Bribery by another name, USA just the same as Russia

Bribery by another name, USA just the same as Russia

In this Bloomberg article it spells out how much money Governor Chris Christie has received from people with Car Dealership 'interests'. Then there is this line:

"Kevin Roberts, a spokesman for Christie, said the administration renewed Tesla’s sales license monthly for the past year as it gave the company time to lobby lawmakers."

Do they mean lobby = donations? Seems to me this is basically just bribery by another name. What is the difference of this 'lobbying' and 'campaign donations' to just handing over a brown envelope stuffed with cash to get the political whore to do a favour for you? Seems just the same as the corruption in places like Russia.

Politicians are just as greedy and rotten all over the globe it seems. Disgusted with this whole story, hope Tesla can win the fight.

holidayday | March 13, 2014

"Do they mean lobby = donations?"

Of course.

And the 11th hour change of course by the Christie administration shows that they are deep in the pockets of the auto dealers.

When this is shown for all the states that are trying to stop Tesla, then people will realize (again?) how corrupt their leaders are.

It shouldn't take Tesla to show how corrupt the politicians are.
It shouldn't take Tesla to show that donations by auto dealers create bad policy for the people of each of these states.
But I support Tesla and the people of each state against the car dealers and their payoff of politicians. Bad laws designed to hurt consumers should be shown with a bright light, advertised and spread by media.

Timo | March 13, 2014

As I understand this only difference between actual bribery and lobbying is that latter doesn't have actual agreement for the outcome, only the threat that money stops coming if you don't do what we want. Whole systems is quite corrupt.