Heated Steering Wheel

Heated Steering Wheel

I'm pretty upset about this, as it looks like my car may have missed this option by 7 days.

I get the idea of continual updates vs. yearly models, but it's just absurd to have a "fully loaded P85D", right off the production line, be obsolete before it's even received. Customers haven't even gotten delivery of the cars yet and those who ordered first get treated this way? Seems extremely unprofessional and just absolutely terrible customer relations.

Sorry, I know lots of Tesla fans here -- but c'mon. *Especially* after they sent out a notice saying there would be "no more significant updates" to the Model S for at least a year. For those of us in cold climates, a heated steering wheel is a significant update. It just seems borderline dishonest.

DJung | December 10, 2014

If you optioned up the sub-zero package, the new P85Ds coming off the line may have the heated steering wheel. Tesla moves at a brisk pace, and they add options ASAP if they are all lined up with the supplier and ready to manufacture.
A more powerful vehicle, a larger battery pack, etc would be a "significant" addition. Tesla does add options and little features (like ionizer, new stalks, etc) throughout the year. They also update battery pack versions silently (such as the new 'E' packs which may allow for an increase in supercharging speed).

SoCal Buzz | December 10, 2014

Obsolete? Significant update? Please... Prepare to miss other things just like the rest of us. Sometimes I think we are setting expectations a bit too high in terms of what Tesla "owes" us as owners. Enjoy the car. Every decent technology manufacturer continuously adds features.

dbh | December 10, 2014

This is satire, right? My satire-detector went off, anyway.

mjames | December 10, 2014

Honestly! Tesla owners seem to be such cry babies! "... be obsolete before it's even received"! You think your car is now obsolete because it doesn't have a heated steering wheel but when you ordered it, you thought it was just great?

Seems to be more the case of sour grapes that someone has something you don't and you want the rest to equally miss out.

I love the fact that Tesla releases options as they become available. It means some make out while the rest of us just have to enjoy their already most advanced care in the world without those new options.

Bet TSLA | December 10, 2014

All high tech products are obsolete the day they ship. Every single one. If you own the latest and greatest it's a lousy product, because the latest and greatest should be the one that's in final testing when they ship yours.

Get over it.

CRASCH | December 11, 2014

Well, I can sympathize with you. You have a threshold car. I have one too.

I wasn't very happy with my loaded P85+ delivered a week early, about a day before cars with sensors started showing up. I got it Friday and Monday the first report of a car with sensors showed up. This was four days before my scheduled delivery.

Unfortunately this is just the way they operate. It isn't like not telling people about upcoming heated steering wheels would be a conscious competitive business decision. I hoped they would figure out that better communication would smooth things out with customers in process. But honestly I think they are having trouble just communicating period. There doesn't seems to be any sort of formal process regarding communication even internally much less externally. Tesla is far from perfect, but the car is pretty awesome...

There is a slim chance that heated steering wheels are something that could be retrofit. Don't get your hopes up. The last thing I heard could be retrofit were larger visors.

Roughly three weeks after I got my sensor-less P85+. They announced the D. Talk about buyers remorse. You could refuse delivery and lose the $2.5K and move to the back of the line. A little expensive for a heated steering wheel. But a much less expensive option than I had to remedy my situation. I was not very happy and came to the realization that the car is going to get better all the time. I'll never have the best Tesla for any meaningful length of time... The car is so good because it is constantly improving. I opted to trade in my P85+ and order a P85D.

I'll likely miss out on all sorts of rumored goodies. Larger vanity mirrors with lights! Improved TPMS sensors, heated steering wheel, rear and side radar for autonomous driving... The combination of the sensors and P85D was just too much to pass up. From here on out I'm taking IIRC @ampedrealtors philosophy. When there are enough new features to make me upgrade I will. It just happened way too quick this time...

CRASCH | December 11, 2014

One more thing... You won't get much sympathy here in the forum. The vast majority of cars are older and are subsequently missing a lot more features than heated steering wheels.

Firewired | December 11, 2014

I likewise have a P85D in production. It started productin Saturday 12/06. Cutoff for the heated steering is starting productin Monday 12/08. They cannot retrofit as it is a different wiring harness. Even though my car has only just just started the build, not ebpven to paint they cannot install the new harness when it gets there after paint as all parts are allocated at the start of the build.

I had a moments regret when I realized that that there were new things even before I essentially had even started productin. I then realized I better get used to it, and I was happy enough with the cold weather package when I added it to my order initially. I am glad Tesla is willing and able to roll out an include me in at least some of the non-hardware future updates, unlike most other car companies.

TytanX_ | December 11, 2014

I haven't seen anything on the Tesla page about heated seats. Where is this info? It's a nice feature but certainly nothing the makes the car obsolete.

For me, I just need to make sure the car isn't missing any features that my father in law has on his Kia otherwise I won't hear the end of it.

Koz | December 11, 2014

Tesla could do updates like other manufacturers and hold them for new models and year releases or they can implement them as quickly as possible. In the traditional carmakers model of business you have no chance of getting it. At least with Tesla you have a chance. A lot of Model S buyers have gotten features without expecting them, i.e. autodrive hardware, because Tesla changed over production after their order. You might not get heated steering but you there is a chance you will. You didn't expect it on order nor pay for it and in the scheme of things not many people would consider it a significant upgrade.

eturner303 | December 11, 2014

I realize this is definitely in the realm of "first world problems" =)

Tesla should just include a 3d printer in the 2016 model so we can print our own new car parts and wiring harnesses (yes i'm kidding)

appleblossom-us-pa | December 11, 2014

Preheat the car with the mobile app or use Visible Tesla on your PC. Getting into a warm car is way better than plopping your butt onto cold leather and shivering until an ICE warms up. Trust me, you'll never miss the heated wheel.

sbeggs | December 11, 2014

@dbh, ha ha!

eturner303 | December 11, 2014

So pre-heating does the trick?

Curious, on average, how long does a car cabin take to pre-heat in say, 32 degree weather?

eturner303 | December 11, 2014

Also, does pre-heat speed vary depending on whether the car is plugged in to a fixed power source?

cpmarino | December 11, 2014

Wow, some harsh comments here, folks. While I agree that lack of a heated steering wheel doesn't make the car obsolete, it is a tad irritating to know that there's a new feature available, before you even get your vehicle, that you would love to have but cannot.

All in all, though, I love the idea of a manufacturer constantly looking to improve. Communication would solve this (good for us) but could delay orders (bad for Tesla). Ultimately though, if you create a situation where buyers are hesitant to pull trigger for fear that the next day some great new feature will come out, that's not good either. Maybe they could just publish a "working on" list so buyers would have some insight into what the immediate future holds.

TytanX_ | December 11, 2014

Tesla really can't win. They are putting features in cars as soon as they can. If they communicated and it took longer than it expected, people would complain they didn't get the features they were promised. Be happy with the configuration of the car when you buy it. Otherwise wait. There is ALWAYS going to be something better coming from Tesla. That's why we love Tesla so much.

Still haven't seen any announcement or info on this. Where is it?

eturner303 | December 11, 2014

Communication is the issue here, imho, not "continual updates". Tesla does not seem to share pending updates w/ their sales reps. Before ordering the P85D, I raised the heated steering wheel issue w/ my rep, he stated "there are no plans to add this to the P85D based on what i've heard". I'd have gladly delayed my order by a few weeks if he had this information, and ultimately been much happier with the sales experience.

The reality is, setting up a supply chain doesn't happen overnight. Tesla has known for a while that this option was coming -- but they didn't communicate it to their reps.

I love the idea of the car continually getting better, but some balance between updating and providing information on pending changes seems appropriate.

Anthony J. Parisio | December 11, 2014

I have news for you all. I sold cars. Even after I no longer sold cars, leased a new Audi every two years. I practically "lived" at dealerships! I would visit my dealer every couple of months so they remember me and new they had another sales coming soon. That is how much of a car fanatic I am.

So I saw something most of you may have never experienced. Audi and other manufacturers I have leased change suppliers midstream. I often saw different quality radios, interiors, wheels and even new options not listed in known packages. Never did they even mention these changes. Their promotional literature were not even be up to date. Not all the changes were for the better. When I would ask about the differences the dealer would brush it off. Most people never see this because they only think about getting a new car every 3 or more years, let alone visit the dealer every couple of months. None of this is new to me. This is normal for the car business.

The only difference with Tesla is that they are built to order. There is no car lot to go see and compare last months batch to this months batch. Buy the way that is one of the reasons the factories push the dealers to get rid of their monthly allocation. The next batch might be better or worse. They don't want customers comparing.

I go back to my comparison to the Iphone. I get what you can now. Enjoy it because it is great! Even though there are some changes in the next year or two that I might want I wait. I wait for 3 years to go buy because the cumulative changes in three years makes it a totally different and better Iphone. So this is how I approach Tesla's changes. Anything else would drive me crazy!

lmorelli | December 11, 2014

OH please, I took delivery of my S85 a week or two before the autopilot features were made available. That is a significant upgrade that I missed. A heated steering wheel? That is a joke. Anyway, I still love my car and you will most likely love yours.

Tstolz | December 11, 2014

This is easy. If you always need the latest, lease. You will pay more in the end but you will have the latest. If you are considering a Tesla but it doesn't have the features you want, buy something from the competition or wait. The fact is, Tesla makes a fantastic car that is years ahead of the competition, just relax and enjoy! You bought the best car on the planet!

redacted | December 11, 2014

I clicked "buy" on my car the hours before Tesla raised the prices significantly last year. Man, I was so upset that I couldn't get my car at the new price...

But seriously folks, that was the same time Tesla came out with the winter package. And not long before the red calipers. And before autopilot and the D. I think it's best to get used to it, there's always going to be a demarcation between "before" and "after" whether Tesla does it annually or monthly.

As for the heated wheel, my suggestion is driving gloves. They keep your hands from getting cold, they stick to the wheel nicely, and they make you feel awesome.

cquail | December 11, 2014

I too would like a heated steering wheel, but have not ordered yet.

I think heated front seats are standard. Is the heated steering wheel now standard too? It's not listed as a feature of the "sub-zero" package.

Our Nisssan Leaf has heated steering wheel and I like it.

Even though I live in IL, I doubt that I will get "sub-zero" package, but would like input from others.

pylt | December 11, 2014

FYI: A heated steering wheel is standard on the Nissan Leaf, as it should have been on the MS since Day 1. Why? Because if you heat the seat and the steering wheel, you can still be warm even and extend your range by turning off the car's HVAC system....


The Leaf S begins at $21,510 after the Federal Tax credit. Tesla is a great company, but sometimes things take a long time to show up in their cars....

bejachb | December 11, 2014

Gloves, just sayin!

vlad22 | December 11, 2014

Where is this heated steering wheel option???? Just built one on the configurator and there was no option for it. My p85d still hasn't gone into production so does that mean it will be automatically added? Will I get a call asking if I want to upgrade for x amount of dollars. I did order mine with the sub zero package as we have winter 6 months out of the year here, I have heated steering wheels on almost everything I drive now so this would be a huge plus but not a deal breaker.

David Trushin | December 11, 2014

Etumer, preheat for 15 to 30 minutes on shore power and the car and battery will be toasty warm and ready to go. Set the temp based on how fast you want it to heat up.

AmpedRealtor | December 11, 2014

@ eturner,

Communication is the issue here, imho, not "continual updates". Tesla does not seem to share pending updates w/ their sales reps. Before ordering the P85D, I raised the heated steering wheel issue w/ my rep, he stated "there are no plans to add this to the P85D based on what i've heard". I'd have gladly delayed my order by a few weeks if he had this information, and ultimately been much happier with the sales experience.

You mean you expect Tesla to tell you what's coming in the next few weeks to months and make you privy about their future product plans? Who does that? Can you name one technology company that discloses to you, the end customer, what they have in the pipeline for future products? That's a great way for them to go out of business while you and thousands of others wait to order their product until the XYZ sensors get added 8 months from now. In the meantime Tesla makes no revenue because they told you what's coming and everyone decided to wait.

Do you remember the story of Osborn Computer? It might be worth your time to look that up.

You are wealthy enough to be privileged to buy the fastest sedan on earth that also happens to have an all electric drivetrain that can carry you and four other passengers comfortably for 250 miles. You have a car that likely only 1% of the population can afford, with dual electric motors and almost 700 HP of power. Be happy and stop moaning that you aren't getting a heated steering wheel. You also aren't getting a ton of other things that Tesla is going to add to the car over the next few months. I hope you are going to be happy with not having those things either.

I know this may sound harsh, but I say this lovingly: get over it and get used to it. This is how Tesla does things. Many more improvements are in the pipeline. There is also this other point... there was no heated steering wheel when you ordered the car, so it was not critical enough of a missing feature to make you wait. The car was perfect when you ordered it and you got exactly what you ordered. How has any of that changed simply because Tesla is including a heated steering wheel for future buyers? What does any of that have to do with you and the fact that you are getting exactly what you ordered and what you thought was perfectly fine?

AmpedRealtor | December 11, 2014

And also... where does Tesla say anything about a heated steering wheel? I don't see it on the order page.

TytanX_ | December 11, 2014

Where is the info regarding the heated steering wheel? I haven't seen anything from Tesla regarding a heated steering wheel. Is Tesla offering heated steering wheel or are these just rumours? If so is it part of cold weather package, tech package or standard? Can someone confirm where they are getting this information?

vlad22 | December 11, 2014

@eturner where did you find out that heated wheel is now an option???

doughow311 | December 11, 2014

Oh god... I was wondering when this was going to migrate over from TMC -.- Would it make the people who are upset feel better that the last time they made a change, it wasn't warm hands but a self-driving robot car that people missed out on by a week? You won't miss it because you didn't order it!

brian_in_TX | December 11, 2014
AmpedRealtor | December 11, 2014

@ doughow311,

The Model S is in no way a "self-driving robot car". Autopilot ≠ autonomous.

doughow311 | December 11, 2014

It's as much of a self driving robot car as the heated steering wheel is being touted as an absolute deal breaker for those that didn't get it. Hindsight is always 20/20. I just meant in the scheme of things, at least you can replace a heated steering wheel with a nice pair of driving gloves.

MileHighMotoring | December 11, 2014

AR - "For now". The autopilot page talks about the car pulling out of your garage and meeting you at your front door...

jordanrichard | December 11, 2014

Man if only they could invent something to keep your hands from getting cold when touching a cold steering wheel, something like what we use in the winter while shoveling snow...oh ya they are called gloves.

What do want next, pre heated door handles. How about the glass, should we heat the glass up, in the event that you might touch it while getting in the car.

Go to your local Bugatti dealer and yell at them for selling a $2 million dollar car that doesn't even have a basic nav system.

TytanX_ | December 11, 2014

I prefer to go ungloved. It feels better.

doughow311 | December 11, 2014

--------------------- that's the line you're walking on TytanX. Made me laugh though.

Jacqueline.gerhart | December 11, 2014

I have heated steering on my Range Rover...and I never use it (live in Wisconsin). Pre heating the car prior to entry makes a big difference. I seriously doubt a heated steering impacts resale value at all.

DTsea | December 11, 2014

Waaaaaaah!!!! Waaaaahh!

rbaker2 | December 11, 2014

Just took delivery of my "plain old" S85 last week. I decided to buy it because it was going to be a bit of a wait for the Model X I ordered (I'm ~#14,000).

The Model S is far and away the best car I've ever owned, even absent the heated steering wheel and the upgrades Tesla will announce next week or next month or next whatever.

May I gently suggest that you revel in the car you will have and not mourn the one you will not. Life's really too short for that.

Enjoy your new car!


Red Sage ca us | December 11, 2014

I'm just satisfied that every new feature that Tesla Motors gets added to the Model S and Model X over the next two years is one less thing they have to work on for the Model ≡.

PhillyGal | December 11, 2014

"You say you've had your desktop for over a week?
Throw that junk away, man, it's an antique
Your laptop is a month old? Well that's great
If you could use a nice, heavy paperweight"

~Weird Al Yankovic, All About the Pentiums

hpjtv | December 11, 2014

Guess I missed out on the heated steering wheels and free performance seats upgrade....oh well. :)

Panoz | December 11, 2014

Ditto a previous post - I see no mention of a heated steering wheel on the design page.

kwen197 | December 11, 2014

Leasing is your only option. You get the latest & greatest every three years.

Brian H | December 11, 2014

The OP is pretty vague: "may have missed by 7 days" is very weak soup.

vlad22 | December 11, 2014

Ok.... Official word is that no 2014 models will be produced with the heated steering wheel option. Right from my ds after he spoke with tesla hq

p1SL | December 11, 2014

5 min is plenty cabin heating time if you put it on high. Warm enough to get into car without a jacket