help! grey or silver 21' rims!

help! grey or silver 21' rims!

Hey guys. Did a factory tour last week and i was more confused when i was done. Seeing basically all the different color combinations made me confused on whether whether i should get the silver rims or the grey ones. My car is the performance 85 blue with rear spoiler and no pano. Black interior. My window is late March early April so i can probably switch the color of the rooms if i want. I know to each there own. But....What do you guys think? Thanks

cloroxbb | February 18, 2013

I myself, do not care for the grey rims. I would go with the silver. I think the grey would only look good if the paint on the wheels matched the paint on the car.

eltonf | February 18, 2013

I completely disagree with cloroxbb. I love my grey wheels with the white pearl paint. I rarely think it looks good when the wheels match the color of the paint.

GeekEV | February 18, 2013

IMHO the gray wheels just look dirty. Like they're coated in brake dust and haven't been cleaned.

eltonf | February 18, 2013

One man's trash is another man's gold. LOL
I love the grey wheels.

mlaiken | February 18, 2013

I vote for grey wheels. I got black with grey wheels and love the look. I don't think it looks dirty at all. Dirt doesn't shine.

Carefree | February 18, 2013

I am also a silver wheel guy. One thing to consider is curb rash - it will show much more on the grey wheels than the silver ones.

nickjhowe | February 18, 2013

I have the same as eltonf - pearl white with dark wheels. Love it. On the GetAmped tour many of the TM employees I spoke to said that was their favourite too. At the Dania store the other day they had 10 cars awaiting delivery, 3 were white with dark wheels.

BTW - I don't like white cars with black wheels. But the dark color for on the S is just right.

brijam | February 18, 2013

+1 Carefree. My Pearl White P85 looks great with the silver rims.

We all love what we chose; go with what you like rather than what someone else likes.

As has been said, if you scrape your rims (which I already have) it is a lot easier to clean them up if they're silver. My DS tells me that the grey rims are quite hard to get looking like new if you get curb rash.

Brian H | February 18, 2013

That's a feature, not a bug. Just spray the wheels with matte varnish occasionally, and the dust becomes a buffer against scrapes!

Mark K | February 18, 2013

Dark rims generally look best on a light car, and silver on a dark body. You've got blue which is very dark. I'd go with silver.

Papafox | February 19, 2013

I agree with Mark, go with the silver if your car is blue.

joe12pack | February 19, 2013

The thing about the dark rims is that when someone looks at your car, the rims will signal to them that this is a special/exotic car.

Very few cars have that type of race car dark rims, whereas every Dodge Durango & Ford Taurus has chrome/silver rims.

I am getting the non-perf 85 and I wish I could get the grey wheels.

On the flip side, I do agree with a previous comment that dark body colors would not look as good with dark rims. The contrast is what makes the look striking so white, the soon to be new multi-red or silver would look great.

nickjhowe | February 19, 2013

@joe12pack - the 21's signal it as much as the dark color. I've had more people comment on the size than the color.

christurbeville | February 19, 2013

My $.02 the grey with grey rims works and the dark with grey rims gives that stealth matte look that's become popular. Silver rims will always pop but for me as @joe12pack said the grey makes it unique but subtle. Now who's going to be the first to matte wrap their S?

sandman | February 19, 2013

grey wheels with neutral colors
silver wheels with red, blue, greens
brown is toss up but I'd go silver

another mans trash is another mans gold

sandman | February 19, 2013

btw, Dallas service manager had a picture of a white/pearl S in CA that had a carbon fiber wrap down the center(about 50 of the surface) of the car. quite cheeky but not for me

christurbeville | February 19, 2013

Nice. I did green with grey because the green is so dark so it blends at night. But when the sun hits it contrasts.

nickjhowe | February 19, 2013

Dania had a car in a couple of weeks ago that was about to have all the chrome wrapped in black.

jkirkebo | February 19, 2013

I disagree with most here. I think the gery wheels look very sharp on a dark car (blue,black,green) and probably on the new red. On a white or silver car I'd get the silver rims.

I'm getting blue with the grey rims. Here is a picture:

Kauai | February 19, 2013

I think this comes down to the look you are trying to create, e.g. I think both of these looks are good

White, carbon fiber tail fin, dark wheels, dark interior
White, no tail fin, white wheels, light interior

However, one screams performance and the other luxury. Also, I got to inspect a car with dark wheels and carbon fiber tail fin and gray paint and it looked great. I think any combination of the shades of gray from white to black can work.

That said I picked the silver 21s to go with sig red, and would do the same for green, blue, and probably brown...

Brian H | February 19, 2013

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Brian H | February 19, 2013

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