Contact with Tesla after Nov 1st

Contact with Tesla after Nov 1st

Has anyone on the West Coast had any success contacting their delivery specialist or Tesla in general outside of a showroom? Seems like a bunch of P85+ statuses changed to the factory is building the car and all human contact ceased!

Any similar experiences or ideas on why this might be?


jbunn | November 2, 2013

Due to a numerical miscalculation, the actual Mayan end of the world was November 1st. I presume the aliens have called them home.

SBerg | November 2, 2013

If your status has changed to "building your car" what is there to be bugging your delivery specialist about? Ours called midway through build to set up delivery, I sure didn't expect daily progress reports. Am Immissing the OP's point?

bonaire | November 2, 2013

The DS team should one-day write a book of their experiences dealing with customers :)

Gixxxerking | November 2, 2013

Well you'll just have to pardon me for not being familiar with the whole delivery process. You see I was told to expect the delivery on two different dates now and on one occasion told the order was cancelled before being told it was back on and they made a mistake. The book should be written but it needs to explain how they evolved the online non-traditional dealer experience from what it is today to one where buyers have visibility into exactly what's going on without all the confusion.


DallasTXModelS | November 2, 2013

Mine changed to Production the Tesla Factory is building your Model S today. I got a call from my delivery specialist telling me to email a clear copy of my drivers license to me and to select a date out of 12/10-12/12 for my delivery date. I told him I needed to take delivery on 12/20 and he set that as my delivery date.

Gixxxerking | November 2, 2013

Itay be a little impractical to video each customers vehicle as it's being built but what would be cool is this. At each stage of manufacturing Tesla could send an email and update the dashboard, automated of course, triggered by a scan of the VIN as it moved along through the process. In the email they could include a link to a YouTube vid of that particular stage and a factory person explaining it in some detail. Maybe even personalize the email such that it's as if the vehicle is communicating with it's soon to be owner about its progress.

lph | November 2, 2013

Gixxx. That would be cool.

Roamer@AZ USA | November 2, 2013

Building your car is not that romantic. Lots of parts and sub assemblies show up at just the right moment and the car gets put together rather quickly.

I have no interest in being bombarded with this level of detail. The web site status is perfect. A couple of steps then a delivery date. Could not be any easier.

I don't miss sitting at a dealer for hours getting sold warranties and desert protection plans then having some unskilled sales guy screw the tempory plates on with the wrong size screws using a power tool he is not qualified to operate.

I know we can envision Swiss watch makers spending days painstakingly assembling each car while wearing white cotton gloves. Reality is always a let down. At least the robots have numbers on them so that's kind of personal.

Gixxxerking | November 3, 2013


Of course Tesla Motors could add some production value to it. Think of the new iPad Air commercial where Cranson is doing the voice when a pencil in the foreground. It's things like this that not only set a special company apart but keep it there.


Gizmotoy | November 3, 2013

@ SBerg: I think the question was posed because 2-3 months worth of deliveries all went "In Production" on November 1st. Some as late as mid January are now listed as being in production, where previously that status meant your car would be ready for delivery/shipping in a week or two. | November 3, 2013

One problem with manufacturing a complex system like a car is a small percentage of vehicles will encounter an unexpected problem during manufacturer or delay due to a specific part that's unavailable. It might be a cosmetic flaw (paint, leather, etc.) or perhaps a component from a supplier fails or is unavailable. Now the car has to be taken out of the production line and the issue resolved. This is true at every car company. Sometimes the problem is just flagged as it is easier to deal with after the car is built, but before delivery.

Since most (non-Tesla) cars are shipped to a dealer lot, if one takes an extra 2-3 days, no one ever knows. When you build to order, any production delay changes the actual delivery date. You really do want the factory to deal with any issues if at all possible, so getting a small delay is far better than getting a car with problems that have to be fixed later.

So - getting a change in delivery date is not uncommon, but painful when you want your car sooner than later!

DallasTXModelS | November 3, 2013

So I didn't see the quest was for West Coast specifically.

Gixxxerking | November 4, 2013

Finally reached my DS. Decided to drive to the nearest SC. Told me he really doesn't know when the care is coming. Thinks it will take another month or so. There is a batch being built soon and my P85+ Will be in that group. Even still he said ignore the current delivery date on my dashboard as it's not accurate.

We agreed to sync up again later this week...

Gizmotoy | November 4, 2013

My DS said nothing special happened on the 1st. My car was still scheduled for my 11/26 delivery date, despite the website saying it's in production.

KWTESLA | November 4, 2013


Relax the day will come and it will likely be sooner than expected as it was in my case. I was planning on a 3 month to 6 month wait and it was 40 days . Consider it a time of testing or trial to see if you are worthy of such a fine car.

All the best to you later you will enjoy it even more now that you had to wait.