Drive experience - Volvo V70 vs Model S

Drive experience - Volvo V70 vs Model S

My wife and I joined the Get Amped event in Belgium to have a closer look to the Tesla Model S and do a test drive (in a Model S Performance with air suspension and 19’wheels.
Pretty impressive. The car is pretty spacey and shows a sturdy feeling and a high level of finishing.
The test drive included a bumpy road of bricks. I still had to watch out for not speeding over 50 km/h.
After the test drive we took our own car (Volvo V70) for the same bumpy road.
Much more noise, much more shorter movements and much more longer movements. I had the tendency to reduce speed to 40 km/h or less and had to watch the speedometer to keep driving the 50 km/h.

A few details:

The quality of the cargo shelf in the read does not match the high standard of the rest of the car.
The hood is pretty light (aluminium, noise insulation because no engine), but also feels flexible and even vulnerable. Tesla people handled the hood carefully when closing it. While the trunk opens with a simple button and a beep.
The door handles felt like they were made of plastic

patrick.meier | February 13, 2013

Hello Jan,

Just wanted to offer some thoughts on your post.

In the past, whenever I changed vehicles, the new vehicle with unfailing certainty had some areas / things / functions that weren't as good as in the old one. The brand new Audi A6 had a very annoying squeaking noise emitting from the dashboard, which its predecessor, the Audi S4 didn't have. The AMG Mercedes stopped twice on the road, for different technical reasons. Something none of my Audis had ever done. The Jaguar XF's navigation system looked like they had picked it up from an antique shop in comparison with the 4 years older nav system in the A6. The radio in the Jag loses connection most of the time I drive into a tunnel (which is quite frequently the case where I live). But otherwise, and in general, it is a very, very pleasant car to drive and I really like what Jaguar managed to achieve after it was released from the claws of Ford.

I know that when I will take delivery of my Model S, there will be some things that previous cars I owned, or other current cars on the market in the same price range can do better than the Model S.

However, I my opinion this is not the point. The point is: All these cars, whatever they are, whereever they come from, in whichever pricerange they are in, are a thing of the past. It is rather like looking at a very well designed steam train engine, while boarding a high speed TGV train, isn't it?

Thus, the question is: Do you want to continue using ICE cars or do you want to be among the first people in a disruptive, game-changing process of other car manufacturers being forced to start offering serious alternatives to ICE vehicles? Do you want to have a heavier hood and door handles that feels different, or do you want to help reduce and eventually eliminate the amount of oil that is dug up, hauled across the planet, refined and then burnt in ways that destroy our environment?

As said, I appreciate the fact that some other cars can do some things better than a 2013 Model S. But the main thing the Model S can do, no other car in its league comes anywhere close to.

Hope to see you posting your reservation number soon ;-)



Logical_Thinker | February 13, 2013

I totally agree with Patrick.

jbunn | February 13, 2013


Im unfamiliar with the v70, but I have a c70, which is the 4 seat hatdtop convertable. Also a model s. They are similar in size and shape. Would a c70 comparison help?

jan.vanveen | February 14, 2013

Looks like I did a bad job in formulating my post.

The Model S outperformed the Volvo V70 completely and gave an excellent drive on the bumpy road. Much better than the V70.

The other remarks are details and more based on expectation level, not based on comparison with any other car.

Just read some other posts about WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor). Before the test drive she considered the choice for Model S as mine. Now there is no way back, she wants the Model S.

My reservation number is RN318710, hoping to get my Model S end of 2013.


@jbunn: I do not know the c70 from experience. Would think a convertable has another feel and maybe even noises because of more flex in the body.

jan.vanveen | February 14, 2013

correction: reservation sequence number is #1811

Vall | February 15, 2013

In one of the tesla videos, a tesla rep specifically mentions not to slam the front hood, because it can get deformed. Don't know if that's the case with other aluminum cars, like the audi A8 or the Jaguar XJ, seems strange tesla didn't reinforce it with some metal frame or something. If it proves to be problematic, they will probably fix it with the 2.0 model S.

DFibRL8R | February 15, 2013

I'm replacing a 2001 V70 T5 with the 60 kWh Model S which I have had for 11 days now. Only comparison IMHO is they both can seat 7 with the rear facing kid seats in both. On all other measures the Model S is a quantum leap forward. I think you will be happy with your decision.