AWD Only

AWD Only

Of course this is already old news, but the Model X page has now been updated to indicate that it will only be available as all wheel drive. Naturally I am not complaining, but I thought to point it out.

Webcrawler | November 13, 2013

I wonder how that will affect the base price?

ian | November 14, 2013

It will likely push it higher.

rudy | November 22, 2013

There is an error on the model x web page... Dual motor is called optional in the 'grand performance' paragraph. Not a big deal, but should be cleaned up... Also, time for an update on model x status... No?

NumberOne | November 22, 2013

From what Elon said when he announced that the Model X will (initially) only be offered as AWD it appeared that that fact does not increase the price much probably less than 5% more than the Model S with similar options such as Air Suspension, Tech Package, 60 or 80 kWh, Performance or not, etc. So I do not expect the Base Model X to cost more than $75k, but this of course is pure speculation, so we will see when the time comes. It would be great to see the design studio for the X up and running.

sosmerc | November 25, 2013

I believe AWD is the way to go in an SUV that will be competing with the likes of AUDI, Porsche, BMW, Lexus, etc. I also believe that it should come standard with a trailer towing package that is competitive.

AlMc | November 29, 2013

I will be shocked (happily) if the base price on the model X is 75K. I would expect in the 80's easily with one with all the bells and whistles topping out over 120K

bodaddy | December 8, 2013

What exactly was wrong with rear wheel drive only? Not fast enough? What?

Webcrawler | December 8, 2013


I doubt there was anything. Wrong with it, but they probably decided that there would not be enough demand for the single drive unit to justify the extra design/production cost associated with the option....

Jolinar | December 9, 2013

It's probably just marketing stuff. Dual-motor AWD is probably very cheap and very powerful solution so they want everybody to experience what dual-motor can make.

ian | December 9, 2013

Yup. Same reason they killed the 40 kWh battery option in the S. They likely don't see enough demand to justify the extra production costs.

ian | December 9, 2013

Or, said differently, they want to maximize their profit on the platform so they are going to eliminate the cheapest option. Exactly like they did with the 40 kW S.

Correction on previous post, that should have read 40 kW, not kWh.


Brian H | December 9, 2013

lowest margin, lowest demand, with higher setup and battery costs? What would you have done? Not a good use of resources, IMO.

ian | December 9, 2013

I'm not saying they did anything wrong, especially as a stock holder. Tesla absolutely made the correct decision and the folks that got the 40 kW cars got a great deal.

Did they make a good decision on killing the 2WD X? Hard to say since they don't know how many people would have bought them. The RWD platform is already in production though so the cost argument is kind weak there. Of course they'll get more profit on the AWD models of both the X and the S.


Brian H | December 9, 2013

Surely they did focus groups? ;)

ian | December 9, 2013

I'm sure they did since we know how Elon likes focus groups! Haha!

danej | December 28, 2013

It doesn't sound like it's AWD only:

"Model X is offered with optional Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive. The second motor enables more than all-weather, all-road capabilities: it increases torque by 50%. When outfitted with AWD, Model X Performance accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds, outperforming the fastest SUVs and many sports cars."

ian | December 28, 2013

Why don't they show the rear wheel drive under "Drive Options" any longer then?

Scroll down a bit further.

blue adept | December 29, 2013

Granted, I know that the Model X is more so specifically designed with the "Soccer Mom" in mind, but I really cannot wait to get my hands on one so that I can put a lift kit under it, throw some 32" all terrains on it, add a wince, some bumpers, wheel well flares, and perhaps some additional protective body armor components, and see how it fairs in an off road environment, albeit a mild one, maybe just some trails but, you know, I'm really just curious about what it would look like as an off road vehicle.

What can I say? I like Nature.

Brian H | December 29, 2013

They decided to ditch the RWD option, and haven't got the site fully updated yet.

krissu | January 14, 2014

The text tells that AWD is optional and the diagram shows only AWD. I see really few people going for the RWD and usually the producers do it only to show low base price. If Tesla does it like the industry, there will be a nice premium for AWD vs RWD or we can put it also, that the RWD will have nicely better price to attract customers with lower base price. Very big part of the buyers, like me, look only for advanced green technology, something cool and put less attention to price. "Max out" button is a very expensive click when ordering the car... I see a 5k premium for RWD vs Model S and AWD adds another 5k. Tesla, with model E vs oil industry and their influence in politics will be the battle of the future determing the price of TSLA.

Overload in CO | January 15, 2014

Just saw the Tesla video where they say that we don't need AWD, showing the winter performance of the S. Wonder how many people that will sway from getting a model X to S?

NumberOne | January 15, 2014

In my case, I have a driveway that is a 12+ degree incline, and on snow, no car can get up without AWD. If you are driving on a road with a slight slope however, there should be no problem. I also need the seating in the Model X, and the Model S just is not quite big enough for my purposes.

I do not thing many will sway because people want certain things, that only the X can offer, such as being a little higher up. Also, people will want AWD because they believe they need it, even if the opposite is proven.

Brian H | January 15, 2014

With good tires, many have disproven your statement. Aim uphill, floor it, and the TC gets you up, even if you have to creep slowly part of the way.

jjs | January 16, 2014

I just did what Brian described the other day. Sheet of ice, steep incline, floored it to see how the traction control would work. Very quietly, I crept up the hill (well the car did) completely in control. O, and I have 21" continental high performance tires that are supposed to be (and are) poor in snow/ice. TC on this car is impressive.

barrykmd | January 16, 2014

Driveways are one thing. Highways and highway speeds are another. RWD is simply inferior to FWD and AWD. Been there, done that.

NumberOne | January 16, 2014

My main reason for the Model X is the fact that it seats 7 adults, but I like the idea of having at least one AWD vehicle, and this will be replacing my F150 anyway.

Remnant | January 20, 2014

I've noticed the differentials are heavy mechanical units.

Why can't the differentials be just electronic, with 2 motors (right and left) per axle?

One could even fathom axle-less designs, with the symmetrical wheels decoupled, like casters.

Skotty | January 21, 2014

RWD is inferior in certain traction situations, but superior to FWD for performance. AWD always has a traction advantage no matter how good your RWD or FWD traction control is.

The Model X is not just for soccer moms, and the association is making me want one less. There are plenty of reasons to possibly want an X over an S. Ground clearance being a big one, especially in areas where people worship trucks and road crews build huge speed bumps and ridiculous driveway slope changes. I'm not sure an S can clear some of them.

CurtisP | January 22, 2014

For anyone skiing in California, the debate about which provides better traction is largely irrelevant. When it snows, CHP puts up chain controls and my choices are: 1) drive an AWD car, 2) crawl around in the slush for half an hour to put chains on or 3) pay someone to crawl around in the slush for half an hour.

I grew up in Minnesota driving rear wheel drive cars without chains and without traction control, but that doesn't get me by chain control. While I would much rather have an AWD S, I will take an AWD X over anything with combustion.

As an aside: Driving in the mountains of CA every winter weekend I am amazed by the number of drivers who seem to believe (by their speed) that AWD improves braking ability. The number of them I later see in the ditch confirms my belief that it does not.

ian | January 22, 2014

+1 CurtisP.

Chains or AWD (4WD) required here in Washington mountains too. Current car is a Subaru and they just wave me by.

Epley | January 24, 2014

@LeonardD Have you tried driving a Model S up your driveway? It's pretty amazing how this car performs in the snow.

@CurtisP Totally. AWD does not mean you can stop on snow or ice. Totally annoys me when these cars blow by at high speed thinking they are invincible.

ian | January 24, 2014

It's called all wheel DRIVE, not all wheel STOP. ;-)

David70 | January 24, 2014

Well, it is all wheels stop (or at least all wheel slide), but then every real car has brakes on all its wheels.

NumberOne | January 24, 2014

@Epley not with 2 or more inches of snow on it, but the most important thing to me is the seating capacity anyway.

NumberOne | January 25, 2014

Just looked at the Model X page again and it has been updated to reflect Dual Motor AWD as standard.

Malibu_Two | February 11, 2014

Seeing as this SUV is being design without the ability to carry camping gear up top - essentially as a city car - I don't understand the need for AWD. Won't this negatively affect range?

NumberOne | February 11, 2014

From what I understand the general shape of the car will have a greater impact on range than the AWD motor. AWD is very handy in snow.

Think about getting onto a main road from a side street, as I recently experienced, with oncoming traffic. Even if oncoming traffic is around a curve that can't be seen, one must still be certain to gain sufficient momentum before other cars appear. Not something that I use every day, but I am glad that I do have a 4WD truck. Also on a wet road, AWD is better. Is it essential? No, but an AWD Tesla will perform better than a RWD Tesla in certain conditions.

Iowa92x | February 11, 2014

Surprises me that people that can afford $100k vehicles don't understand tires, RWD and AWD.

Rear wheel drive with snow tires will accelerate, turn and brake more effectively on snow and ice than all wheel drive with all season tires. Go to and learn if you don't believe me.

The Model X will only be offered in AWD. My opinion it isn't necessary and adds unneeded weight, complexity and range reduction vs. RWD. Elon said Tesla has made the X very efficient and range penalty is only 10% compared to the S, mostly due to higher coefficient of drag.

Brian H | February 14, 2014

The motors are not the same as in the S; likely 2 at 2/3 the power and weight. It should not add much weight. One S motor weighs about 130 lb. Don't know if each requires a dedicated inverter; probably not.