Enhancements & Retrofits

Enhancements & Retrofits

My 12 volt battery is being replaced as I type as it is near it's end of life, I have about 9k miles on the car. While talking with the technician I was asking him about enhancements. He said the two things he had heard were power mirrors (no heated option) and the AC compressor being enclosed in something to dampen the noise. I was very glad to hear that.

He also confirmed what most have heard that parking sensors would not be offered as a retrofit option.

tnisbum7 | December 12, 2013

Ask them about the 5.8 1.49.30 software update. What did it fix?

bostoncde | December 12, 2013

He said the 1.49.29 came out last night and it was for little bug fixes, he did not know for what other than something with the power mirrors on the European models.

2050project | December 14, 2013

Some good aftermarket enhancements are coming too: | December 15, 2013

For the DIY crowd, you can also make a number of modifications such as adding parking sensors, lighting enhancements, and audio improvements. I wrote up detailed how-to instructions at:

Others have also provided their modifications in this forum and over at TMC forum site, such as adding a Dashcam. A Google search usually turns up someone that has done and described a mod you may be interested in.

kenj | December 15, 2013

I am hoping Santa brings the parking sensors option .....

2050project | December 18, 2013

Some other enhancements (aftermarket) here:

And, lots are reviewed here: