All cars delivered in 2012 are required to have Active Air Suspension

All cars delivered in 2012 are required to have Active Air Suspension


Sudre_ | June 5, 2012

I never assumed anything about the numbers we where given because I actually read the fine print and noticed it said I might not even get a car much less a place in line.

Telsa will have loads of configured cars sitting in our virtual garages. The stats for that will tell them how many will want air suspension and everything else. Sure they can't be sure those numbers will hold true but it gives them a good idea.

joesontesla | June 5, 2012

Yes price is very good but were i live road conditions are very bad road salt, sand when below -20c sometimes -40c bumpy roads, dirt, rain ... these systems are problematic under theses extremes conditions. Even if the option is free i dont want to replace expensives shocks every 2 years because my car was become a low rider. If i lived in hot and dry climate like florida arizona or california no problem i take it.

stephen.kamichik | June 5, 2012

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Brian H | June 6, 2012

Mark2131 | June 5, 2012
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Brian H | June 6, 2012

stephen.kamichi... | June 5, 2012

Even if Marilyn Monroe was dressed in burlap, I would enjoy undressing her

If she was wearing burlap, she'd probably help! The only fabric that's worse than denim ...

Brian H | June 6, 2012

Sorry, blew the tags:

stephen.kamichi... | June 5, 2012

Even if Marilyn Monroe was dressed in burlap, I would enjoy undressing her

If she was wearing burlap, she'd probably help! The only fabric that's worse than denim ...

VolkerP | June 6, 2012

When Tesla introduces standard suspension not earlier than 2013, I assume that there are severe constraints for that, not just marketing considerations.

- requires re-engineering of the car
- requires changes to the manufacturing line

You just don't want to do these during any first product ramp up.

- supplier contracts

Tesla ordered 5,000 from Continental and they cannot afford to have them lie around for months.

- price target missed for base model

Some stated the opinion that Tesla made the tech package an option to keep the base model below $50k. Doing the same with the air suspension makes sense, but the standard suspension cannot be re-introduced to the production line as easily as omitting the gizmos of the tech package.

my 2c

wbrown01 | June 6, 2012

Thanks VolkerP. Okay I agree and you make a lot of sense. But, Tesla should have been honest with us from the start instead of saying reservation numbers less than 5,000 would have delivery in 2012. I had sales people tell me that at events. That of course was false and maybe the sales persons were not even aware of it. They made a calculation here and they were right on because I will pay that price and I do what the option. The issue was I had to cut off the price at some point and that was one of the options I know I could do without. I am out of my league here I am a middle income person who made the decision to buy this because I have made some predictions and calculation that makes this a good deal; I drive 80 miles roundtrip to work and I expect gas to rise. I am saving up my down payment so I have enough down to keep the payment at 1,000/month. So any addition means I need to save up more. I can’t take another surprise.

Brian H | June 6, 2012

Advertise yourself as an Electric Limo Service for $200/hr. Half a dozen jobs or so and you're clear!

Brian H | June 6, 2012

Correction: 8 or 9 jobs (hours) or so. Make it 10 to cover incidentals.
Then limit yourself to 5 or 6/mo. to cover the payments.

Mike_ModelS_P457 | June 6, 2012

I may sound like a broken record here, but I do see deep transparency in how Tesla has operated. Does that equal complete transparency? Nope. Should that even be an option..? Probably not.

I have had a reservation since the first week (P457!), and am a shareholder. That this came out in a strangely obscure way I see as a fail, but I don't think it warrants the vitriolic posts I keep seeing.

Let's stop for a moment and consider the facts of the situation; the tooling, testing, etc has bee on-going for months. If they are making a call you either accept it was based on a good reason, even if it wasn't the original plan, or you presume they are screwing with us, their early adpoters.

Basically, the assumption they are screwing with us is absurd. It is in their best interest to please the early adopters and the shareholders as often as possible. That doesn't mean they can do it all of the time. Reality is tough, get over it.

I'm not pleased about the air suspension date, but it is a reality, and that is that.

Mycroft | June 6, 2012

I agree with the assessment that it was a combination of purchasing the parts in the best price/quantity they could manage and the line setup issues. These probably couldn't have been foreseen until they actually ordered the parts.

ddruz | July 13, 2012

When you are driving around a corner at high speed does the active air suspension raise the car slightly on the outside of the arc and/or lower the car slightly on the inside of the arc to help compensate for the centrifugal force? I realize Model S rides flatter than most any other car but am wondering if the active air suspension has anything to do with it or whether that's primarily a function of its very low center of gravity. For folks without the active air suspension will the cornering still be as flat as for those with the active air suspension?

Brian H | July 13, 2012


Yeah, somewhere I asked earlier if the air susp. did a "motorcycle lean" into the corners. If so, I'd love to see video!!

Timo | July 14, 2012

One of the REFUEL videos you can clearly see that none of the Model S did motorcycle lean, they all acted just like any other car (just roll was very small). I bet some of those had air suspension.

Teoatawki | July 14, 2012

The flat handling is really a feature of the low CoG. No reason passive suspension shouldn't handle the same.

Mark K | July 14, 2012

Oversimplification: Handling = cornering + ride smoothness

Low Cg drives cornering performance.

Air suspension technology drives ride smoothness.

An S without Air Suspension will still corner great, but will ride rougher (like any other car with vs. without Air).

Because the S is already so amazingly quiet and vibration-free, the Air Suspension finishes the job, and lets it reach its potential.

Including Air produces a magic combo, and elevates the driving experience relative to the previous state of the art.

At 1,500 it is also unusually low-priced relative to competition.

Teoatawki | July 14, 2012

Of course you are correct, Mark. I should have used "cornering" in my previous remark.

ddruz | July 14, 2012

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