Heated Mirrors

Heated Mirrors

Not sure if this was already listed somewhere under desirable options. Apologies if it was.I learned almost twenty years ago how much of a safety factor heated mirrors are during some heavy California winter rain storms. I was driving an Acura then, and distinctly remember a night of bad weather freeway driving. But the side mirrors had a button for heating. Cleared them right up and helped immensely in viewing traffic lanes both left and right. Although the heating elements could be triggered automatically by temperature and/or use of windshield wiper, for energy savings reason, maybe it should be a selectable option (auto/manual) plus a button to activate if the manual mode is in effect.

Jaffray | December 4, 2010

Have them on my Lexus...take them for granted most of the time...they are a definately a nice option to have imo.

Mehdi | December 7, 2010

Believe it or not I have those on my 2000 Dodge Dakota truck and they are a nice feature to have. Eventhough I part my truck in the garage everynight. I just used the heated feature on a foggy night to clearup the side mirrors.
Most luxury cars have them nowadays and I would expect it on my Model S. It might be part of an option package though.. It was on my truck.

hamer | January 3, 2014

Just thought I'd add my two cents: I had heated mirrors on my Acura 3.2 TL (the car before the MS) and it was rarely used but extremely useful when used. In the past week the combination of temperature, rain, and humidity have fogged my side mirrors several times and it was particularly difficult to back into my driveway with them fogged. I may have to carry a rag in the car. For me, the need is rare but would be very useful.

elguapo | January 3, 2014

Not sure I understand this thread. Heated, retracting side mirrors are available on all new MS and TM is offering a retrofit (for a cost) at all local service centers.

pebell | January 3, 2014

Retracting mirrors are new and can be retrofitted, but I think heated mirrors have always been part of the Tech Package. It does appear that people are not aware that they only work when you turn the rear window heater on.

David Trushin | January 3, 2014

Yeah, the rear defroster turns on the hest in the side mirrors.

redacted | January 3, 2014

@pebell thanks! I thought the car had heated mirrors but they never thawed (ICEd!). Call the SC and they kindly looked up and said "I think it's heated, let us know!" so I'll try it.

Lessmog | January 3, 2014

Heated mirrors are not a new invention. I had them on both my present old Saab (2001, 1/4 Gigameters) and the one before (1994). Can't remember what year my Audi was (1986?) but I think it had them too. The Merc (1974) probably did not and the even older ones before that certainly not.

All my cars so far have been bought used and driven to bits. The Tesla will be my first new one* and cost over five times the record so far. It will also be my last car.

* TSLA willing ;-)

carolinagobo | January 3, 2014

Thank you I got my last November and I didn't know they work only with the rear heater.

jerrythebeeguy | January 3, 2014

Thanks for the info on heated mirrors. Just got back yesterday from a trip to Oregon in fog and was grumbling about lack of heaters on mirrors. Why don't they tell us these things when we get the car? Or did I just miss that gem of information? So much to learn! | January 3, 2014

Hmmm... all of my Infinitis had heated side mirrors and they all were connected with the rear window defroster. I just assumed that was the way they worked.

The manual has mention of this (but 'heated mirrors' is NOT in the index), the tech package description also covers this. Not sure it should be such a surprise.

chrisdl | January 3, 2014

Very old thread, btw. At the time of the creation of this thread, not much was known about details like this.

NKYTA | January 3, 2014

Aha! Learn something new each day. Didn't know it was tied to the rear defrost - never had a car with heated mirrors before so I just assume they were always heated. Thanks all.

riceuguy | January 3, 2014

And this is exactly why I read the forums! :-)

NKYTA | January 3, 2014


DallasTXModelS | January 3, 2014

Mine came 15 Dec 2013 with heated mirrors on the Model S I confirmed 24 June 2013.

tezzla.SoCal | January 3, 2014

another duh, I didn't know the rear defroster heated the mirrors (although I've never needed them defrosted either).