Charging during off-peak hours

Charging during off-peak hours

Is there a way to program the car to accept charge after a certain time?
Lets say I come home at 5pm, plug the car in, but don't want charging to start until 9pm (because electicity is cheaper then)?

stevenmaifert | January 8, 2013

It's an advertised feature in Model S that is not available yet. Owners on Time of Use metering are not happy :(

Auto P85 | January 8, 2013

Actually, I have had a Nissan Leaf for 19 months and I exclusively use Time of Use Metering. I LOVE it. I live in San Diego, CA and I have a separate meter for my EV. I always plug my Leaf in when I come home and I know that it will never charge between noon and midnight (only because I programmed the Time of Use 'program' to work that way). So if I come home at say 3 p.m. and plug in my EV it will not begin charging until midnight, when the rates drop significantly. When I wake up the next morning it is fully charged.

Specifically, the rate from midnight to 5 a.m. is ~7 cents/Kwh ('Super Off Peak' as the electric company calls it) vs. something like 35 cents/Kwh from noon to midnight ('Peak' time). From 5 a.m. until noon the cost is ~15 cents/Kwh.

My point is for me it is perfect because I don't need to charge during the highest demand time (Peak) times and with a Tesla it would be even better because I would only charge during Super Off Peak time because during those five hours (midnight to 5 a.m.) I could more than 'top off' the batteries.

With the Leaf I originally only allowed the Time of Use to charge during Super Off Peak time but given the limited range of the Leaf (60 miles for me) I have been charging in the morning (~15 cents/Kwh) for the last six months. I don't use a lot of charge during this time frame, but sometimes if I come home around 10:00 a.m. and have driven say 15 miles that morning, I can fill it back up before noon (when I have programmed the charger to never charge).

When I calculate my MPGe I get around 160. My usage over the last 19 months has been that I have averaged almost exactly 1,000 miles per month and my electric bill is about $28 per month. Like I said, with the Time of Use program I participate in I was given a separate electric meter for just my EV.

Participating in the Time of Use program certainly impacts when I charge my car (which is exactly what the electric company wants).

I know I save money with this program and with a Tesla it would be even more ideal because 100% of my charging would occur during Super Off Peak time.


Brian H | January 8, 2013

He meant that TOU metered owners are not happy because its not yet workable with the MS. They will become happy, like you, when the app appears.