Have you noticed this? Waiting List # gone from "MyTesla" page

Have you noticed this? Waiting List # gone from "MyTesla" page

I still see the RN# on "MyTesla" page but I don't see the waiting list # anymore. Has anyone noticed the same?

mintoob | September 29, 2015

Yes. I noticed that as well. Perhaps we all get to design ours and then wait in the queue. I'll go with that...

Tâm | September 29, 2015

Yes. Probably because of new home page design.

If you know how to read "page source" CTRL-U if you are using Chrome browser, it's still there in the comment section of the coding:

Search for:

class="vin_rn" RNxxxxxx

vin_rn is your billing account number (when you write your check, use this number in the memo).

vin_sn is your Sequence Number: The number you get when you first made your deposit.

Probably, when the home page design is finished, they'll put your number back to visibility again (instead of just comment in the source code).

GoGreen1 | September 29, 2015

I see that my WL# is commented out...thought of something more exciting ...

finished | September 29, 2015

I think they removed the number because they are tired of the whining that's sure to occur when someone with a higher number gets to configure their new MX five minutes earlier than someone with a lower number.

paradis | September 29, 2015

@Tam - Thank you. I got worried for a minute when my Res # disappeared.

aljjr2 | September 29, 2015

This has happened before when they temporarily update the site. No worries. It will probably be back tomorrow.

hsadler | September 29, 2015

Think we went through several instances when awaiting the MS. It'll come back.