Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility

My wife and I have owned and operated two Segway PT's for about three years now. We use them for short range errands around town which are too far to walk (no time to walk, anyway) and too close to drive. They replaced one of our two cars.

Besides the sheer fun of "gliding" as we call it, we feel very good about the "clean" aspect of electric-powered transportation. Though we realize the power company still has a carbon footprint, electric power seems to have proportionately less of a footprint.

Electric is so much cleaner and neater. No fluids to replenish. No lubricants to replace.

It's cool and quiet, as well.

So we're very much looking forward to our Model S and a more fully electric-powered transportation future!

Brian H | August 27, 2010

Yeah, the Segways are cool. Do you have the Model i, with LiIon batteries? I gather they have about twice the range of the NiMH ones.

Benz | September 30, 2013

That's a good idea. A segway for places where you cannot drive your Model S. But first the marketshare of EV's need to increase to a much higher percentage, I think. Then the belief in electric mobility will have been risen to a certain level that vehicles such as a segway can and will be more successful than that they are now.