Brakes, impressions?

Brakes, impressions?

After getting a reservation a few weeks ago, I went for a test drive yesterday in Zürich/Switzerland, and let me first start by saying that my mind was blown away by the power, first time in a test drive that I let a "holy ...." slip. And I drive a Corvette C6 on everyday basis, so used to (peak) power... but apparently not with this kind of delivery! Comfort was surprisingly good, size was not daunting at all, even in the streets of Zurich. On the negative side, some pronounced wind noise at highway speed and, more importantly, brakes were underwhelming, very spongy pedal feel and performance seemed a bit weak, from the 2 semi-hard braking efforts I attempted. Not a very quantitative conclusion, and I know that the car is heavy, but still... So, my questions to the forum would be:
- Are you experiencing the same thing with your delivered cars' brakes?
- Aware of any upgrade available?

The tested car was a US model from July 2012, according to the store guy.

lolachampcar | May 26, 2013

ABSOLUTELY no issues at all with the brakes on any of the three MS' I have driven. In fact, I would say just the opposite in that I find them extremely well done on feel, feedback and stopping power. Something is a miss with the car you drove.

lolachampcar | May 26, 2013

..... my P85 brakes work better than those on my Maranello!

cloroxbb | May 26, 2013

Since a lot of braking is done by Regen, the test drive car may not have had brakes that were broken in? That is a definite possibility.

lolachampcar | May 26, 2013

Brembos work well even when the pads have yet to be bedded in. In any event, they are not spongy when new.

stevenmaifert | May 26, 2013

Brought this up with a service tech who said the spongy pedal feel is normal. Has something to do with the workings of the unit that provides the power assist. I also own a Leaf and there is no such spongy pedal feel there.

Hills | May 26, 2013

My Model S was from early December, July 2012 is so early that I wonder if the noise problem you hear is from some gap not properly sealed. There have been hundreds of discussions on noise, and most of us don't have noise problems, but some do. There are so many factors that can contribute to noise.

As for the brakes, there are many steep roads where I live, and still I hardly have to use brakes because of regen, even going down a long steep road. So I don't have any issue with braking.

JohnnyMac | May 26, 2013

The Brembo's on my newly delivered P85 feel more solid than any of the brakes on my midsize 5 series or e350 sport and have no spongy feeling at all. BTW, if find that you almost don't even use them with Regen setting except for your last 5 mph (5-0) or in situations where you need to stop quickly. Quite a cool feature.

Dwdnjck@ca | May 26, 2013

This must be some kind of a joke. The breaks are awsome.