you OTA update soon.

ps. So Bolt is not that bad after all?

Silver2K | 1 April, 2018

this review seems odd to me.

"Not a big fan of having to do so much using the touch screen. It feels awkward."

surely you knew this screen existed, right?

SO | 1 April, 2018

The OP sounds like a person who rushed in with a purchase before they were ready and now is regretting it. Never a good idea to make large uneducated purchases. Should have tried to rent one for a day first. That’s what I’m going to try to do.

WantMY | 1 April, 2018

@SO How could you blame OP for this? There is huge hype over this car, no samples in the most stores and no test drives. And Fanboys who would claim any poop from Tesla has God blessing!

Silver2K | 1 April, 2018


The OP spends 60k on something that has been shown thoisands of times with that screen and no cluster

Silver2K | 1 April, 2018

And he's uncomfortable with it.

As @SO mentioned. Rent or wait would have been best solution before spending 60k

SO | 1 April, 2018

@WantM3 - please stop defending laziness and ignorance.

Make a point to see one in person if you are unsure. It’s obvious the OP was unsure at the time of purchase.

A plane ticket is a heck of a lot cheaper than a 60k car.

weluvm3 | 1 April, 2018

Elon Musk said I wouldn't care about the lack of controls and displays. I had my doubts, but I assumed that, just because I didn't like something at first, perhaps I should trust people who have more first hand experience than I do and take the plunge.

And maybe I will eventually like what they've done with this car. I still get the sense that they were "fixing" things that weren't actually broken, potentially subtracting value in the process, but maybe they are geniuses and I just don't realize it yet.

As for spending the money on a whim, yadda yadda...well, if you don't have $60,000 to spend on a whim, sucks to be you. I did. And I did. It looked like a really fun toy to own, so I got one. It's kind of a broken toy at this point, but it works well enough that I'm not sorry I bought it. On the other hand, I'm more than happy to point out all the ways that it seems to be broken. If you don't like that, go ahead and block me: we'll both be happier, I'm sure.


I called Tesla's helpline, and they walked me through resetting the screen: you need to PUSH the scroll wheels IN. NOT push them towards each other, as I was doing. That reset the screen, but otherwise accomplished nothing of note. GPS still says Fremont.

In addition, I noticed that the lower left panel is frozen in place (cannot swipe left or right.)

And the trunk says it is open no matter how many times I try to close it and with what force.

I told the person on the helpline about these problems, and she had no suggestions.

I mentioned that my software seems a bit old, and she said she cannot help with that, either. She said that "only engineering can push an update, and only if there seems to be problems."

"OK, so ask them to push an update!"

Then we got into a discussion about whether GPS not working, panel frozen, and truck indicating it is open no matter what were actually "problems." She seemed to feel that GPS not working was to be expected, and that it will eventually sort itself out. And that the trunk was a hardware issue (it probably is, unfortunately.) But finally she agreed that the frozen left panel was maybe a software issue, so she did raise a ticket for me.

But...of course they won't be at work until tomorrow....

Fortunately, the GPS on my phone still works. In fact, it worked from day one. Minute one, even. As has the GPS on every other car and phone so equipped with it that I've ever owned. Until I bought a $60,000 Tesla. Now, apparently, I'm supposed to be happy and impressed that my GPS MAY start working eventually, within a few days after driving it home.

Wow...yeah, I AM impressed. But not necessarily in a good way.

KP in NPT | 1 April, 2018

You needed to call about how to reboot? Seriously, read the manual. You will probably enjoy your car much more when you understand how to use it.

rdavis | 1 April, 2018

@welmuvm3, how far away is your service center... is raise these issues with them in person (if nearby) rather than the 800 help line.

Sorry that you are having issues. It sucks when things are not working correctly.

As for minimalist design using computer screen for most controls... it won’t be for everyone. I’ve never owned a car that ticked off every box for sure... but for me it’s natural and instinctive. I personnky love it... but understand you feel differently. I guess that’s why there are so many car makes in the world ;)

weluvm3 | 1 April, 2018

I'll learn to live with the ergonomics, as long as the car's functionality is, uh, functional.

At least the car is fast. And fun to drive.

And, thank goodness it is apparently mechanically sound. Aside from the trunk. And the wind noise.

And the seats are sure a lot more comfy than my Bolt's seats.

I mean, there is a lot to love about the car. If you are an early adopter, like playing with fun, new toys and can afford it, you should definitely buy one.

mos6507 | 1 April, 2018

"There were some misaligned panels and stuff that didn't seem to fit right."

...and so it continues.

johnyi | 1 April, 2018

I think this is a great post, and very useful for all of us that are still waiting for an invite. Many of us live in places that don't have a M3 in the showroom to even look at, and none available to rent on Turo either, so we're relying on what we hear from new owners on forums like this or YouTube reviews. And many of us are anxious about that screen and lack of manual controls. I'm encouraged by all the positive reviews of how people got used to it quickly, but it's also good to here from those that are struggling too.

Silver2K | 1 April, 2018

are there any pictures of those misaligned panels? every model 3 ive seen has been perfect to my eyes. Sadly, I cant say that about my MS :(.

Xerogas | 1 April, 2018

Ideally, OP would have waited for the standard range model. Solves many issues: less expensive (which helps lower expectations about perceived luxury), software issues worked out, quality issues worked out. Anyone taking delivery today is basically beta-testing the car, and that requires a different mindset. Many of the same people who want the car sooner, at all costs, because they are impatient, are ones who are unhappy that it's not a smooth experience yet. Model 3 is a 2007 iPhone...early adopters loved it for the vision it presented.

Bri | 1 April, 2018

Lol at least “@weluvm3” is consistent with the complaints, pessimism and “damning with faint praise”.