Front plastic grille

Front plastic grille

Finalized our build last month waiting on delivery timeline. Am I the only one that thinks that the plastic front grille looks chintzy on a 80K car?? I am sure it plays a role in the low CD.

I asked the sales rep and he mentioned that it was being redesigned and would probably have a different style by the time our car was built. Any truth to that? Any aftermarket ideas?


glenster | February 14, 2013
jemartin | February 14, 2013

For all it's worth: I too was not overly excited about the pastic nose "cone" before taking delivery. However, after having the car now for over a month I've grown to appreciate its uniqueness, originality, and the overall look it confers to the car. I wouldn't change it.

bp | February 14, 2013

Looks even better without a license plate...

Brian H | February 14, 2013

And it's superb for launching pedestrians ...

petero | February 14, 2013

A couple of months ago I forwarded this YouTube video to Mr. George B of TM. He liked it and forwarded it to the design team. I am not a fan of the black plastic nose cone not due to aesthetics but because it seems very vulnerable to parking damage.

Anyway, here is the link to a 1968 Pontiac GTO, Endura Bumper commercial. TM could make the bumper the same color as the body.

DonS | February 14, 2013

If you look at the nose cone and the structure underneath, you can see that this is designed to be easily replaceable. It avoids having to repair or replace painted bodywork for the 5mph "taps." I agree the nose has the lowest visual appeal of the whole car design, but I think we will find it practical in the long run.

bradslee | February 14, 2013

The front material perhaps appears a bit cheap but the MS front design, especially it's headlight shape design, is undoubtedly first class with elegance and luxury appeal. Thus the MS front as a whole is unique and beautiful.

Amped | February 14, 2013

the grill is why I decided black on black

Dr. Bob Reinke | February 14, 2013

Would love to see the nose cone molded with a license-plate size clear spot in the center; thereby eleminating the need to place an ugly, air-flow intercepting, licence plate air-damn on the front of the car. The Wisconsin DMV is concerned that the WHP (Walker's Raiders)won't be able to see the back plate if the Tesla goes by too fast.

Mark Z | February 14, 2013

Just don't tap the trunk of a small bush against the "rubber" edge of the lower bumper. Once depressed, it stays depressed.