Automatic air recirculation?

Automatic air recirculation?

I have asked this question at the Tesla store and can't get an definitive answer. Does the Model S offer automatic air recirculation when the air intake sensor picks up high concentration of air pollutants? I have owned several BMW's and their system recognises gases in the air from outside the cabin - carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and other pollutants in the surrounding atmosphere. If the concentrations are too high, the system automatically switches to recirculation for a time. The air in the cabin is processed and filtered by the climate control system. Air from outside is only reintroduced when the system detects that the level of pollutants has fallen. I love this system since I hate the smell of old diesel technology that can easily fill the cabin with noxious fumes.

Mike_E | July 5, 2013

I can't answer your question definitively but I think that it does.

I too have owned numerous BMWs with this feature so I know how it works there. In the last two days I have had to drive by a vacant lot where they are burning debris. Every time I have driven by it I get a very brief, faint smell of smoke then nothing. Therefore I believe the Tesla has detected the smoke and quickly switched to recirculating mode. It seems to me to be operating exactly as my BMWs did with regard to switching to recirculating mode.


stimeygee | July 5, 2013

Actually I've had the opposite experience. I read that it is supposed to sense pollutants. But driving through the Lincoln tunnel or behind big trucks in traffic I definitely get a smell
of fumes, very different from my BMW.

Mathew98 | July 5, 2013

@stimeygee - I just hold my breath whenever I go thru the Holland Tunnel...

How has your ride been holding up in pothole central? I notice my air suspension smooth out most uneven surfaces so far.

TS | July 21, 2013

If the S dont have this feature, they should asap add a SW GPS based function:
When entering tunnels (map based), the air resycling turns on.

TM, Please do so before you deliver the first 1000 cars in the small country of tunnels..!!!

nickjhowe | July 21, 2013

I assume it does, since the exterior/recirculate options have an 'auto' mode. Possible that it is only auto from an A/C point of view, but would be weird if it didn't have a pollutant sensor.

Robert22 | July 21, 2013

Having just returned from a six hour round trip on I 95 I can tell you that enough truck exhaust to gag a maggot entered my cabin. If an auto-switch to recirculate exists, it needs a sensor update.

Robert22 | July 21, 2013

Slightly OT question:

In this heat has anyone noticed that the A/C starts to groan like a sink disposal on a high fan setting I.e. 8-10 when on for a half hour or more? This happens periodically and sounds like the fan motor is running away. Eventually it slows down but the increased vibration can actually be felt in the steering wheel. If anyone else has experienced it I'll start another thread, if not I'll have service take a look. Thanks

nickjhowe | July 21, 2013

@Robert22 - I asked service about that the other day. They say it is "normal". Not very normal if you ask me.