How long after delivery will Apps be able to do remote access?

How long after delivery will Apps be able to do remote access?

Just took delivery today and don't want to check until it's realistic.

Thought it would be a couple of hours, but nothing.

2-Star | November 2, 2013

Have you turned it on from the Settings button in your new car's 17" screen?

jbunn | November 2, 2013

Fred is correct. You have to enable it.

Thomas N. | November 2, 2013

Mine didn't even take two hours. It actually worked during the delivery overview.

2-Star | November 2, 2013

I actually watched it on the flatbed as it was trucked up to Maine from Watertown MA to be unloaded at the end of my driveway. Great fun!! (The DS had activated Remote Access when it was put on the flatbed.)

2-Star | November 2, 2013

P.S. I had to promise just to watch; not push any other buttons.

dramingly | November 2, 2013

Just try it. Mine took a few hours. You might have to clear the cache on the app (Android).

Pungoteague_Dave | November 2, 2013

Mine worked a couple days before delivery on Feb 3. But that's before TM got its act together and started disabling remote access immediately upon receiving the car for service... And before the loaners were governed at 80 mph max!

eddiemoy | November 2, 2013

couple of hours. call or send an email to your delivery specialist. maybe he forgot...

lumpSoCal | November 2, 2013

Have you tried logging out of your account from your phone & logging back in? I had to log back in after I picked up the car from service once. | November 2, 2013

Enabled it with the DS.

But, it's now almost twelve hours later and keep getting "No Vehicles Linked to This My Tesla Account" error message.

And my vehicle status went from preparing for delivery to sourcing parts... maybe they're building me another.

seancasey64 | November 2, 2013

Mine is 12 hours later also and I still get the same error message. I specifically noted the app not working during delivery and was told that it might take a few hours.

And my vehicle status also went from preparing for delivery to sourcing parts.

Roamer@AZ USA | November 3, 2013

Maybe Tesla hired some programmers from the contractors.

dramingly | November 3, 2013

For Android devices, clear the cache on the app. I was trying every few minutes after I got my car and finally did that and it linked to my car right afterwards. Maybe just coincidence, but worth trying.

mortgagebruce | November 3, 2013

Mine took several days and I had to call them twice to get it to work.