For Fun...

For Fun...

Hi All,

I wanted to just post for fun, what will your personalized license plate be for your Model S? It might be fun to share idea's for plates or maybe you have such a good one you don't want to share it for fear it will get gobbled up? In any case, I think it would be at least entertaining to see who has thought of a plate, who already has one and what idea's y'all come up with.

SteveU | November 18, 2010

There is a "custom plates" topic in the Roadster section, if you want to borrow some old ideas.

BYT | November 19, 2010

Cool, I have to admit I don't visit that Forum very often!

Brian H | November 24, 2010


BYT | November 29, 2010

LOL, thanks for playing along Brian, those are great! PLUG'N'PLAY is my favorite if that isn't too long for a license plate... :)

Brian H | November 30, 2010

For some reason my list got deleted by mods. I can't remember them all; did one offend their tender sensibilities?

Brian H | November 30, 2010

In fact, I can find no trace of the "custom plates" page in the Roadster section, or anywhere. And of course this site has no Search facilities.

The site admins here apparently have some very peculiar ideas about how to run a website. Blech!!

SteveU | November 30, 2010 is the URL I get for the custom plates in the Roadster section. (It is on the second page of the list of forums... in the search order I get.)

BYT | November 30, 2010

I didn't go through all of them but "RUNS CLN" stands out! That is sure to get ya a date at the next Greenpeace Rally... :)

Ravindra_ModelS_P200 | November 30, 2010

I have my plate ready '♡2BECLN' :-)

Timo | November 30, 2010

@Brian H, I wondered that where your list go too, I don't remember there being any offending ones.

Brian H | December 2, 2010

I get "Access Denied" when I try that link. Owners only?

Some petty authoritarianism happening, it seems.

SteveU | December 2, 2010

BrianH: Yes, it is an owners-only topic. I think this is because originally the entire set of forums was owners only and when Tesla opened up the forums to non-owners they restricted the access to everything that was already there. Not because there was anything secret, but because they recognized that if they wanted to be polite they needed the permission of every single person who posted before making it public. So... there is an obvious way that you can get access ;-).

BYT | December 2, 2010

Brian, just put a deposit down and get full forum access... :)

Brian H | December 8, 2010

I'd love to, but I prefer food.