I just confirmed our order for our Signature Model X. So, why after this long wait, did I finally pull the trigger. In the face of delay upon delay and poor communication, why?

I have had a long time to consider an weigh all the facts. Read many of the threads/posts. Ultimately, it comes down to an earned faith in Tesla. Don't get me wrong I'm frustrated with the developments over the last few months. But when I look at the entire picture I find it reasonable to "double down" on my $40,000 loan to Tesla by confirming our order because:

- They make the best car in the world. (Currently own a P85 S).
- They make the safest car in the world.
- They are disrupting a 100 year+ industry ( Makes me cut them some slack.)
- They are growing quickly (Makes me cut them a little more slack.)
- They are constantly improving (Makes me cut them even more slack.)
- My experience with most all Tesla employees/departments has me believing they care deeply about their customers and their mission.
- Their vision and execution against that vision is expansive, breath taking and amazing. IMHO
- I want autopilot in a SUV. (Current S is too old. Does not have sensors needed for autopilot.)

My petty (not casting stones here, just my personal opinion) concerns regarding delay and communication pales in comparison to the herculean efforts underway at Tesla.

They simply have earned my faith in them. The glass is not only more than 1/2 full it is overflowing. It is just time I simply acknowledged it and acted accordingly.

So here is hoping that karma rewards this simple act of faith and the deliveries begin. Like, starting Monday! :)

To summarize: Buy a Tesla, be happy.

kittylitter | November 21, 2015

Welcome aboard! I configured as soon as I could due to the same reasons. I TRUST TESLA!

I could buy a Kia but I sure wouldn't be happy.

AlMc | November 21, 2015

@jjs: I am happy for you.

kittylitter | November 21, 2015

@jjs What was your reservation #?

Ankit Mishra | November 21, 2015

Well said.

jjs | November 21, 2015


Tedsla | November 21, 2015

A little faith can go a long way!

jjs | November 21, 2015

Yes, about 250 miles.

Red Sage ca us | November 21, 2015

750,000 miles of smiles to ye!