Finally! VIN number is showing.

Finally! VIN number is showing.

Our Order Number has been replaced with a VIN number for our Late September delivery of Red P85, Pano, Black, Tech, Winter Package. Still showing as sourcing parts. Can I get excited now?

Captain_Zap | August 12, 2014

Getting a VIN makes it real. I got excited!

Grinnin'.VA | August 12, 2014

Can you please tell us what the VIN number is?


Ron :)

nobueno | August 12, 2014

i know.. me too.. finally taking delivery 9/28 @ the factory

Drakester347 | August 12, 2014

when i got my VIN we were at Disney world. Definitely the highlight of the trip.... my daughter's happiness was a close 2nd. LOL

staze | August 12, 2014

Def a reason to get excited.

@Drakestar347, if my boys are any indication, the VIN will also be her happiness as well. The Tesla Grin is more like the Tesla Giggles with the kids. They throw their hands up like a roller coaster whenever I (safely) throttle of the line. I guess I can use the additional encouragement to very the Model S' reported torque figures on a regular basis.

gtr | August 12, 2014

@Grinnin', VIN53880

AndyHSoCa | August 12, 2014

@gtr - I got my VIN for my red P85 today too! #54052. Also confirmed a delivery date at the factory on 9/27. It's been a good day! But the wait continues...

Zyklus | August 12, 2014

52613, mine just showed up as well, late sept delivery

RNLass2 | August 12, 2014

You asked for VIN numbers. Why? Mine is 5YJSA1H1XEFP52418 and I just received a date. They moved it up one day to match my birthday so I owe many thanks for a great birthday gift. It will be a P85 arriving Sept 22.

julierca | August 12, 2014

Got mine today too! 53736 Teslagrinning all over the dang place.

gtr | August 12, 2014

My Target date is 9/27 in Van Nuys and I do hope they beat that date! Trying to keep my grin on the inside so I can concentrate on being "normal"!

mdbuehler | August 12, 2014

Bah, all these P-85 pushing me back down the line :) Got my VIN last week (just noticed it appear, wasn't actually contacted) and my delivery date is 9/29 in Seattle. Counting down the days here too :) It will be an extra treat as the Cayman sold quickly, so I'm tooling around in the wife's Z4 until my new wheels arrive.

Do so feel like a kid near Xmas :)

gtr | August 12, 2014

@mdbuehler, I know how you feel! I like the Christmas spirit but it has been a LONG time since I felt this excited! 27 days in September and the rest of August... Come on Septembermas! We do enjoy our 2006 Honda Accord Hybrid 312,000 miles and still running!

gregmorchower | August 12, 2014

@gtr - A big congrats! I'm in your neck of the woods (Valley Village), and am scheduled to take delivery of my red S85 (VIN52930) at the factory on 9/26. Septembermas is going to be sweeeeeet!

jbeecher | August 12, 2014

I called in yesterday asking if I could change my order since there was no VIN assigned yet. They told me they would put in the change order and let me know - but that it would take a few days. I felt confident as I had yet to receive a VIN number.

Log in tonight - and I see a VIN! VIN#54120

P85 Pearl White - I have been flip flopping over the panoramic roof and finally decided I had better get it otherwise I would regret it. Even if I never use it....not having it would make me miss it.

Anyone ever make a change after a VIN was assigned? Do I have any shot? The adviser was a bit optimistic since the change order had not yet been rejected - (normally gets rejected within 6 hours if it is not going to happen - since this has yet to be rejected - "it is looking good")

I have no idea - so we will wait and see.

david.baird | August 13, 2014

@RNLass2 - why do we ask for VIN numbers? Well partly because we're all Tesla nerds and keep a Excel sheet with them all listed, also because some people use it to estimate sales (see other thread sales vs demand), but most of all because it's exciting.

Ummm, I guess that last point also comes under nerd... :o)

karmamule | August 13, 2014

@jbeecher I asked if I could change my color and was told no, and that was a week or so before I got my VIN, but it probably varies based on what you're asking about so good luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Sam_S | August 13, 2014

VIN: 54216 assigned. P85 Pearl White/Tan/Pano

Late September San Diego Delivery (No specific date yet)

Big thanks to everyone who already owns a Model S because you debugged this beast and made it better for me.

Brian H | August 13, 2014

to be more explicit, the last 5 digits are sequential serial #s, effectively a count of how many MS' have been made to date.

karmamule | August 13, 2014

Wow lots and lots and lots of people getting last-week-of-September deliveries. Hoo boy those service centers are gonna be BUSY! The people working there must dread quarter-end.

david.baird | August 13, 2014

That's because the bulk of the USA deliveries are beginning of the quarter with Europe end of quarter - perhaps Asia in the middle now??

scbroncos | August 13, 2014

I got my VIN# today as well (53764)!!!!! S85 Blue Metallic/Tan/Pano. I'm scheduled for the factory tour and delivery on 9/28 confirmed on 7/5. The days can't go by fast enough!!

raghu4026 | August 13, 2014

Got mine 2 days ago, 53678. S60, Silver, Tan, Pano, Tech Pkg, Upgraded audio. Scheduled for the factory tour and delivery on 9/25 confirmed on 7/6.

Haggy | August 13, 2014

I got mine on 7/2 for a 9/4 delivery. Delivery date was confirmed well before that.

For me, the VIN didn't come soon enough. It wasn't a matter of anxiety, but it took long enough that my loan rate went from .99% to 1.24%.

raghu4026 | August 13, 2014


Do you mind sharing the lender details?

dleng73 | August 13, 2014

Weird, my delivery is also for late september yet my VIN is 51002!

I did order early though and delayed the delivery until then, maybe that's why? | August 13, 2014

I got my VIN today also with a late September delivery. VIN 53743. It looks like they released a lot of VINs on the same day. These cars probably have a lot of similarities. Mine's brown, S85, tech, 19", pano, parking. Sound familiar?

Archer | August 13, 2014

My date had been late September since I ordered on 7/14. But because my office is near my pickup location at the Van Nuys Service Center, I decided to drop by yesterday and meet my DS in person. She had her laptop and proceeded to give me a 9/26 delivery date. Last night, I checked my account and saw that I also got my VIN#.

My VIN is 53923. I ordered the P85 so I hope there's no delay because the waiting is killing me. I live and breath Model S info on my free time.

SUSTEKI.TOKYO.JP | September 29, 2014

Confirmed Sept 2nd received my VIN today #58625! Pearl white/gray leather interior P85+. Living in Tokyo still no delivery date.......

glebham | September 29, 2014

@SUSTEKI - my VIN is 57325 due for December delivery. I ordered a looooooong time ago, but did not want to get the car until December due to a lease end on a Merc.
So I would guess you are looking at December also.

I'm in Oxford area UK for other forum members interest.

michele | September 29, 2014

@tony.sheehan - I'm 308 cars ahead of you! (in South Yorkshire)

glebham | September 29, 2014

@Michele Awesome! Changed my tag to glebham for further posts.

teslamonterey | January 2, 2015

Guys, can you help me? If my vin is 67,000, does anybody know the production rate per day and when this number should roll off the line. Please also consider the factory is closed from 12/24 thru 1/12/2015. Thanks to anybody who knows more than I do about units per day.