Bluetooth Phone Recognition Memory

Bluetooth Phone Recognition Memory

Can the tesla remember a cellphone (as, for example, my 2005 acura does), or is it always necessary to hit the touchscreen four times and then the cellphone one time before establishing a bluetooth connection? In other words, why is it necessary to have to instruct the car which phone to connect with every time, when the phone it is looking for is the one that is used in the car 100% of the time?

jat | January 29, 2013

I don't have this problem -- it remembers my phone (a GS3), and automatically reconnects and picks up the music right where it left off. On a couple of occasions, I have had to select "Connect" from the phone menu (probably would have automatically connected if I had just waited) but then it immediately connected and picked up where it left off.

Hills | January 29, 2013

My iphone 5 works (pairs) 80% of the time automatically. My flip phone won't work at all (ok, tried literally 100 times over 4 different days, worked once and then stopped working the next morning)

Margaret.kreeger | January 29, 2013

I have to reconnect Bluetooth connected media every day. It's an annoyance.

sandman | January 30, 2013

The behavior seems to be phone related. I have an old Samsung Galaxy S and it always tries to initiate the connection to the Model S. If I don't cancel this, the connection won't happen at all and sometimes the Model S starts trying to throw out new 6-number codes for my already registered phone. When that happens, I have to delete the entry and re-register the phone on the car. If it doesn't throw a new code, I have to manually walk the BT menus on the car to connect. If someone knows the secret handshake options I need to set to fix this behavior, I'll buy you an adult beverage.

I'd love for this to "just work" but I'm guessing I need(and secretly want a reason to buy) a new phone.

David Trushin | January 30, 2013

My wife and I both have RAZRs and they work fine. It connects automatically every time I'm near the car and disconnects when I leave it. The range appears to be very small which I like because my Jabra often grabs the phone when I'm in the house. I had a problem downloading contacts which I decided was operator error. The phone wanted me to authorize the transfer. I didn't notice that until I had waited about 45 minutes. Then they downloaded immediately. Also, the car can only have one phone active and this seems to be the last one it sees. But you can change just by pushing the button on the screen. Thing I don't like is that it lists recent calls from oldest to newest. If anyone knows how to reverse the order, I would appreciate it. | January 30, 2013

sandman, I also have a Galaxy S, and it often (always?) behaves as you describe. While a couple of years old, the bluetooth technology was fairly refined when the Galaxy S was made, but perhaps Samsung screwed up? I'm using Android 2.2 and it's been stable otherwise. Perhaps it is a good excuse to just buy a new phone! I'm waiting to see what the Tesla connection plan ends up being so tethering may be a critical requirement.

Hills | January 30, 2013

David Trushin: Can you tell me which exact model your RAZR is? My Samsung Convoy won't pair with Model S. Your RAZR should be older than my phone.

David Trushin | January 30, 2013

Mine is the newest RAZR 4G but not the RAZR MAX.

Hills | January 30, 2013

Ok, I misunderstood. You have the smartphone RAZR. I use iPhone 5 for all data, and flip phone for all voice. I do so much voicemail that need navigation of VM menu trees, and flip phone is far superior for that purpose. My Samsung won't pair, and Tesla has tried to help but not successful. Thank you.

weeandthewads | January 30, 2013

Everytime I get into the car my Phone asks if I want to pair with the MS.

David Trushin | February 2, 2013

Does anyone know if there is a way to reset the time on the phone feature. The car has the right time on the time display, and the phone I have has the right time, but recent calls all show up as being made 2 hours later than the current time. It's almost as if the phone software thinks it's on PST, knows the phone is on CST and converts the time it receives by adding 2 hours. weird.

portia | February 2, 2013

my iphone 4 connects automatically more than 90% of the time, but sometimes it doesn't.

TonyF | February 2, 2013

I have a Blackberry 9700 and I must reconnect each time I get in the car. I think it's a permission setting on the Blackberry - always asking if I want to connect to the Tesla.