有人告诉我下,modal s 到底是怎么样一部车子呢? 各方面和汽油车比较差别大不大?


caizhenhua8800 | September 18, 2014


NomoDinos | September 18, 2014


Translation: The car is simply amazing. (I don't speak or write Chinese, this is through Google Translate.)

NomoDinos | September 18, 2014


You should go for a test drive, find out for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

Captain_Zap | September 18, 2014

Thanks NoMo for the translation. We agree.

Bighorn | September 18, 2014

Car will love you long time.

JJtx | September 18, 2014

@caizhenhua8800 如果你想了解更多关于Tesla的中文信息,建议你去看看,在那个网站上输入Tesla查询即可。
If you need to get more information about Tesla in Chinese, maybe you can check out, just search for Tesla on their website.

Keith72 | September 19, 2014

Saw my first Tesla in Shanghai yesterday. Dark green, parked near the Renaissance Pudong (at a school nearby). So new that it didn't have plates on it yet. Made me excited to get home to mine...Was in Beijing a couple of weeks ago, not too far from the Tesla showroom there, but wasn't able to find time to stop by. On the train from Nanjing to Shanghai there was a Tesla commercial running on the flat screens on the train. It was a 5-6 minute commercial that also went into some of the features of the Model S. The car in the commercial was a blue P85 with 21" wheels.

Paddlegirl7 | September 19, 2014

Wow, first Tesla advertizing that we've heard of?

cchodroff | September 19, 2014

I saw the same video on the train from Shanghai to Jinan. It looked more like a "Motor Trend" video that we might see on TV in America. I couldn't understand what was being said but it looked like a typical video review by a guy who probably reviews all other vehicles. He looked very impressed and seemed to doing a competent job of explaining the unique nature of this great car.

Two weeks' before I hosted 15 new family members at my son's wedding in Pennsylvania. My daughter-in-law is from Jinan. In groups of 3 - 4, all fifteen received a rousing ride in the Tesla, a car that all had heard of with great interest. "WOW" is the same in English as in Chinese and all had the Tesla grin after their ride, even as passengers.

yung9670 | September 19, 2014
NomoDinos | September 19, 2014

Cap - yeah, I just hope I didn't accidentally write anything offensive. Google translate is known to be a bit finicky :)

JJtx | September 19, 2014

NoMo, that google translation was close enough, nothing offensive :)

Haggy | September 19, 2014


NomoDinos | September 19, 2014

JJtx for checking! :)

plusplusjames | September 19, 2014

@BigHorn: +1

JJtx | September 19, 2014

NoMo,no problem :)

Brian H | September 19, 2014

Just discovered in W7: highlight the Chinese, rt-click and select "Translate using Google Translate" and the text converts in place. Much more convenient!

Haggy | September 19, 2014

In Chrome, you can merely right click and select "translate this page." Then the whole thing will be in English. The problem is that the translation isn't very good and some of the translations make no sense at all.

JJtx | September 19, 2014

That is right.