Interstate 80: Folsom Supercharger to Reno

Interstate 80: Folsom Supercharger to Reno

I live in Reno, just picked up my MS at the factory this past Wednesday. I thought I would share the "driving data" with the community FWIW.
I stared by fully charging at the Folsom Supercharger. By the way, the Supercharger is exactly where the "dot" and label says it is in Google Earth has it mis-located by about a hundred feet, either way, very easy to spot (you won't have to drive around in circles to find it ... :)) A one-minute walk to McDonalds, or, the other direction, one-minute walk to a nice Mexican restaurant. Lots of ways to spend your hour in the Folsom Premium Outlets.
When I pulled away from the Supercharger, there were 266 miles of rated range.
When I pulled into my driveway, in Reno, there were 88 miles of rated range.

I drove 125 actual miles, using 178 miles of rated range. The net gain in elevation is 4600 feet (rounded to the nearest hundred feet).
I tried to keep my speed right at 67 mph, a bit conservative, but not all that much.

So the "penalty" for speed and elevation is 53 rated range miles, or an average of 0.42 miles per mile, or 42%. Another way of looking at it is 12.6 miles per thousand feet.
I used 50 kWh, and averaged 401 wh/mi.

Bumper sticker message: make sure you have 200 (or more) miles of rated range when you leave Sacramento, headed for Reno, even though the actual distance is about 120 miles (depending, of course, on where you start in Sacramento).

Next week, I will do the trip in reverse, and see how much I gain going downhill.
The trip was great fun; the MS takes the I-80 curves and hills effortlessly!

GeekEV | March 9, 2013

Was that you I saw there the other night in the black MS? I had the gray one...

wheatcraft | March 9, 2013

No, mine is pearl white. I went over the pass on Friday morning.

RickT | March 9, 2013

This matches what I saw last Tuesday driving from Folsom to Truckee. The trip (with less downhill than yours) used 160 rated miles to travel 102 land miles.

My Thursday return trip (Truckee to Saratoga) should have been possible without a stop, but the 47 hours I spent in Truckee charging at 115V/12A were insufficient to fully charge the battery. Although my range deficit declined from 25 to 1 by the time I had descended to Auburn, that wasn't good enough to avoid another trip to Folsom. I really need to install a 230/50 outlet in Truckee!

Folsom is a great stop for those traveling between South Tahoe and Sacto or the Bay Area. For those of us going to Reno or North Tahoe, however, it's an extra 20-40 minutes, depending on traffic. The local roads between I80 and Folsom are awful at rush hour. And look out for the motorcycle cop stop sign trap, a major contributor to the delays!

DouglasR | March 10, 2013

The Folsom charger is also not well positioned for those traveling on I-5 between San Francisco and points north, such as Portland or Seattle. Even though it is just a few miles east of where I-5 intersects I-80 at Sacramento, Folsom would take me about 80 miles out of the way. I would not normally drive all the way to Sacramento in order to get from I-80 to I-5, but rather would take the "short cut" of I-505.

GoTeslaChicago | March 10, 2013

Wheat craft,

It looks like your actual miles are 70% of rated miles.

178/125 = 70.22

GoTeslaChicago | March 10, 2013

70.22 percent

GoTeslaChicago | March 10, 2013

Sorry, should be 125/178 = 70.22 %

GeekEV | March 10, 2013

I'd like to see a supercharger in Vacaville to make Bay Area trips more comfortable.

DouglasR | March 10, 2013

@Geek EV - Yes, Vacaville would also help those driving north on I-5 from SF to e.g. Portland.

Andre-nl | March 11, 2013


" The net gain in elevation is 4600 feet "

Such a trip is not a good example to do any datamining ;)

elevation gain * mass (car + driver) * g =
1400 m * 2230 kg * 9.8 ~ 3E7 J ~ 8.5 kWh

With 300 Wh per rated mile that is a penalty of 28 rated miles. So correcting for that:

125/(178-28) = 125 = 83.3%

Andre-nl | March 11, 2013

Oops, that last formula should simply read: 125/(178-28) = 83.3%

bigdaddymak | March 15, 2013

Totally agree with DouglasR & Geek EV. The Folsom Supercharger is ridiculously located. There is WAY more traffic on I-80 going to Reno and North Lake Tahoe than there will ever be along Hwy 50 to South Lake Tahoe and nowhere else.

We really need another Supercharger somewhere in the Vacaville to Davis region or even in West Sac along I-80. Is anyone at Tesla reading these threads???

sb | June 26, 2013

I want to drive from Berkeley to Zephyr Cove on Lake Tahoe (and back) in a MS60. I can easily get to the Folsom supercharger. I think I will be able to get to Zephyr Cove from there (?). Someone said the climb is 8000 feet and then 1000 back down to the Lake.

But what do I do once there? I heard of a reputed supercharger at one of the casino hotels; does anyone know about that? If so do you have to be staying there to use it?

fuellss | June 26, 2013

We live in Folsom and frequent Palo Alto..We will start our first trip there tomorrow on a full charge, charge at Stanford Mall before heading back. A super charger would be great in Livermore..

DeDe | June 26, 2013

Another vote for Vacaville!! We travel San Jose to Reno frequently and the Folsom stop is not at all convenient...even traveling from Bay Area to Sacramento does not allow for an easy "on the way" charge...

Maestrokneer | June 26, 2013

Davis would be MUCH better than Vacaville for us East Bay, North Bay, and San Francisco residents. Vacaville is just getting started for most of the population of the Bay Area.

Maestrokneer | June 26, 2013

As an added note, we took our 60kwh to Tahoe City (north/west shore) earlier this winter using the Folsom Supercharger. We made it no problem (with 60 miles to spare). Folsom really isn't THAT out of the way from 80. It's only about a 20 minute drive along Folsom/Auburn road to get back to 80. Definitely "out of the way"...but not too bad.

dortor | June 27, 2013

kudo's to everyone suggesting Supercharger locations - but this forum is not necessary "feedback" to Tesla - recommend you contact Tesla via Customer Service to make your suggestions.

kingkoti | July 16, 2013

@ Maestrokneer

We are planning a trip from Pleasanton, CA (East Bay) to Tahoe (north or south) via Falsom supercharger in our MS60, could you confirm if this is feasible ? anything specific to watch out for, Thanks in advance.

bigdaddymak | November 28, 2013

Per Tesla's phone support, Vacaville Premium Outlet Supercharger should be up and running by Mid December, 2013. Nice! Thanks Tesla!

RZitrin1 | November 30, 2013

Planning SF-Reno-SF trip next month. This thread very helpful. Thanks to all, and I'm hoping Vacaville up and running by 12-20.

mlehms | April 23, 2014

bumping thread, what is the best place/hotel to charge in reno, heading up for a weekend with the kids for a tournament

eddygorsuch | April 23, 2014

Circus Circus Reno has 4 J1772 stations in their parking garage. Except for a Volt that was charging when I arrived, I was the only car using them the whole weekend I was there (early March).

mlehms | April 23, 2014

is this self park or valet? and do they charge for it?

kWh pwr | April 23, 2014

Did the Vacaville -> Incline Village trip a few months ago in my Model S 85 - Left Vacaville at 260, arrived at Incline Village with 70 left. About 190 rated for 150 miles.

David15 | April 23, 2014

Atlantis has 2 Chargepoint chargers at the main entrance. They are always ICEd I think by valet. I've complained about this, but no change so far. Washoe county offices on 9th st has 2, J1772 chargers, NV Energy has a couple as well. And there's one at Einstein Bagels.

GeekEV | April 23, 2014

FYI, there is a new Roseville, CA supercharger under construction at the Galleria mall that looks set to open any day now. That should help too.

eddygorsuch | April 26, 2014

The Circus Circus chargers are free Chargepoint stations located on the ground floor of the garage nearest the hotel registration (self park). They have some some nasty signage about a 4 hour max charge time, but I had no problem using them overnight.

eztider | January 10, 2018

I need a little advice about driving to/from Reno in March and I found this thread so....

I'm planning a trip the first week of March from LA to Sparks, then Sparks to Oakland, returning to LA the second week of March. People I've talked to say there is likely to be snow, if not in the Reno area, then certainly between Reno and Oakland. I'm not really anxious to take my S90D into the snow (and/or road salt) and chains are out of the question. Is there a route around potential snowy road conditions, and just what are the chances it's going to be a problem in March? I've made contingency air reservations. Thanks.

Victorg-90D | January 10, 2018

Reno is at elevation 4000 feet which rare has snow. Truckee CA (I-80 summit between Reno and Oakland) is at 7000. Both Reno and Truckee will have snow 1-2 days after large snowfall, and after that roads are clear and dry. You will only need chains during snowfall and 1-2 days after that.

aortner | January 11, 2018

GeekEV, those are open, I was there this weekend. They have about 7 i think, the tesla service center is also about 5 miles away from that and they have about 18 chargers.

eztider | January 11, 2018

Thanks Victor, that is the information I needed.

Haggy | January 11, 2018

With the D, you won't need chains. There are three possibilities. Snow could get so intense that they need to close the road, in which case it will likely reopen quickly once plowed. There might be enough snow on the road for a chain requirement, in which case some cars will have chains, yours will have AWD, and the speed will be drastically limited by the cars with chains so you'll do just fine at those speeds. Or the road might be clear, which is more typical. If snow isn't falling, chances are the roads have already been cleared.

eztider | January 11, 2018

Very good points, Haggy, thank you.

farrell_reis | January 12, 2018

btw they use sand not salt on the roads

eztider | January 14, 2018

More good news....I think. Which brings up another question...I have my car hand washed at the car wash, meaning the undercarriage never gets washed, as it would If I just had them run it through like all the other cars. If I did get a lot of sand or salt or whatever under there, I'd have to figure out a way to rinse it off. Anyone else concerned about this?

Stiction | January 14, 2018

eztinder....many states don't use salt. Check this out to see the ones that do

The battery is covered with a nice metal sheild..of titanium I think so no problem there. I would think
wheel wells get cleaned by your car wash or the next rain pretty well.

I have heard that it's possible for dirt and small stones to get trapped on the top side of the air dam that its under the rear of the car (there's a small opening there on some cars?) ..but there's no corrosion problem with that.

Bighorn | January 14, 2018

Battery is covered in aluminum. In Chattanooga supercharging, I had a guy from Georgia in a Model X come up to me and ask what all the white stuff was on my car, and that he'd seen it on other cars recently. Thought it might be snow?

eztider | January 16, 2018

@Stiction, great link, thanks!