Fair Price for 14-50 Outlet Install?

Fair Price for 14-50 Outlet Install?

Lots of folks here seem to have some experience getting the 14-50 outlets installed in their garages, so I wanted to get some opinions on this. Is $621 (plus permit) a fair price to run a 25 foot conduit from the subpanel and install the 14-50 outlet? Is it close enough to fair given that our electric utility rebates half the cost upon delivery of the Model S (incidentally, the guys at Ausitn Energy test drove the Model S at the Get Amped event here and LOVED it)? Thanks!

HenryT2 | May 17, 2013

I just got mine done by local electrician, Prowire Electric, for $100. It's another $75 to have it inspected. Versus the $875 Mr. Electric quoted after seeing the 45 minutes worth of work.

I think Tesla is doing themselves a disservice by recommending Mr. Electric. Or at least they should provide a standard information sheet that you can give to your electrician and give the Mr. Electrican recommendation with the caveat that you may want to get a few quotes first.

tarheeltesla | December 25, 2014

$450 in Charlotte, NC - running length of house to garage

querich03 | December 26, 2014

$750 in Atlanta, Ga - Basement to garage.

SBR | December 26, 2014

$150 Austin, tx. 1 feet next to panel. Master certified electrician. He cut drywall and made it flush as well. Finished in 20 minutes with multiple interruptions with my chit chatter. No permit

neilhamrin | December 26, 2014

Well- I used the Tesla recommended guy and paid $1500. $120 an hour each for two guys. Hard to feel good about it. Minnesota metro area. My electric coop charges about half on the separate interruptable meter.

-Gman- | December 26, 2014

One of the 2 Tesla-recommended electricians quoted $850 and the other $450 (after both came onsite to inspect my panel and sub-panel).
[Austin TX]

jbmjbm22 | December 26, 2014

I paid about $750.