Blind Spot Illumination System

Blind Spot Illumination System

Test drove the Tesla today in Dallas - awesome. The only possible upgrade I would like to see is a Blind Spot detection system. Anyone aware if this option is in future plans?

J.T. | May 12, 2014

@TeslaTap As you know full well there are more than a few pedantic personalities on this forum, and Brian H has yet to chime in on this thread. :-)
The OP's question is fairly asked but has only one possible answer: We don't know.

The problem is, and it's a great problem, is that with over the air updates Tesla has put every possible software enabled option into play. Anything is possible and it follows that every debate is inevitable.
1) Tesla can do it
2) I want it
3) Tesla should do it
4) What's taking so long?

It's a problem unique to Tesla.

Pungoteague_Dave | May 12, 2014

The fanbois can't stand it when Tesla adds a feature that they think is unnecessary or silly or simply wrong if you are a competent driver. They went nuts when TM added parking assist, and their heads will pop off when the adaptive cruise control goes on the option list later this year. They condescendingly say things like newbies don't get the ethos that is Tesla design, not realizing that the requested features are not there because TM hasn't gotten around to it yet, not that TM chose to exclude them from the car. These people probably also opposed safety glass, padded dashboards, seat belts, air bags, crumple zones, etc. Why have those when you won't have an accident if you keep your eyes open and drive safely?

What these folks miss is that bad auto events are called accidents for a reason - people are human and do stupid things, make mistakes, get distracted etc. In a perfect world, people will not do these things, but reality intrudes. Traffic deaths are down dramatically because of electronic nannies like ABS, traction control, and yes, adaptive cruise and automatic braking systems. You may not think that YOU need it, but the world is a safer place because it is on OTHER drivers' cars. Friggin luddites. | May 12, 2014

J.T. - Yep - I did a poor job of answering the question :) I like your progression - so true!

My guess is blind spot detection or similar safety features will appear in the next 12 months. I have no inside info, but it's now required by the IIHS to get their highest safety ratings. So adding it may make it the safest car under the IIHS requirements too, which would be a nice plum for Tesla.

J.T. | May 12, 2014

One nanny that would make a tremendous impact is one that prohibits texting from inside a car in drive or reverse. Of course, this will never be introduced because it will not increase sales. It won't be considered a feature it will be considered medicine.

NOLEK SUM | May 12, 2014


As usual, you hit the nail right on the head. The fanbois-and we all know who they are-they are about five or six guys-are truly pathetic. They refuse to acknowledge that other people have opinions and feelings which are valid for them. Telling people their feelings are wrong or they are not entitled to them-they must be really rotten parents.

Why in the world do I care about the visibility from a Mustang or a Camaro or a challenger? What the hell is that relevant to?

We bought the car, we love the car, we are free to have opinions about the car, and you can't deny them. Get over it nykta, And for gods sake get a life.

J.T. | May 12, 2014

@Gadfly and PD Can we have the whole list of fanbois? BTW re: NKYTA. Like Arthur Miller said, if he is one then there are none. Still, if you deem NKYTA a fanboi I would be honored to be counted with him.

Bighorn | May 12, 2014

It's only fair to enumerate Gadfly (aka Trekkie Not aka AampedRealtor, etc) and her Trekkie friends, in that case. Is this where we all say "I am Spartacus!"? Anywho, calling out NYKTA as pathetic is pretty ridiculous and desperate. I'd love to see the half-dozen fanbois gadfly deems unworthy.

renwo S alset | May 12, 2014

PD. I am glad you have categories for others like "Friggin luddites"
Let me quote you from one of my previous posts

"My biggest problem with exorbitant displays of luxury is working with laborer employees. Some are new Americans from south of the border, others are ex-cons and/or people with less than high school education. It is a tough balancing act keeping labor costs for people who clean, count and sort oysters inline while driving a car that costs five tines what they can make in a year. Especially when we have to tell them to put cardboard under their cars so they don't drip oil on our driveway and parking area. Most luxury car owners tend to not know how the real world lives. Our immediate oyster company employees, with one exception, live in trailer parks or shanties, yet come onto a waterfront farm every day and see their boss drive high end cars, collect antiques, sail a yacht, ride a collection of motorcycles, ATV's, etc. My wife and I do put on waders and get muddy with them from time to time, but they know we have a choice, for us it is a hobby, for them it is a lifeline. That also know their chance of ever riding in a Tesla is zero, and no hope of owning one."

For you I have a special category "Friggen jerk" works for me

Pungoteague_Dave | May 12, 2014

@vin - Nice curtailing of what I wrote. Characteristically, you take a selected snippet out of context and turned my very point upside down. What I was talking about in a much longer thread is the bad feeling that a lot of people, especially my wife and me, have about how the real world lives - that those of us who own Teslas live in a world flashes perceived wealth in front of people who only aspire to what we have - we are not the real world. I was pointing out that I have some personal unease/guilt about the obvious displays of financial differences between those driving a Models S and having a good lifestyle compared to the 62% of the people in our country who live in homes that were delivered behind a truck. But you apparently can't understand reality or my original point anyway. I was also pointing out the futility of the idea that EV's can ever be widely adopted or that they will generally replace ICE transport in the U.S., where most people live messy, unorganized lives, and can barely afford used cars (the average age of cars on U.S. roads is over 11 years and the average value is under $10k).

BTW, it wasn't me who criticized NYKTA. I don't call people specific names here (did it one time, apologized, won't happen again).

Pungoteague_Dave | May 12, 2014

BTW, when's the last time you have bailed one of your employees out or jail, or paid for their kid's cleft pallet repair, or paid their child support for them, or paid next year's college tuition for a dying employee's kid, or loaned an employee money interest-free to buy a car? I can give you many more examples, but those are what my wife has done on the farm in just the last week. She is the most humble person I know, the antithesis of some of the jerks around here - we are way more grounded and close to the gritty, messy real world than many. We see it every day in concrete ways.

NKYTA | May 12, 2014

BTW, it wasn't me who criticized NYKTA

@PD, while not exactly a ringing endorsement, thanks.

The fanbois can't stand it when Tesla adds a feature that they think is unnecessary or silly or simply wrong if you are a competent driver.

Wasn't it I that got the old jtodtman@ to almost spit up his coffee when I was being whiny about the parking sensor release after I had my car? Am I happy that I have an A battery, nope. Am I happy that Tesla didn't tell me that my battery version can't take the new 120kW SuperChargers, nope. Do I want to know if the faster taper at SC speeds will work with my A batt, yep...but I've heard nothing. I'm hoping Simon gets on top of the communication issues they've had this last year.

I want new features for my Models, I don't demand them like a petulant @Gadfly does.

@JT, thanks for the quote and the sentiment.
@Bighorn, thanks as well. I'm thinking of becoming NKKYTA, thoughts? ;-)

They refuse to acknowledge that other people have opinions and feelings which are valid for them.

Well first of all, if you are an owner, you bought a product. If you don't like the product, sell it and buy a different one. Or don't.

It is fine if you ask for something in this forum, but wouldn't it be better to use the better avenues we already have in place? The PSEL,, TMC, email ownership?

The fact that you have "opinions and feelings" about what features should be in the Model S speaks volumes. I never said you weren't allowed opinions and feelings on what you'd like to see the Model S have.

Remember that other owners have different views and Tesla (as a company) is trying to build a car that "lots" of people will like. Not a car that you alone will cherish.

It is a business, pure and simple. If you think you can do better, do so.
I think @PD, who runs his own business would say the same thing.

If you want to change the business, buy 51% of it.


NO2PTRL | May 12, 2014


I to feel pangs of guilt from time to time, but Elon keeps telling the press that the MS is the perfect car to have if a zombie Apocalypse breaks out, so I hold my guilt in check, and keep a keen eye out for strange looking people!

P.S. If I need a devise to alert me to the fact that I am to close to a pedestrian, I shouldn't have a licenses.

Brian H | May 13, 2014

too close

For your zombie collection:

J.T. | May 13, 2014

I've heard many people have dislocated their shoulder by patting themselves on the back too vigorously.

Don't know what made me think of that.

church70 | May 13, 2014

I find this thread a bit embarrassing who knew such a simple question would turn into this crap
I'm sure one day this option will be available nobody knows when Tesla might not even know right now

NO2PTRL | May 13, 2014


Nice zombie video, now I know why I bought my MS, so I can escape the mall, to funny!

jai9001 | May 13, 2014

On another note, I have blind spot detection system on my Audi. I think it is a worthless feature and would love to see if there are any studies confirming that it prevents accidents.

To make matters worse, it stopped working 6 months ago and Audi wants 2000 to fix it. I politely said no!!!

jdb | May 13, 2014

I have had blind spot warning on Volvo XC60 for years and also find it generally useless. So much better and safer to actually look over shoulder before changing lanes. But what I really want is for the other idiot drivers who change lanes without warning and without turn signals, to have it as required equipment in their cars-far more worried about them changing lanes into me without looking.

NO2PTRL | May 13, 2014


Maybe we need a tougher test, 5th or 6th grade level testing might just be the problem.
In the mean time, defensive driving is our only hope. Took my S out today and felt like an accident magnet. I love the experience of driving this car, but the sooner the human factor is taken out of driving, the safer we will all be.

Driving should deserve all of our attention, not texting, not talking on the phone, and not eating, and don't get me started on what that couple was doing on the freeway! | May 13, 2014

@NO2PTRL - Now I wish you had that dash cam video to show!

NO2PTRL | May 13, 2014

LOL, it was a sight indeed!