A Better Place Switching Station?

A Better Place Switching Station?

A question; Why not use the battery switching stations that A Better Place has?
Then you don't have to worry about supercharging and waiting 30 minutes.
To change the battery takes only 5 minutes under their system.

Volker.Berlin | September 28, 2012

There has been an extensive discussion here:

And some aspects of battery swapping have been rehashed in the context of this thread on the superchargers:

That's a start... Maybe you want to add to one of those threads.

space09 | September 28, 2012

@Andrew Costello: In summary, Better Place batteries are not compatible with Tesla Model S and have too few kWh (Tesla packs are 40, 60, and 85 kWh). Further, the Model S isn't sold without the batteries, so customers will already own a battery which is a huge part of the value of the car. Swapping only makes sense when you don't own the battery because then you don't care as much if you get swapped an older pack that has poor range.

Tesla Model S batteries can be swapped quickly, though, if you have the right equipment.