For I have dined on honeydew and drunk the milk of Paradise - Lycanthrope's P85 thread

For I have dined on honeydew and drunk the milk of Paradise - Lycanthrope's P85 thread

Update 4th June:

- First visit to a Supercharger
- ICE'd in NL

Update 12th May:

- New TSportline rims, opportunistic purchase to use as winter wheels
- 310km motorway trip without charging

Update 11th May:

- out and about with (free) public chargers
- recruiting the next generation of Tesla owners
- posing in Tesla showroom
- service centre experience on getting batch of faults resolved and P85+ loaner


March 28th:

Today I became an owner and joined the growing legions of the supremely lucky that have the pleasure ad privilege to drive a Tesla Model S.

This isn't a car, it's a religious experience (and I'm an atheist...)

Here're a few photos...

You know when you're close to Tesla Service Centre as the test cars are parked on the street:

Beautiful, eh? The car's not bad either:

First stop, Ikea:

Showed-up on iPhone app within the hour:

First test of the charging infrastructure and it works! (no neutral here in Belgium, so we have to buy an expensive box to fool the car):

Not the fastest, but my average daily miles are low, so this is just fine for me:

NKYTA | March 28, 2014

Welcome...finally. ;-)
Grin. :-)

carlk | March 28, 2014

That's great. You beat me by one day to the paradise.

VidaDePaz | March 28, 2014

Very nice, sharp looking car, congratulations.

Plugged In | March 28, 2014

Congratulations! Enjoy it immensely!

RedShift | March 28, 2014

Good for you, congrats! (from a fellow atheist)

Great car, but must you shop at Ikea? (just kidding, we are right now redoing our 3 bathrooms with Ikea help, and most everything in our house is also Ikea, albeit, a lot of it IS falling apart after 10 years!)

lolachampcar | March 28, 2014

Very, very nice!

Cindy I II III | March 28, 2014

Congratulations! It's dinner time here, and your joy is palpable. Thanks for sharing it with us.

nickjhowe | March 28, 2014


Captain_Zap | March 28, 2014

Xanadu! Don't forget to listen to Villa La Strangiato and YYZ!

And, of course 2112... Congratulations!

Captain_Zap | March 28, 2014

Darn it. Now I have an ear worm.

Bighorn | March 28, 2014

Sounds like you're having a howling good time. Congrats!!!

Nuts4MS | March 28, 2014

Welcome to the family! She is a real beauty :)

TeslaLandShark | March 28, 2014

That song played in my MS today when I was listening to the Rush channel on Slacker!

Hope you are not the "Mad Immortal Man"....

DC@Tesla | March 28, 2014


patrickclaerhout | March 28, 2014

Hungry has proved to be a good sauce. Now: beware of the indigestion for Tesla bites as a virus.

And regarding your religious experience: if you have to see the Light, I 'm happy for you it's the Electric Light you' ve seen.
Now you can start singing in the choir of their Orchestra about your car as an Evil Woman. ;-)

akikiki | March 29, 2014

Congratulations! Welcome to the club.

Roamer@AZ USA | March 29, 2014

You will be looking for any reason to drive now. After a year my wife knows I am still always happy to run an errand when needed. Any drive is in a Tesla is one of life's pleasures.

SamO | March 29, 2014

Love practice in traffic. No brakes. Gilde . . . Enjoy.

Mathew98 | March 29, 2014


Are you Billy Joe's brother? I thought werewolves were allergic to silver bullets...

chrisdl | March 29, 2014

Cheers, Dave! Welcome to the club. Finally! :-)

ps: Don't say "no neutral here in Belgium", because it simply depends on your location. I have a neutral and I also live in Belgium.

david.baird | March 29, 2014

You're one of the "chosen", Chris :-)

Really, this car is amazing. Obviously I'm still in the discovery phase and it just gets better every time I step into it.

Apparently, my car didn't actually arrive from Tilburg until 14:30 yesterday afternoon and my collection was at 16:00 - so they didn't have a lot of time to make it as shiny as it could be. However I don't care as it's going for Opti Coat Pro on Wednesday.

They also didn't have time to install 5.9, but they set it ready to download: I did that after my first charge and it was sitting there waiting for me this morning. The hill-assist is just great. I also turned creep off now and the car is much nicer with the one-foot driving.

Voice recognition works incredibly well, shame Apple's Siri isn't this good. The hands-free is superb and the Rdio amazingly excellent -> my daughter was amazed when I told the car "play One Direction" and voilà, there it was. Not my taste I hasten to add!

So, so good...

david.baird | March 29, 2014

Beautifying the streets of Brussels:

amitb00 | March 29, 2014

Congratulations!!! Enjoy the ride. Your life has changed this point onward. Welcome to the cult.. Sorry club !!!!

david.baird | March 29, 2014

Kids like it very, very much. They keep saying they have "the coolest car in the world":

Can you believe it, Ikea once more, however this time I got the free charging working - grabbed 120kms for free while we bought more crap:

Watching from the Ikea rest while people admire:

And back home, with 456kms in the tank still:

LEvans | March 29, 2014

Congrats and love the photo of the person taking a photo of your car.

NKYTA | March 29, 2014

Werewolf-like rock star status! :-)

wood2905 | March 29, 2014

Had ours for a year and a half and we still adore it, but alas, the mystique is gone now that there are so many S's around northern California…current joke is a Tesla is the Menlo Park Prius….that's the home of the VC community and Silicon Valley bedroom community!

plusplusjames | March 29, 2014


plusplusjames | March 29, 2014

Nice sunny weather in Belgium, too! Double congrats!

FranknWC | March 29, 2014

Your beautiful children are correct. The Tesla is the coolest car in the world and may I add the most advanced.
Hope you and yours have many years of enjoyment !

LMB | March 30, 2014

The best thing about a Tesla is that you can fit twelve of anything from Ikea in it.

david.baird | March 30, 2014

Well maybe not 12 Ektorps :0)

So we were out and about today and, as documented elsewhere, dud our first test ride

I'm so proud to be working for Tesla as a full time salesman in addition to my day job.

Today's thoughts;
- don't stomp the throttle on corners. Yes, the TC catches it, but my bowels can't take it
- accelerating like a lunatic is great, but driving slowly is better - love it!
- with great power comes great responsibility...
- only when you own a Tesla will you get the thing about zero charge time
- everyone, I mean everyone, stops to look or turns their head (it's Belgiun, not SoCal)
- navigation is a bit ropey
- Rdio works really well, my girls move the teen pop channel
- what does the fox say? (a bit cryptic that one)
- smugness knows no bounds

Captain_Zap | March 30, 2014

Oh great... You gave me another ear worm.
This one is painful though! ;-)

Brian H | March 30, 2014

A smug wolf! A disturbing thought.

david.baird | March 31, 2014

Some more observations... Maybe I should use the + instead of - as bullet point :-)

+ first overnight charge, so satisfying to wake up with 457 kilometres of range available (more smugness)
+ the ultra sound system sounds great, but it's rather nice to leave it off and listen to the silence
+ first morning commute today - all massive 10 kilometres of it. Have been taking the train for the last two years, but there's no way I'm leaving a €111k car parked on the drive all day
+ kids wanted to be dropped at school rather than taking the school bus...

chrisdl | March 31, 2014

Question: why do you keep your range display set to Ideal range when the Rated range is already so "unrealistic" (or let me change that to "difficult to achieve") ?

I did my first range charge yesterday: 401 km rated range with firmware 5.9
Driving at normal speeds (a bit slower than I would've done in my BMW) I got to 224 Wh/km, which is a record low for me. That means I can effectively drive 330 km with at totally full battery (which seems to have about 74 kWh usable capacity).

I guess you're still in the haze of the car being new, I get that :-)

The sound system is great, especially at any volume above 5. At low volume, it's definitely "Meh".

david.baird | March 31, 2014

Hey Chris - actually I'm paying very little attention to driving carefully and have been showing off the car, so plenty of pedal-to-the-floor. Nevertheless I'm averaging 236 Wh/km, which I find to be very decent. I'll reset the trip meter and see what I can manage being frugal.

chrisdl | March 31, 2014

My average after 1500 km is 228 Wh/km (yes, I don't drive much).
That leaves me with a maximum range of a bit over 300 km. I have to plan my trips a bit more carefully than I thought when I bought the car. Driving to Luxembourg and back without charging in between will be difficult. Where are those Belgian superchargers anyway??

david.baird | March 31, 2014

The superchargers are coming - they're being transported on golden chariots pulled by unicorns.

chrisdl | March 31, 2014

I certainly hope they're not waiting for the results of the election... 8-)

P85D | April 1, 2014


AmpedRealtor | April 1, 2014

@ chrisdl,

I consistently get ideal range.

david.baird | April 1, 2014

OK, here we are, hmmm, yes.

So, it was the Tesla Club Belgium meet-up this evening. I wasn't planning to go, but as they changed to venue to five minutes away from work it seemed silly not to pop in and show off my new wheels.

The event was held inside the National Motor Museum - a lot of people walk through the square in front and the Teslas parked in front got a lot of appreciative attention and questions. It was a master-stroke to hold the event here and is massive free publicity once again.

First tome in Belgium I see so many owner's cars together - when I took this there were around ten, when I left the event there was double:

Aside from some test cars (for which there was a VERY long queue to sign for a drive), Tesla had this MC Red that they drove up and down inside the motor museum, stunningly beautiful, although not to my personal taste (and that's Lasse Baaring from the sales team):

I do have to say that MS's look really nice in green - very classy:

david.baird | April 1, 2014

Not sure what happened there, here it is again:

david.baird | April 2, 2014

Poo, my car's gone for a couple of days for Opti Coat Pro-ing. Yes I've checked the app and the car's asleep at the detailer's garage... :-)

I did a full charge this morning and experienced the reduced regen for the first time - need to watch out for that as I was expecting some breaking to kick in, which of course didn't happen.

Overall though I'm getting more and more used to driving the car in a really smooth fashion - timing my lift off the throttle in order to come to a halt without braking, in fact using the brakes is a failure...

Two Tesla moments today:
- first one was when I walking in central Brussels and a Tesla pulled up at the traffic lights. I walked across to the car, got the attention of the driver and dangled my Tesla fob - thumbs-up and Tesla grins all-round
- then I had a Volvo trying to keep up with me on the motorway. You know how it is, you blip the throttle to escape, then reduce back to legal speed, they slowly catch up, then you pull over and le them go... Well, we got off at the same exit and ended up side-by-side and the female passenger went to the trouble to wind down her window and give a big thumbs-up. She got a Tesla grin back from me.

So I'm still feeling like a bit of a celebrity...

Mathew98 | April 2, 2014

Imagine what the MS would have done for you 20 years ago...

sbeggs | April 2, 2014


david.baird | April 2, 2014

@Matthew - are you suggesting that I could use a Tesla Model S to gain carnal knowledge from women of dubious moral values?

Where do I sign?

Mathew98 | April 2, 2014

Volkerize Bamboo8's excellent adventure...

david.baird | April 2, 2014

Hey @Mathew - I remember that post, don't need to search it. He was the guy who liked the girl in the store, I remember it well.