App that searches for hotels with EV charging?

App that searches for hotels with EV charging?

Do any of the ev charging apps have a way to filter the results to only show hotels that have charging stations? That seems like a obvious function, in that most non-supercharging stops are going to be an over night recharge, Ie, hotel.

DouglasR | June 24, 2013

None of the apps do that natively. However, try this search on Google: +"Type: Hotel/Lodging" +"san diego"

substituting any city for san diego.

Also, take a look at some of the tools linked in the first post of this thread:

stimeygee | June 25, 2013

Wow that search was helpful. Although sadly didn't turn up that many hotels. What is that search actually doing? Is that all google or is there a way to search at recargo itself? And if it is google can I just substitute my own keyword terms to do similar? Ie "hotels" "CT" for Connecticut?

stimeygee | June 25, 2013

And if it is google, are there any other EV charging databases worth searching that way?

Alex K | June 25, 2013

@stimeygee | JUNE 25, 2013: What is that search actually doing?

Since Google indexes pretty much all publicly accessible websites, the above search directs Google to search its database for the site for the designated keywords. You can use any site and keyword with the above syntax.

AmpedRealtor | June 25, 2013

AAA has a map tool on their web site that will identify charging locations.

Reilly McHugh | June 25, 2013

@amped that's good to know thanks.

jeffaa | June 25, 2013
wcalvin | June 25, 2013

"Tesla-rated Hotel" is what we really want: one with at least six parking spaces with NEMA 14-50 outlets, with a reservation system for at least two of them.

The old public charging model, geared to the LEAF, is okay but we really want the 40 amp standard. And the better hotels will want to attract Tesla drivers more than LEAF drivers, so a Tesla-rated badge might get them moving.

DouglasR | June 25, 2013

The OP asked about hotels, not just charging locations. Unfortunately, neither Recargo nor Plugshare allow you to filter for hotels. The AAA map does not seem very useful for that either.

stimeygee | June 25, 2013

Does plug share have a google searchable database like recargo? Or does anywhere else?