Introduction: Immaculate Reflections Detailing - CA Bay Area

Introduction: Immaculate Reflections Detailing - CA Bay Area

Hey everyone, just figured I'd finally get around to introducing myself. My name is Jeff and I run Immaculate Reflections. I mostly cater to the high-end exotic/luxury/sports segment and have been thrilled to work on numerous Teslas in the last year. Each and every one has received a full paint correction and Opti-Coat Pro or CQuartz Finest (including the wheels inside and out). So thought I'd say hello and if you need your S done, I can definitely help you out. Here's a link to one of the Signature P85's I did a little while back. (working on posting up the others...)


TomasT | September 8, 2013

Wow, that looks amazing. Not sure the process would make such an obvious difference on my Silver colored S but you sure got my attention. You have any colleagues in Miami, FL?

Renegade | September 8, 2013

How much would you charge for a job like that?

Kauai | September 8, 2013

@ TomasT You will be stunned by the difference on a silver model S. Jeff may have some before and after images of my wife's Model S. It looked like any old silver car (other than being a model s ;) before and like a cross between a mirror and a still pond when he was done.

Let me also add I am the proud owner of the Signature Performance Model S highlighted in Jeff's link. The picture don't do justice to the quality of his work! The results were so great I brought my wife's silver S for the full treatment.

Some quick thoughts on keeping your finish nice on your new model S:

1. Immediately get a full paint correct
2. Followed by a hard clear coat, e.g. Opti-coat pro
3. Skip factory paint protection film and go after market with fully wrapped edges over the Opti-coat pro

I picked up my car with factory option PPF and thought I was totally covered, but I immediately got a chip on the front edge of the hood below the PPF, and then scratches on the hood above the factory film, and then rock scratches on the passenger door not protected by PPF. That film also showed an annoying line across the center of the hood. As you can see Jeff did a great job fixing up my car. My wife's car got full paint correction and Opti-guard out of the gate and still looks amazing. My wife who previously could car less about cars, now hand washes hers and specifically asks Tesla service not to wash it when we bring it for service to keep the finish mint ;)

TSS Detailing | September 8, 2013

Nice, Jeff!

ImmaculateRefle... | September 8, 2013


There are a few installers in your area but I do not know any of them. Check the map for some installers and give them a call, but vet them well before having anyone touch it, and also the lowest price place is likely not the one to go to for this kind of service.

ImmaculateRefle... | September 8, 2013


It depends on the condition, the color, if its a wheels off detail, etc... Most range from $750-1200. I have had a few that were much more but were also in much worse shape than the one linked above. Blind estimates are very tricky and usually one or both parties end up unhappy with doing a car sight-unseen. There are a few guys who are doing it super cheap and the client isn't happy and then they bring it to me to fix it and it ends up costing them more to fix poor work.

ImmaculateRefle... | September 8, 2013


Thanks for posting up Paul! Very much appreciate the kind words. I do have pics of your wife's car, just need to get them organized and do a writeup for her's as well.

I agree on the Paint Armor....its not as protective as you might think...its just not very thick so rocks can easily penetrate it. I'd strongly recommend Premier in Fremont (who have filmed and tinted over 100 Model S so far) to get it done as they are amazing.

Also cool to hear how much your wife likes her S and is taking car of it, especially not letting the dealer wash it! Big thumbs up!!

Thank you again Paul!

TomasT | September 8, 2013

Jeff, is it true you don't have to wax the car any more after OptiCoat? Protects better than wax?

ThorensP | September 8, 2013

Where are you located. Do you work on cars in Marin?

ImmaculateRefle... | September 9, 2013


Yes, absolutely true. It is permanent protection that last years, not weeks.

ImmaculateRefle... | September 9, 2013


I'm located in Antioch/Brentwood. Yes I have clients out in Marin as well. Most people drop their cars off to me, but I can be mobile as well if the location is suitable.

Brian H | September 9, 2013
ImmaculateRefle... | September 9, 2013

@Brian H

How do you get the photos in the post directly like that?

That is when it was dropped off to me, before any work was done.

astrotoy | September 9, 2013

Jeff did my Model S (grey) a few months ago. Very pleased with the work he did. He picked up my car and delivered it, leaving his car at my place while the work was being done. I had the OptiCoat done. I was so pleased that I had him do my other car, a Lexus LS460L, also.


Mitchell Waite | September 9, 2013

This is an interesting photo study but it lacked text describing the bigger picture, here are my questions:

1. I didn't understand where all the scratches and blemishes came from. How old was this car?
2. You say that it make sense to apply this new coating to a brand new Tesla. Why?
3. Do you have a similar study of a brand new Tesla paint job compared to your make over?
4. What would be the cost on a brand new Tesla?
5. Can you change the entire color of the car? Tesla doesn't offer many choices and it be nice to have a custom color. But I know that is a huge job.



JPPTM | September 9, 2013

Please use to search here for lots of posts on the Model S paint and the need for protection. Also go to the TMC forums. In short, the CA factory paint is water based and VOC compliant, and thus is really soft. The factory does some kind of polishing/detailing and sometimes at delivery this is tuned up. This usually does more harm than good, and some folks find blemishes & scratches at delivery. I elected to NOT wrap my car (...and, yes, in addition to a clear wrap you can change the color of the car with a colored wrap). After 2 months of ownership I went to my local expert (Joe at Orinda Auto Detail--Orinda CA) and he did a full detail/perfection (took all day and cost $350) followed by full OptiCoat Pro (paint, glass, plastic, wheels) for $300. The finish is beautiful and hard. No need to wax (it will just wash off then next time you wash the car). Joe actually wishes that TM would just deliver the car after paint/clear coat but before any polishing/detailing, as he thinks it would save him work. And he has done well over 60 S.


ImmaculateRefle... | September 9, 2013

@Mitchell Waite

1. This car had about 6 or 7k miles on it when it arrived to me. Most of those marks came from a combination of bad factory prep, improper washing methods, bad washing materials, and poor detailing.

2. The reason its so important early on is there is less of the above issues the newer the car is, generally. The Tesla paint is very soft and is very easily scratched, so having this protection as early as possible will extend the life of the paint.

3. I have done numerous Teslas with less than 300 miles (essentially brand new). Most needed less work, but some (because of bad factory handling) required more work.

4. It depends on the condition, the color, if its a wheels off detail, etc... Most range from $750-1200. I have had a few that were much more but were also in much worse shape than the one linked above. Blind estimates are very tricky and usually one or both parties end up unhappy with doing a car sight-unseen. There are a few guys who are doing it super cheap and the client isn't happy and then they bring it to me to fix it and it ends up costing them more to fix poor work.

5. No I can't change the color. The work I do will bring the most out of your existing color, livening it up considerably. If you want a different color you'll have to have it completely repainted at a body shop as that is beyond the scope of detailing/paint correction/coating.

Brian H | September 9, 2013

'Grab' the URL with context menu's 'Copy Image Location'. Insert in the following HTML:
<img src="URL" width="600"> including quote marks.

tommy-tesla | September 10, 2013

This is really impressive. I'm a little unclear on the implications of "with fully wrapped edges over the Opti-coat pro" -- does this change how you should wash the car?

Also, any opinions about (nearly) waterless Eco Green Car Clean?

Kauai | September 10, 2013


Fully wrapped edges means the paint protection film doesn't just cover the top of a body panel like a screen saver does, it also wraps around the edge of each panel like a fitted sheet wraps around the edge of a mattress. This means that there is no edge of the film that can build up polish and make a "visible" line at the edge of the film. It also means that if a rock hits the very edge of a panel there is a chance the film can absorb the impact and damage.

You can wax right over the film and/or use the "proprietary" wax/condition that film makers design for their films. The idea is that films don't block UV so parts of your car that have film and parts that don't all experience similar bleaching from the sun. If you wax over everything, many waxes include UV protection of the paint/film below

carlk | September 10, 2013

@JPPTM Could you share your reasoning of not have your car wrapped? I had my cars wrapped before but I'm still wondering if those are money well spend since they are not cheap.

DeDe | September 10, 2013

Sorry to go off topic here, but just had to comment on Brian H's picture...

@ Brian H...Funny coincidence...I saw your car charging at the Gilroy SuperCharger on June 1...The reason I know this is your license plate is sequenced one after mine...I thought it was funny when I saw it so I took a picture...

DeDe | September 10, 2013
Kauai | September 10, 2013


Actual that's my car. Brian H linked the photos from the Immaculate Reflections blog. It is funny to share that I took that same picture! It makes me wistful for those early days of Supercharging in Gilroy. I used to hope I might see one other Tesla. Imagine my surprise to come across my car's big brother;)

Now I just pray there is an open charger at Gilroy when I need it...

JPPTM | September 10, 2013

carlk--I just do not like the look of wraps, the issue of peeling, etc. I know that some folks are less than thrilled with the TM factory wrap (..especially if the paint prep is suboptimal, you are just trapping imperfections under the wrap). I am willing to accept some 'risk' of paint/body damage with a 'naked' car (no wrap, but OptiCoat). FWIW, I have previously driven both Lexus and Mercedes, which have really good hard paint/clear coats. My wife still drives a Lexus LS460, and I personally wash & wax it (Griots Garage products). 2 years out, it looks great with very few swirls/scratches. My detailer Joe specifically noted that some owners of those vehicles actually would take their car out of state (CA) to find a body shop that could/would use factory (...non CA low VOC compliant) paints. Given how soft the Model S paint is, and by direct comparison using identical products and care (...I was hand washing and waxing my multi-coat red for 2 months), IMHO it is essential to apply an after-market coating and/or wrap. Just my opinion....from a very happy OptiCoat client.

BTW, for those of you contemplating saving a few $$ and doing OptiCoat by yourself, consider the following:

You really need to 'perfect' your paint. Are you very skilled in polishing/buffing/cleaning/claying? What is your time worth?
What is your experience applying a permanent finish?
The consumer OptiCoat is thinner (less viscous), and has a longer cure time.
The pro version is thicker & more viscous, and also sets up very fast.
The pros can build up a thicker layer over 'impact areas'.
The pros are ready, willing & able to remove/replace your rims (remember, this is a heavy car with high torque lug nuts). Do you have the tools and desire to do this?
Are you willing to end up with a less that perfect finish on a $60-120k investment?


DeDe | September 10, 2013

@Kauai...How funny!! Hopefully, with the Gilroy expansion, we will continue to have SC's available!! We live in SJ, so maybe we'll see you around!!:)

ImmaculateRefle... | September 14, 2013

Hey everyone, I finally got another writeup posted up (have numerous more Model S' on my hard drive waiting to be posted), so thought I'd link it here for you guys to check out!

Brian H | September 16, 2013

Like this pic:

ImmaculateRefle... | September 16, 2013

Thanks Brian! I love the wheels on this one....the CQuartz Finest (of which I'm the certified installer for the Bay Area) gives an insane level of gloss. I love Opti-Coat as its crazy durable, but the CQuartz Finest has the edge on gloss and slickness.

This is my favorite pic (hopefully I linked it right since there is no edit function here

ImmaculateRefle... | September 16, 2013

And of course all Teslas get charged while here :)

tommy-tesla | September 17, 2013

Amazing work and great photos, keep them coming.

My black P85 has those paint swirls but I wasn't
sure if this was "normal". Alas, I'm not sure if the level
of detailing makes sense for a daily (50+ miles) driver that
transports young kids :|

JPPTM | September 18, 2013

tommy--please reconsider. I use my S as a daily driver. Kids have nothing to do with it. The S paint is VERY soft and needs some kind of protection. Let your detailer really go over your car, get out all of the imperfections, and then seal it properly.

soma | September 18, 2013

Can someone explain a bit more about the coating product that Opticoat is?

If it is not something that is like a hundred microns (or significant portion of a millimeter), how is it physically protecting the delicate underlying paint or clear coat?

bareyb | September 18, 2013

Can anyone recommend a detailer in Silicon Valley area? I live in Cupertino. Normally I my own detailing, but the the hardener stuff (not the plastic film) I think I'd prefer to hire a pro. It looks a little tricky to put on correctly....

ImmaculateRefle... | September 18, 2013


Opti-Coat is a hard wearing, cearmic clear coating that provides permanent protection for all paint and exterior surfaces. Its not a paint protection wax or sealant that will wash away, or even break down over time. Opti-Coat bonds permanently with the factory coating, protecting the surface indefinitely and will not delaminate.

A single layer of Opti-Coat measures approximately 2 microns in thickness. When compared to other paint protection products, Opti-Coat is more than 100 times thicker as most waxes measure less than 0.02 microns. This allows Opti-Coat to effectively absorb damage that would otherwise affect the factory paint layers. Swirl marks and light scratches are not only decreased by the harder coating, but the factory paint is protected and preserved.

Now this coating doesn't take the place of clear film (PPF) because those are usually several mils thick and designed to take the impacts of road debris. But as for the elements, weather, etc... nothing beats the protection of Opti-Coat.

ImmaculateRefle... | September 18, 2013


I cover pretty much all of the bay area including silicon valley, and some places even further. I can do it mobile at your home as long as the working conditions are favorable. Most people do drop the vehicles off to me. I can also do a pick up and delivery for you to make it more convenient. In fact Larry (who posted earlier in here) had me pick up and deliver back his brand new Model S and his LS460L. I also carry special insurance coverage just for this service as well, though I’ve never needed to call upon it J

I’d be happy to help you with yours as these coatings definitely need to be professionally installed. Shoot me an email: or call me at 925-354-7653 anytime!


blc1017 | September 18, 2013

I'd like to add my endorsement to @astrotoy and @kauai...mine was the second Model S Jeff had done. I've posted periodically here and on teslamotorsclub forum about his work.

He did a full paint correction and C Quartz Finest and I couldn't be happier with it. My car, a grey, is as glossy after 6 months as the day I picked it up from Jeff. Even the wheels are coated, making them very easy to clean. I handwash it every week. Jeff is absolutely meticulous and pay close attention when he tells you the products to use to keep up your car...definitely worth it.

ImmaculateRefle... | September 18, 2013

^ Thank you kindly Barbara :)

gbdesai | September 18, 2013


Dd you ever use clear film?


Is it better to use clear film before or after CQuartz? Is there any difference if you use Opticoat instead?

blc1017 | September 19, 2013

No, I have not used the clear film, just went with CQuartz. Jeff recommended to me to install film (and recommended Premier Protective Films in Fremont) after the CQuartz was applied. I just have not been able to get the time off to do that, and may regret it later, but currently have no chips etc. even without the film.

I did get one scuff on a door (that I would not have had film applied anyway); took the car back to Jeff, who buffed it out very easily and reapplied CQuartz to the area.

ImmaculateRefle... | September 20, 2013


I recommend coating before the clear film (under), and then when the film has set (about 1 week), coat the film as well. You get the best of both worlds. The film needs care/maintenance and this will greatly aid with that and if you ever remove the film, the car is still 100% coated.

DNA | December 8, 2013

Just want to give a very strong recommendation for Jeff's work. He did an outstanding job on my black P85 just a week or so ago. There were quite a few defects from the factory and Jeff took care of them and the car looks like it should have done when I picked it up from the factory. He also applied CF Quartz Finest to give it that glossy look. It really makes a difference.