Detroit Edison $40 PEV Fixed Rate Plan

Detroit Edison $40 PEV Fixed Rate Plan

I have been looking into an interesting plan from DTE where they offer a fixed $40 per month rate for charging an EV. It was looking like this might be a really good option. It is limited to the first 250 people, and it is still available. Unfortunately, DTE is now telling me that they have issues with their Billing system because of how much energy a Tesla can use, and that they cannot offer me the program. Has anyone else had similar issues with their electric company?

Quote for DTE: "Unfortunately, we can not place Tesla's on Flat rate, as I mentioned before we have experienced to many billing problems to offer it publically. We are sorry for this inconvenience." - Lisa at DTE Energy Electric Vehicle Team

jat | March 14, 2013

If you can charge up 85kWh every day, that is a lot of electricity, so I don't blame them for worrying about it. Of course, few people are going to use even a third of that a day, but that is a risk they would have to take.

ViewAskew | March 14, 2013

Actually, when DTE sent me my pricing options they crossed that out from the start. I'm honestly not surprised....

Brian H | March 14, 2013

The amount of electricity required per day is a function of how much driving is done, not the car.

jat | March 14, 2013

@BrianH - yes, but with a small battery, there is a natural limit to how much driving you can do.

GoTeslaChicago | March 14, 2013

Actually, I think they could still come out ahead on a Tesla, even one driven a lot, as long as they required that charging take place between midnight and 6 AM, or on Sundays.

Pungoteague_Dave | March 14, 2013

Brian, since you are all about accuracy, the amount of electricity required per day is a "function of how much driving is done" AND the vehicle's weight and power conversion efficiency. A Leaf can go a lot forther per kwh than a Model S - it just can't go as far on a charge. The Model S is the "gas guzzler" of EV's because it is so much heavier AND more powerful.

Pungoteague_Dave | March 14, 2013

typo - further

negarholger | March 14, 2013

per EPA site

Nissan Leaf = 34kWh / 100 m
Model S 60kwh = 35kWh / 100 m
Model S 85kwh = 38kWh / 100 m

depending on your driving style it is much easier to drive the numbers up in the S then the Leaf.

Brian H | March 14, 2013

Yes, a difference of about 10%. Not in the same league as driving 200 miles vs 40 miles. That's what dominates the different demands.

Of course, MS owners love driving it so much that they will rack up many more miles, just because.

AMR | March 14, 2013

I've have also been dealing with DTE. They have a second option that is still avaible and a program to provide funds for instillation of charging equipment up to $2500.00. I signed up last week when my car was delivered.

olanmills | March 16, 2013

I guess I should consider myself lucky? $40 a month sounds like a lot. Unless you have a super long commute, that's not much of a savings vs gas.

AMR | March 16, 2013

The option that is still available is $1.25/ mo puls .04 /kwh off peak with a service charge of .04 /kwh. This includes covering the cost of instillation of a seperate meter and any charging equipment up to $2500.00. Guess we will see how it works out.