iPhone App

iPhone App

Hopefully I'm not starting a new topic for something that has already been covered (with no search on the forum it's a little hard to maneuver to say the least), but does anyone have the scoop on the mobile app that I've seen sporadic references to in press and FAQs? The ability to pre-cool a black leather interior car in Texas is a huge value feature for me.

TeslaModelSOwner | October 25, 2012

The other question is do we need to pay for Internet connectivity inside the car to be able to use the remote feature.

I'd hate to have to pay a monthly fee above my cell phone bill so the car has connectivity to get my request .

Should be part of the service fee or something.

joepruitt | October 26, 2012

The latest software update included a system option to enable remote app access. I would take that to mean a mobile app is coming soon.


Volker.Berlin | October 26, 2012
TikiMan | October 26, 2012


LOL! I just clicked on your link above...

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Volker.Berlin | October 26, 2012

TikiMan, what's wrong with it? It works for me and takes me to Engadget's video about Tesla's iPhone app (beta). Here is an alternative source for the same video:

ThomasN | October 26, 2012

1st link worked for me.

mrspaghetti | October 26, 2012


therealmach3 | October 27, 2012

Yep, I've seen both the demo and the official videos, but all of them date back a while. And everything I can come up with in terms of info on this forum, official tesla releases etc. All date back at least 4 months. I saw one note from Tesla that they were releasing the App in October, but havne't seen anyone chatting about it.

So ... I'm guessing that means nobody has any updated info? I was hoping I had missed something.

although I appreciate @BYT's google search lesson ... gee, I didn't try that ;-)

TikiMan | October 27, 2012


I'm sure it's a issue with my Java (or or some stupid issue). I just though it was funny :-)

pilotSteve | October 27, 2012

Chevy Volt (OnStar app) has an app. Looks nice but the reviews are harsh. Lets hope Tesla makes us all really proud once they release their app!

kk | October 28, 2012

I heard the iPhone app is complete, but won't be released until the Android app is ready to launch....

sergiyz | October 28, 2012

my delivery specialist said no hard date, but probably within a month

jat | October 28, 2012

Or more importantly (at least for me), an Android app :).

The LEAF has an official app that lets me check status remotely, turn on HVAC or charging remotely (so if I decide I need to charge to 100% instead of the usual 80%, I just press one button in the app), and it is pretty handy. It was annoying when they didn't bother to update it for a long time and it didn't support newer OS versions, but there was a third-party app that provided the same functionality but just wasn't as pretty.

rwang | January 1, 2013

The iPhone App apparently was approved by the apple iStore. Ball is now in Tesla's court.

TeslaLABlue | January 2, 2013

Hope the app will be avail soon.

olanmills | January 2, 2013

I need a WP app or at least a mobile site.

Donny B. | January 18, 2013

I charged my Model S outside at my parents' home in Kingston on a cold winter day, then drove it back home to Toronto. It had to use battery power to warm the battery. I made it to Toronto with about 50km of range remaining, and when I parked, the info screen helpfully advised me that cold weather reduces range and that I should consider using the mobile app to pre-warm the car (while still plugged in) before departing. Great idea! The car knows about the app, so why isn't it available yet??