Charging at home in Denmark

Charging at home in Denmark


As soon as my wife has been persuaded, I am going to order a Tesla S 85kwh. I will get there soon.

However, I can not quite figure out the charging options and what to buy.

Basically I want to be able to charge the 85Kw battery in full in about 10 hours overnight. I also want to top off during the day as I have a large solar panel installation.

I have a standard Danish 220V installation in my garage. When I testdrove the Tesla, the rep said I could charge from this outlet. However this article says I can not charge from the standard 220V outlet. I can install 380V kraft or whatever else is needed.

So my questions are:

1. Can you charge from a standard Danish 220V outlet, yes or no. This could be ideal when visiting a friend.
2. If yes, at how many kwh/hour or how many km/hours?
3. I can install any kind of "ingoing" power in my garage. Do I need to buy anything special from Tesla for the car? the HPWC or double chargers or whatever in order to charge the battery in full in about 10 hours?

and lastly

Has anybody with knowledge of Danish gas prices, import taxes, car depreciation etc made a spreadsheet that calculates the cost of driving a Tesla compared to a regular ICE ? (Yes, I need a little more ammo for the wife discussion...)

Thank you!

pbp | July 25, 2013

Hello Legoland,

Answer to:

1: Yes you can, but be aware that it max will charge with approx 3,1 kW depending on the installation at the user.
2: Average output from 220V(240v) output will be 3,1 kW Charging a 85kw Tesla from scratch will take 30 hours.
3: Best is to install a 3 phase(400V) 16A IEC plug (11Kw), that will enable you to charge within approx 8 hours. Or better buy the dual charger option and install a 3phase 32A IEC plug. Approx 4 hour charging.

To convince your wife - go wisit Tesla Shop in Bredgade Copenhagen, they have a test car, and the job will be done :)



TS | July 25, 2013

The S is becoming quite popular in Norway, I belive more then 1000 is sold and will be delivered this year, including mine ; ) First deliveries begin in two weeks, and the first Tesla SuperCharges
I think our carprices and gasprices is about the same.
In the US the S is comperable with luxurycars like BMW M5 , MB 55amg.

In Norway:
Because other cars have tax from approx 50% to more than 100%, and electrical cars are totaly taxfree at the moment, the S is in short term no more expencsive then "normal" large family cars.

The total cost is impossible to calculate due to unknown secondhand value and batteryreplacement costs atter 8
Try the Norwegian forum:,7331.msg81005.html#msg81005

In another way, what will the value of a 2013 ICE (@ 500'DKK) be in some years if "The EV Revolution" becomes a fact..?

tobi_ger | July 25, 2013

It is nowhere said, that you'd need to replace the battery after 8 years. It will have less total charge capacity then, but might as well work for 12 years or whatever, we'll see... :)

Brian H | July 25, 2013

Note that at 70% capacity, an 85kWh battery is equivalent to a new 60kWh one, and most of its steepest decline is past. And by that time, the SC network should be fully built out, and easy to access.

davidg11 | July 25, 2013

Tesla's batteries are lasting longer than even Tesla beleived they would:

"Plug In America Research Shows That Tesla Roadster Battery Performance Bests Tesla Motors’ Own Projections

First-Ever Independent Assessment Demonstrates Strong Battery Life"