Don't drive your Model S without the protection!

Don't drive your Model S without the protection!

Picked up my Model S and I will not drive it until I have it custom wrapped with 3M (bumper) and XPel paint armor for hood (best combo over the Avery film). Those thinking about protecting your beautiful car, do your homework and don't install with the kit, but rather select the right person with the right experience and technique. I will post pictures if anyone is interested. I'm having the same guy in SF/Bay Area who installed it on my previous cars for the last 10+ years.

SD in the OC | March 22, 2013

I could not agree more. I wrapped my car in the XPel and it is the best. I live in Orange County and totally recommend Sean Heiland at . His number is 877-70CLEAR. Tell him Scott referred you.

kinkz66 | March 23, 2013


What was the cost to wrap the car?

jhuang | March 23, 2013

Just make sure the installer don't take short cuts or have the right tools, skills and experience to fully wrap the edges.

kingkoti | March 23, 2013


can you share where you got your car wrapped and how much

SD in the OC | March 23, 2013

"Like for like", about the same as the factory installation. I did a lot more including the rear bumper, full hood and spoiler. I also had the panels wrapped , so that you can't see the edges. They did not use the standard cutout on the mirrors, as an example, so that they could wrap the film around the edges. These guys are great. I want to warn you they probably are not the cheapest, but I highly recommend going to the best you can find, even if it may cost you a few hundred dollars more. The XPel material cost is more than the Avery to start with, but has a 10 year parts and labor warranty. This installer recommends Suntek and XPel. The XPel costs 20% more than Suntek.

jhuang | March 23, 2013

@kmellachervu, Mariano is his name and he's working on his craft the last 13-15 years. He can be reached at 408-476-332. He's working my Model S right now. I will upload some pics on before and after.

jhuang | March 23, 2013

@kmellachervu. Mariano cell is 408-476-3332. Best you talk with him and work on pricing - he's very fair and you get what you pay for. Most installers/shops want to get u and out. He's taking 2 days to work on mine with proper set up and preparation to achieve the best result/quality.

GettingOldFast | March 23, 2013

Can u still wax your car after applying the shield? Or is it no longer necessary? I love that "just washed and waxed" look and feel on my car.

jhuang | March 23, 2013

@gettingoldfast, Yes you can. I've used a German Polymer product called Klasse - easy to put on and wipe off. Stay away from the cheap stuff Turtle Wax!!!

jhuang | March 23, 2013

Work in progress..full hood cover with edges carefully rolled and wrapped.

jhuang | March 23, 2013
Earl and Nagin ... | March 23, 2013

As a 4 year Roadster driver with over 55K miles, I will highly recommend the armor (factory or after-market). It has paid for itself several times if you compare its price with body work from road wear.
Also, California drivers might want to get separate pieces of armor to afix carpool lane stickers to. You'll then be able to remove the armor with a hair dryer if you want to without paint damage.

silenus136 | March 23, 2013

Anyone have a Los Angeles - preferably west LA, Santa Monica area- recommendation for paint armor installation? Thanks in advance for any replies.

Earl and Nagin ... | March 23, 2013

I'm not sure whether they do but Avio Coach Craft, 2245 Pontius Ave, Los Angeles, CA, (310) 312-1128 does the body work for Tesla Roadsters and seems to be top notch. They are a high end place that specializes in exotics so you might be able to get just as good a job at a more down-to-earth body shop.

Captain_Zap | March 23, 2013


gene.cook | March 24, 2013

I have a pearl white car. Are there any versions of this tech that don't yellow? That's my understanding of why it's not offered by tesla. Would also welcome any bay area suggestions. Thanks very much.

DouglasR | March 24, 2013

@gene -- who says it's not offered by Tesla? Anyway, the XPel Ultimate has a ten year warranty against yellowing (among other things).

jhuang | March 24, 2013

I've had my Volvo XC90 and 911 with 3M and Xpel with no yellowing. Just finished having my S custom wrapped with 3M(hood) and Xpel and it's way better than the kit that Tesla offers. No lines what so ever! The key is having the right installer you can trust. This is that 6th time I've used the installer and he's probably the best in the SF/Bay Area. He's done done full wraps on Ferrari, Roadsters, and the likes. I think mine is the first Model S he's done and I tell, can't be more happy with the result. The best part, you can't even see the invisible bra - no lines, seams - it's like it's not there!

Sorry to sound like I'm promoting this installer, but I'm just very happy with the result and glad I didn't go with the kit or some other installer do may not have the skill to do the job right.

hfcolvin | March 25, 2013

I thought this thread was going to be something of a more salacious nature, e.g. "I always read about this but never thought it would happen to me ; then I got my Model S"

jandkw | March 25, 2013

I had my local shop (Tinted Atmosphere in Cary, NC) put on XPEL the next day my MS arrived and they did a very good job. XPEL is the best and the manufacturer has the material and labor warranty, although it is a little expensive. I did get a good discount from TA which they charged me $1200 for: Full Hood and Fenders, Bumper, Headlights, Mirror Backs, Roof, A Pillars, Door Handle, Cups and Edge Guards. Make sure you do the full hood or you will see the line (show up real well even for white color). I also had them do the tinting around the car, windshield and windows all around for anther $500. For people who live in the warm climate, tinting is one of the best investments.

gasnomo | March 25, 2013

My local Westchester, NY service center just point me to

Eddy Falcon
Eagle Guard LLC

He's coming tomorrow to wrap my car...i'll report back.

Lastrock625 | March 27, 2013

I just had it put on my pearl P85. And it looks fantastic. From a few feet, I could not even see that it was on.

elguapo | March 27, 2013

Anyone know of a good XPel person in the MD/DC/VA area? Appreciate any recommendations. Also asking on local forum.

rockyb | March 27, 2013

I am in montgomery county, MD and contacted the XPel recommended installers in Laurel and Annapolis but they have not responded. I will post back when I get more info.

bmwfan | March 29, 2013


Rob at Proform Protective Films in Ellicot City, MD does a great install of Xpel. I had him install Xpel on all the usual; front bumper, full hood, nose cone, side mirrors and fendors. I also had him do; both doors (hated the missing paint when someone dings you with their doors), behind wheel wells, and below lift gate in back.

In addition to the Xpel I Tint installed on all Windows. Blue 80 on the front windsheild and 40 grade on side windows and back hatch.

I am very very pleased with the results. Rob is a nice guy and will talk you ear off about cars, motorcycles, and boats. He does Expel installs for dealerships and race car teams. He has been installing for I know more that 15 years, but I forget the exact number.

I have no affiliation with Rob or Proform and will not receive anything for recomending him. He does a great job and is also a great guy.

He did another MS before mine, and after another MS owner saw mine being worked on by Rob, he asked Rob to take the Tesla installeed protection off his and give him the same install I had.

You can reach Rob (Proform) on 410-750-8370.

elguapo | March 29, 2013


Great, thank you for the referral. I have been leaning toward XPel (and totally agree re: door protection, BTW!), but haven't been able to connect with a good installer.

How long did the wrapping take?

bmwfan | March 29, 2013

I dropped it off at 11:30AM on Monday and picked it up at 7PM on Tuesday. It was ready before 7, but I could not get a ride till then.

Neech | April 3, 2013

Can anyone recommend a good place in the Chicago area?

kchenofficial2 | December 15, 2016

@jhuang who is the person that does your detailing? Can anyone recommend an auto detailer in the Bay Area?

Bighorn | December 15, 2016