Delivery button to DS

Delivery button to DS

How long after Delivery button and Survey should I expect to be assigned a DS (Delivery Specialist)?

nachiappan | April 11, 2013

I have a delivery specialist for about 10 days. I will be receiving the car ithe day after tomorrow. I dont have a delivery button yet.

rodhoffman | April 11, 2013

5 days for me

Darkwax | April 11, 2013

I got the delivery button and completed the survey last Saturday (4/6). No email, DS, or any other communication for that matter to date.

crttnarayan | April 11, 2013

I also completed the delivery button questions last weekend. No communication from the DS.

ddruz | April 12, 2013

Don't know if this is typical but I had a Product Specialist before my Delivery Specialist. I was referred to my PS after emailing my Configuration Specialist with a question about when to expect my car.

My PS gave me a rough delivery window. A couple weeks later my Delivery Button showed up and after filling out the form I emailed my PS. He told me my VIN and walked me through the steps of getting insurance then paying for the car.

At that point I was assigned a DS who I emailed a couple times before he could refine my delivery window. My car has been built and my DS is now my interface during the shipping process until pick up at service center.

So in my case: Config Specialist --> Product Specialist, Delivery Button, Payment --> Delivery Specialist

(I'm in Hawaii, apparently a state where payment is require before shipping.)

mrothman | April 12, 2013

It sounds like nothing is standard. Delivery button on 4/5, button pressed and forms were completed within the hour. Email yesterday from delivery specialist, looked like a form letter because it told me to fill out the delivery button survey which as I said the delivery button is long gone because I filled out the survey six days ago. The email also listed the required info Tesla needs from me to send the final paperwork, and most importantly contained my VIN.

tylerhen | April 12, 2013

Also filled got the delivery button on 4/5 and filled it out right away. Haven't heard a thing from them, never even an e-mail to say go fill out the delivery form. I called on 4/10 hoping to get my VIN so I could start financing and they said they still don't have it, but to call back in a few days to check.

Darkwax | April 12, 2013

Not sure if it is the best way but I try to log into the app once in a while to check whether or not my VIN is available.

mrothman | April 12, 2013

Update from my prior post:
Delivery Button 4/5, Email from d/s yesterday with vin 4/11, final paperwork and first phone call from DS today 4/12, filled out paperwork. Scheduled for delivery in midwest 4/25. Still " no vehicle linked to this Tesla Account" in phone app. No Vin on my Dashboard just a notice that papers are complete and the "pay now" button is active. So if all goes as planned 20 days from delivery button to delivery including shipping.

crttnarayan | April 12, 2013

Delivery button to product specialist. Got VIN today. 60, std susp, tech pkg, grey, window last week in April

riceuguy | April 12, 2013

Just call and ask to speak with your delivery specialist. They're happy to oblige!