Driver Profile - nothing to do with the row that doesn't fold

Driver Profile - nothing to do with the row that doesn't fold

Do tesla cars have driver profile? For example, driver 1 selects his / her profile and seats, mirrors temperature etc adjust to their liking? Same for driver 2 and so on?

Will appreciate any feedback from current owners.

Thank you

Mark Z | November 23, 2015

Yes! The driver profile is entered at the touch screen by creating and then touching the name of the driver from a drop down list.

Using valet mode helps prevent any changes to your personal settings when others park your Tesla.

ali | November 23, 2015

Thank you MarkZ.

primetime98 | November 23, 2015

Wow this was probably the most straightforward non controversial post in ages! A welcome relief!

Saxena | November 23, 2015

Will let's see if we can keep it going :-) The profiles are very nice, but we have experienced a little struggle with it since my seat profile is set practically all the way forward. It's then very difficult for my husband to be able to reach the center screen in order to select his profile after I have driven, since he can't fit in the car with the seat that far ahead. Would be nice if the car could detect who was approaching the driver side (perhaps could be configured in the fob) and automatically set to the appropriate profile. I know, the easy answer is that I should reset it to his profile when I'm getting out of the car - - but that never happens :-)

paradis | November 23, 2015

My previous Lexus cars had an option to have the driver seat automatically move either half way or all the way back when you turn the car off. Made it much easier to get in and out. I set it to half way so it didn't crush the rear seat passenger's legs LOL

Red Sage ca us | November 25, 2015

Most simply create a profile called 'EXIT' that moves the seat all the way back, and the steering wheel all the way up -- then select that as they get out of the car.

paradis | November 25, 2015

Thanks @Red. Now if I only had a car to create a profile in (:-)

Ross1 | November 26, 2015

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