1st impressions

1st impressions

Well everyone, I have had my car for a few days and have to list my impressions to counter some of the negativity here:
1. The car is obviously beautiful and attracts a lot of attention.
2. The car is powerful and I have no issues with the power, plenty quick!
3. The car has a beautiful interior! I am not sure about the gripes here about leather, simplicity etc... Have you been inside a new Porsche lately? Talk about an interior that sucks. This car has soft beautiful leather, an interface that is gorgeous and wondeful interior space and lines! I came from an Audi S4 and do not miss that supposedly wonderful interior on the S4.
4. Coming from the S4 Recaro seats I was nervous about the from people on this forum but they are comfortable, supple, and the car is roomy! I am over 6 foot tall and only gripe is with seat back up my head touches roof but I have pano and don't like driving like a thug (seat reclined).
5. The app and interface are like nothing else! Everyone including myself is shocked at how advanced this car is! It is truly remarkable and when I check out other cars now I see these dinky little navs etc. makes me cringe.
6. Wish I researched charging a little more I did not install a nema 14-50 and using 110 V and that is too slow awaiting electrician to install.
7. Passing gas stations makes me feel great and laugh. Kind of disturbing!
8. The only improvements I am awaiting is some more nav and other customizations that I am sure will come with future updates to improve some of the functions such as route preferences etc...
9. The car makes me feel like I should conserve energy and I drive with cruise on a lot.
10. Yes this car is wide and it doesn't have little gadgets like front and back proximity warnings and blind spot side alerts but keeping the rear camera on helps and honestly you need to know how to drive a car and these features would be nice but are not necessary.
Hope this helps explain a little, I do have the Tesla grin and have no regrets! I am not a shareholder. Just a proud and happy car owner who honestly recently rented and drove a Maserati, Porsche turbo and owned a 10 year old S4 and could mot justify upgrading and purchasing a new car until i met the Tesla Model S! Buy the car of the future and you will not regret it!
PS drove off the Rockville lot and my TPM warning came on I drove back and tech fixed it in 10 minutes and no further issues so are their glitches yes, but nothing big for a new build and manufacturer

patp | March 17, 2013

One thing I found is that I didn't like the interior too much at first (on picture mainly). I owned several Audi's (A4, S4, RS4, Q5, R8) that have a reputation of very nice interiors. However, last, week, I took a ride with my father in his premium A4 and found the interior very average compared to my memories!

I realized I way prefer the interior of my Model S. It's like comparing a MacBook vs old HP designs (before they copied Apple, like everybody else..)

Less is more!

Pbfoot | March 17, 2013

Totally agree with you. Wish the leather was perforated, but I wouldn't give up my Model S for any Audi or Porsche.

CC | March 18, 2013


Congratulations, I can't agree with you more.

Hopefully TM will push nav updates/functions soon. I am so used to the google nav on my android phone, you can just press on the map the location you want to go and an address will show up, then just press navigate. I kept on pressing a location I want to go on the Model S nav, of course no response, you must type in the address or name of the place.

gasnomo | March 18, 2013

Generally speaking I agree...I am concerned at some of the wear already showing on the drivers right side arm rest after only 4 weeks. I find the leather to be much softer than leather interiors I've had in other cars I've owned (Audi's, BMW's).

I love how 'roomy' the interior feels, and with two kids in boosters in the second row, the ability to literally walk in the footwell to help with seat belts is amazing.

I do wish the driver's right and passenger's left side arm rest came forward a little more...but overall I really really like the interior.