Battery failure on the Roadster

Battery failure on the Roadster

I have a 2008 Roadster with 20,000 miles that needs a battery swap out to a battery with similar use but repaired. It's due to a sensor failure that has something to do with balancing the charge in all the cells. $5,000, not covered! Not good! That's like having a blown engine in a gas car in terms of cost!

DHrivnak | February 10, 2014

I agree not good, sorry to hear that.

JohnW | February 11, 2014

Great news ! Tesla is fixing the problem at no cost! A great company gets greater!

DarrellH | February 11, 2014

That is great news JohnW. Tesla is an amazing company.

kent | February 14, 2014

That's amazing customer service. Tesla is proving every day how to be an outstanding car company.

Brian H | February 14, 2014

Are they replacing parts or battery, or remedying the balance?

Brian H | February 18, 2014

Previous "paste" of this bipolar manic nonsense was killed. So will this one be. 5, 4, 3, 2, ...

schnitt | June 5, 2016


I am having a similar problem as you with my 2010 Roadster Sport with 33.000 miles. The car is currently unusable as it will not get me to a destination and back on one charge. Tesla wants $10971.96 to replace my batter pack with a reconditioned one and give me a ONE YEAR warranty. I would love to have further dialogue with you as to how they agreed to stand by their product in your case. My e-mail is if you see this message and would be so kind as to respond.

erik | October 6, 2016

Hi There, I have a sort of simular problem. My 2012 roadster has a battery problem, they can fix it for 11K, now they offer me a 6K deduction, but still its not a gradual wear. Its a construction failure... cant expect that now can you?

so... what are your thoughts on this?

Jessie | March 20, 2017

Just to bring this current... My Roadster 1.5 just went in as the coolant pump decided to run continously, and the radio would not shut off. I just got a preliminary call advising that 4 of the 11 sheets were bad in the battery and did I want to buy a $29k 3.0 battery. Whelp, since financially that isn't in the cards at all, i'm now waiting to hear the cost of repair [swap out] of my current battery. I live near the Fremont Factory, so I'll update this thread when I get some numbers and info on what Tesla is offering in terms of repair options. The car has only 21k, and was charging to 169 Ideal miles.

roo37 | April 23, 2017

I had my battery swapped out in 2015 for $4800. it had a seal failure so water got into the battery.