Spoke to my agent yesterday about insuring my new car mentioned that Allstate is having trouble putting a price on it since it is so new and different than anything on the market. Has anyone else having this problem.

ghillair | December 2, 2012

I asked my long time State Farm Agent for a quote about a week ago. Battery size is a factor so I got a quote on a 60kW. It was $60 / 6 months higher than my wife's 2012 Chev Equinox.

DHrivnak | December 2, 2012

Somewhat a similar problem. My normal insurance carrier would not cover so I went with Geico and while no claims thier service outwise has been very good.

PS I insured my Roadster.

appljd | December 3, 2012

AllState quoted me $603 for 6 months.

Motoring | December 5, 2012

American Family Ins. is around $550/ 6months

mrspaghetti | December 5, 2012

Go to and search 'insurance'. This issue has been the subject of numerous previous threads.

FLsportscarenth... | December 5, 2012

I would imagine that the actual risk is less on a Tesla than comparable models due to better quality, control and less chance of mechanical breakdown. I am sure this will show more clearly as more Model S's are on the road, we can tell by comparing accident rate of the roadster versus other high performance cars. It will mostly come down to how you drive the car - you can not engineer away stupidity...

I use fleet insurance for liability and never financed a car in my life so can not say much about full coverage, would be crazy expensive for me to do individual policies with the cars I drive. However if the safety of the car is a big component Tesla cars would be cheaper. If I was an insurance company I would be actively courting Tesla buyers.

slinstead | December 11, 2012

AAA quoted me $330/6 mo higher than my current 2002 Bonneville SSEi, but that is also for a new car comparable to BMW/Mercedes/Porsche as opposed to the 10 year old 2002, and paying a premium for the high acceleration rate of the Model S.

olanmills | December 11, 2012

"Allstate is having trouble putting a price on it since it is so new and different than anything on the market"

That sounds kind of stupid. I mean, unless they're all like technophobes who think "The car's run by a computer! What if it goes crazy and starts trying to kill everything?!" (though I guess the California self-driving car law is written with that very premise in mind)

But seriously, this is just a car. It should be insured like any other car priced in the same range, until statistical data proves that it should otherwise be treated differently.

That was pretty much the answer I got from other insurance companies. Their pricing is based on the fact that in case of covered incidents, the company may have to pay up to the total replacement cost of the car.

It's just a car. It's got lights a stop pedal, and a go pedal. It's got seat belts and airbags. It's an expensive car.

It should be insured just like any other car in its class.

What a stupid answer from Allstate.

Tâm | December 18, 2012

I have not gotten a hold of my Model S
yet, but the below is actual annual premium from for myself:

Covrerage Amount
Property Damage-----------------100,000--------122.00
Medical Payment-----------------005,000---------20.00
Comprehensive(Excl. Collision)--000,500--------126.00
Uninsured Deduct Waiver-------------------------14.00
35 years of driving for early CA 50's driver$1,024.00/year for Model S running
12,000 miles/year.

My other car is 2006 Prius with a premium of $549.00/year.

Discounts applied: Good driver, Multi-car, Persistency.

It only does business in Canada, California & Oregon.

Vawlkus | December 19, 2012

They charge less than a hundred bucks over that for my Mustang GT. I kinda wondered what Model S would come in at from them.